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Federal Drug Gang Murder Trial - Week 3

Note: To catch up on the first two weeks of this drug gang, murder trial of Sammy and Juan Duque, Marco Antonio Cordero, Daniel Villenas-Reyes, Josh Smith and Shane Rosser. Go to “Archives”, and click on “Feature Stories”.

Friday Morning , February 1, 2009 - Smokey and the Bandit

Court was delayed by almost an hour this morning, because one of the defense attorneys got stopped by the State Patrol on his way in this morning. All but one of the seven defense attorneys lives out of town, one coming from as far away as Gainesville. When Clay Whitaker apologized to the court, Judge Murphy joked that he had taken a look at the facilities, and he wasn’t going to lock Mr. Whitaker up, because there just wasn’t enough room.

When testimony did get under way, John Brook, a Booking Officer at the Floyd County Jail testified about contraband searches and property logged for return to prisoners. Then two law enforcement officers who made traffic stops at issue in yesterday’s Motion to Suppress hearings, FCPD Barry Sutton and Investigator John Kohler, testified for the benefit of the jury. (See Thursday Morning post, below).

The final witness before lunch, Lisa Huggins, took the stand testifying about her casual relationship with several of the defendants, including Sammy and Juan Duque, Marco Cordero and Daniel Villenas-Reyes. She was also able to place Shane Rosser having an argument at the Duque home over a $2,000.00 debt.

Huggins also testified that she had seen drug transactions between Glen Glaze, the late owner of the Ice House Bar, and Sammy Duque and another individual. Glen Glaze was murdered on September 14, 2003, the day or so after the 7th Street murders, but no arrest has been made in that case yet.

Huggins also recounted the morning on April 2, 2003, when Marco Cordero was arrested at Stephanie Holtzclaw’s apartment at the Housing Authority homes on East 13th Street. But contrary to Stephanie Holtzclaw, Huggins testified that Marco Cordero actually asked about whether he should shoot his way out, or not.

Testimony will resume at 1:45pm

Teresa Watson

Thursday Evening, January 31, 2008

When testimony resumed Thursday afternoon, in the Drug Gang Murder Trial of Sammy and Juan Duque, Marco Antonio Cordero, Daniel Villenas-Reyes, Josh Smith and Shane Rosser, Sgt. Gary Conway of the Floyd County Police Department was still on the stand.

Cross examination of Conway revealed that he was under the impression after he had interviewed Erika Shelly in 2004, (Wednesday’s eye-witness to the Agan/Fortenberry murders), that T. J. Agan was on the couch when he was shot. Conway had problems with that, because crime scene and forensic evidence had revealed Agan was shot on the kitchen floor.

Also on cross, defense attorney Mike Trost questioned Conway about the position of Fortenberry’s body before it was dragged in to the hallway, facts revealed by drag marks of blood described by GBI Crime Scene Specialist Audey Murphy on Tuesday. Conway admitted that the body blocked exit from the front door of the trailer in its original shooting position, and was dragged to unblock access to the front door.

In contrast, Erika Shelly had said in her testimony that she never looked at Fortenberry’s body, and when asked specifically if anything had to be moved before she exited the trailer, she insisted nothing had to be moved.

Sgt. Conway’s testimony also revealed that he found it difficult to believe that Erika Shelly had presumably “dated” Rosser, and had known him for almost a year, but that she only knew him as “Hawk”, and never knew his real name, Shane Rosser.

After Conway left the stand, FBI Computer Forensics specialist, Laura Lewis, took the stand. Lewis, who works at FBI headquarters in Quantico, Virginia, detailed the items she retrieved off of four cell phones which were part of the evidence seized at the Agan/Fortenberry murder scene. The prosecution showed screen shots, which Lewis had taken with a special device, of particular calls made to and from the cell phones on the night of the two Cunningham Road murders, March 27, 2003. No details, however, were given as to whom those calls were made or from whom they were received.

The final witness of the afternoon was Candala Adams, girlfriend to Shane Rosser for the year prior to and through the Cunningham Road murders. Adams testified to the abuse she suffered at Rosser’s hand, when he would threaten her with guns. She spoke about how it had gotten worse after her return from a short stint in jail in Florida, in early 2003 She linked that change in Rosser’s demeanor to his having changed drug suppliers, and owing a good deal of money for fronted drugs.

Adams also was able to identify a picture of one of the murder victims, Chris Fortenberry, whom she knew as Cane Fortenberry, and remembered one exchange where Cane traded a small motorcycle to Rosser for a partial payment against a drug debt he owed to Rosser.

Adams, who has since completed a drug-court boot camp, is living out of state, and works full time.

Testimony resumes Friday morning at 9:30am.

Teresa Watson

Thursday Morning, January 31, 2008

Thursday morning was consumed mostly with Motion to Suppress hearings, an unusually long side bar, and a recess during which Judge Harold Murphy considered laws presented by wrangling sides over impeachment testimony. This on the fourteenth day of the Drug Gang Murder Trial of Sammy and Juan Duque, Marco Antonio Cordero, Daniel Villenas-Reyes, Josh Smith and Shane Rosser.

At the beginning of Court, the Motion to Suppress hearings on government witness testimony were heard. These hearings were regarding testimony to be brought by several local law enforcement officers, regarding various traffic stops which yielded evidence related to this case.

Sgt. Gary Conway, an investigator with the Floyd County Police Department, and Agent John Kohler of the Floyd Metro Drug Task Force, testified about a stop Conway asked Kohler to make back in April of 2003, when Kohler was a Patrolman. Conway, who was observing a house on Cave Springs Road, here in Rome, where it was understood that Rocky Causey was staying, saw the vehicle he knew to be associated with Josh Smith, drive by with Causey in it. Conway advised Kohler who was on duty, that the owner of that vehicle, Josh Smith, had an outstanding warrant, and so Kohler pulled them over.

Another traffic stop at issue occurred on August 19, 2003, at 4:00am, on Maple Road in Lindale. Testifying about this stop was Barry D. Sutton, Third Shift Supervisor for the Floyd County Police Department, who had been advised back in 2003 by his Watch Commander, of a BOLO, (Be On the Look Out), for a silver GMC pickup, driven by a white male. On the morning of August 19, 2003, Officer Sutton had observed such a vehicle, pulled it over, and because the driver did not have any identification, he was asked to step out of the car. At that point, as the driver exited the vehicle, Officer Sutton observed a marijuana roach on the floorboard of the vehicle, at the driver’s feet. The two occupants of the car were arrested, including the passenger, who, after an Officer Safety pat-down, was discovered to have marijuana in his pocket.

But the fireworks came today when defense attorneys Bruce Kirwan and Mike Trost attempted to impeach the testimony given by Erika Shelly, yesterday, as to whether in her first interviews she told Sgt. Conway that when T.J. Agan was shot, that he had been on the couch. Her testimony yesterday was that Agan was on the floor.

At first, Judge Murphy overruled, but defense attorney Matthew Dodge called Trost’s attention to a federal rules of evidence booklet, at which point, a side bar was called. After an almost 15 minute discussion, a short break was called, and Judge Murphy retired to his chambers to consider the rules and case law. Upon his return to court, out of the presence of the jury, Judge Murphy told the court that if a witness, in this case Erika Shelly, had testified that they did not say something, and if there was a record of that witnesses’ prior statement, as in this case by Officer Conway, that the statements in the report could be used to impeach Shelly’s testimony.

However, the question was unclear as to whether or not Shelly had said yesterday that she Did Not Make those statements at the original interview in 2004, or if she simply Did Not REMEMBER making those statements in 2004, in which case, Judge Murphy said he would not allow the impeachment of her statements.

At 12:25pm, when it was decided that a few, very narrow questions could be asked of Sgt. Conway, the judge decided to send the jury to lunch.

Testimony will resume at 1:30pm

Teresa Watson

Wednesday Evening, January 30, 2008

Erika Shelly stayed on the witness stand almost all day long. Her story is similar to Misty McCray’s from Friday, but in this case, because Erika was able to tell detectives that she had witnessed the Cunningham Road murders, here in Rome, Georgia, she was given Immunity from Prosecution. She has moved out of state, and has been paid $500.00 per month by the federal government since she gave her statement in January, 2004.

But Erika did not come forward immediately after the murders. She was terrified, and attempted to just go on with life after witnessing what she testified to this morning. According to Shelly, in March of 2003, she was standing inside the trailer belonging to the Agan family, where T.J. Agan and his friend, Chris Fortenberry lived. After a very short verbal exchange about a drug debt, Shane Rosser, known to her as “Hawk”, and Josh Smith, whose identity she would not know for awhile, Shot and killed Agan and Fortenberry.

Shelly testified that she did not actually see the guns, and did not see who pulled the trigger, but, according to her, Rosser and Smith made Agan and Fortenberry get on the floor. Agan was lying on his belly, and Fortenberry was on his hand and knees. Then, according to Shelly, she heard the first gun shot blast and saw Agan’s face. She then heard the second shot, and could not bring herself to look. She left the trailer, where she said Rosser and Smith walked outside with two small, short barreled shotguns.

According to Shelly, the two men went back inside after smoking a cigarette, and exited a short time later with a brown bag.

During cross examination, it was pointed out that during her numerous interviews with detectives, and during her Federal Grand Jury testimony, she noted that the men had exited with a bag filled with hundred dollar bills. Today, Erika Shelly could not remember that detail. There were many details which Shelly could not remember, but, given that it has been two months shy of five years since she witnessed the murders, and given she was “geeked” up on meth, having smoked in the car on the way to the trailer that night, it is plausible that she just cannot remember much about those events.

The testimony was still mesmerizing.

But six months after that experience, in September of 2003, she also witnessed the precursor to and aftermath of some more murders on 7th Street in Cedartown.

Daniel Villenas-Reyes, whom Shelly drove for and was intimate with, and whom Shelly accompanied on many drug buys, sales, and collection of money, drove Shelly to a house on 5th Street in Cedartown. There, Shelly was told to wait with her friend, Amanda, and another Hispanic male, with “Bad teeth”, while Villenas-Reyes left.

Soon, Shelly’s friend and the other male, left as well, and when they came back, they told Shelly they had to get out of there. They drove the two blocks to 7th Street, where Amanda and “Bad Teeth Boy” went inside, and then came out and drove away. Shelly testified that she noticed the roof of the house on 7th Street was smoking, but had learned not to ask questions.

Later, when Daniel Villenas-Reyes joined them according to Shelly, he had burns and blisters on his chest. Readers may remember that Villenas-Reyes is charged with the murder of three individuals at that location in September 2003, one of whom survived the gun shot wounds and burns for weeks.

But still, Shelly did not seek help from anyone, until late December 2003, or early January 2004. She called her mother, who lived in another state, and her mother and step-father came to get her. That very day, as they left town, Polk County Detective Donny Canada contacted Shelly, whose parents thought it best to turn around and go tell the authorities everything she knew.

After several interviews with Floyd County Detective Dallas Battle and Tommy Shiflett, which grew in to interviews with FBI Agent Bob Meadows and Assistant United States Attorney, Kim Dammers, Erika Shelly left to live with her parents in another state. She has been receiving counseling over these last four years, has held down a full time job in Accounts Receivable for a Large Tire Company, and has also gotten back custody of her daughter.

Testimony resumes tomorrow morning at 9:30am.

Teresa Watson

Wednesday Morning, January 30, 2008

Daniel Fortenberry, brother to murder victim, Christopher Fortenberry, took the stand again today, as defense lawyers finished their cross examination of him, in the 13th day of the Drug Gang Murder Trial of Sammy and Juan Duque, Marco Antonio Cordero, Daniel Villenas-Reyes, Josh Smith and Shane Rosser.

Prior to bringing in the jury, defense attorneys Kirwan and Trost wrangled with prosecutors over hearsay statements uttered by Fortenberry yesterday, not covered by the Federal 302 rule regarding statements which go to prove conspiracy. As we reported yesterday, under cross, Fortenberry slipped in to some statements about a feud between his brother Christopher, the victim, and another potential assailant, James Teal, which could possibly lay the ground work for Reasonable Doubt in the allegations that Shane Rosser and Josh Smith committed the murders.

Once Fortenberry took the stand, defense attorney Mike Trost kept maneuvering to get in some admission, without benefit of hearsay, that Christopher Fortenberry was in fear for his life over several situations, including both unpaid drug debts as well as his affair with James Teal’s wife.

Objections by the prosecution, for the most part, were sustained by Judge Harold Murphy, but not before it was clear that there was something else going on. I imagine we will hear more about that relationship later, when the defense has its chance to present their side of the story.

Erika Shelly took the stand, detailing her drug experiences this morning, and her affiliation with the various defendants. She was a driver for “Oscar” as she knew Daniel Villenas Reyes, and had occasion to be around Sammy Duque from time to time. According to Shelly, Sammy Duque actually hit her in the mouth, one time, for asking too many questions.

She came in contact with “Hawk”, Shane Rosser’s alias, through Daniel Villenas-Reyes,

and met a “Mystery Man” the night she allegedly witnessed the murders of T.J. Agan and Christopher Fortenberry. She would learn later that the “Mystery Man” was Josh Smith.

Shelly recounted the night “Hawk” picked her up at her house, drove to the Huddle House, where they met the mystery man, and then drove to the Golden Gallon at the corner of Cave Springs Road across from what was then Floyd College. After buying a case of beer and a Yoohoo, they drove to Cunningham Road, where Agan and Fortenberry lived, went in, at which point, Erika Shelly witnessed the murders.

Shelly testified that it was dark, and that when they went in to the trailer, she tried to turn on the light switch, but that T.J. Agan, whom she said was sitting on the couch, told her there was no power. She said there was a candle burning, and later under cross, she admitted that she was not sure there was a candle, but that there was a faint light coming from somewhere.

But Erika testified that she saw T.J. Agan’s face clearly at the moment he was shot, and told the court that she would never forget the look on his face. We know from both her testimony, as well as the crime scene expert testimony by GBI Special Agent Audey Murphy, that Agan was lying on the floor when he was shot, and for the shot gun pellets to have traveled through his skull in almost a straight across pattern, exiting almost at the same point on the other side of his head, along with the blood, brain matter and pellets, hitting the cabinet, Agan would have to have been face down on the floor.

Erika Shelly also testified that “Hawk” was standing slightly to the left back side of her, near the door, when the shot was fired that killed Agan. She was not sure where “Mystery Man” was standing, but somewhere behind her.

But we know from GBI Special Agent Audey Murphy’s testimony that whoever killed Agan, and Fortenberry for that matter, was holding the gun against Agan’s head, or within a half inch of it.

Testimony will resume at 1:45pm.

Teresa Watson

Tuesday Evening, January 29, 2008

I understand how someone could kill. I have two children, and two grand children, a husband, a sister and brother, nieces, nephews, and I could kill someone if any of them were threatened by another. I think I could kill if a stranger were threatened by an aggressor. But to kill someone kneeling on the floor, or lying on the floor, helpless, I cannot comprehend this.

The mind or minds that took the life of T.J Agan and Chris Fortenberry could only be twisted, depraved and indifferent to life as most of us know and cherish it.

This afternoon, Special Agent Audey Murphy of the GBI, a Crime Scene Specialist, explained how the blood spatter height of the two murder sites, and the shape and distortion of the blood droplets, indicated that both young men were either on the floor of the kitchen, (Agan), when he was shot, or kneeling in the hallway, (Fortenberry) when he was shot, in positions of helplessness. Executed without mercy, without a second thought.

T.J. Agan was found with a comforter wrapped around the lower half of his body, two pillows on the couch, and his feet still touching the couch. As Special Agent Murphy told the court, it was his first impression, and is still his assumption, that Agan’s assailant(s) surprised him as he lay on the couch.

Fortenberry enjoyed no greater mercy. Both were shot, according to Dr. Keith Lehman, Medical Examiner for the GBI State Crime Lab, with 20 gauge shot fired from a shotgun.

Both were shot at contact or nearly contact, such that the gases from the exploding cartridges dispelled inside the young men’s cranial cavity, causing a momentary expansion of the head, and causing a near perfect, midline break in the center of the mandible, where the chin forms a union of the two sides of the jaw.

X-rays of Fortenberry revealed approximately 160 pellets inside the skull. Agan had 55, but he had an exit wound, where many of the pellets burst out on to the kitchen floor, baseboard and lower cabinets. Both had telltale gunpowder soot on the edges of their entry wounds.

These young men were executed, in vulnerable positions.

I do not know who did this. I still have not heard all of the evidence and testimony. Unfortunately, real crime scenes are not as easy to evaluate and comb as the movies and television would suggest. There is no physical evidence which links ANYONE to these murders.

There are more murders to go.

Three persons were killed, at another location, six months or so later, and then set on fire to cover the crime. One victim survived for a month or so, and, given the photos of today’s crime scene, I cannot imagine what the court will have to observe in the coming days, but I hope that at the end of this trial, the animals who could execute such a display of violence, will be brought to justice.

This may not be appropriate for straight news. But some acts against humans cannot be described by laymen in such detached ways as to ever make this sort of violence seem appropriate or professional or straight forward news.

Late this afternoon, after the crime scene testimony by Special Agent Murphy and Dr. Lehman, Christopher Fortenberry’s brother, Daniel, took the stand, to tell the court about a phone conversation he had with his brother just a week or so before he learned his brother had been murdered.

During the testimony, Daniel Fortenberry told the court that he got the impression that his brother and Agan were in fear for their life, and that they expected for someone to come take a large stash of Marijuana away from them, but that they would not give the drugs up without a fight. Fortenberry said that his brother named who was supposed to be coming, but did not recognize the name. He said that his brother kept explaining that it was “LuLu’s boyfriend, who drove the black Mustang”. Fortenberry realized that his brother was talking about defendant Josh Smith.

But on cross examination, Fortenberry admitted that he had confronted a Mr. James Teal a few weeks earlier, at his work site as a mason for Rodney Westbrook, and that Teal had threatened Chris Fortenberry’s life shortly before the murders.

Fortenberry also admitted that during the initial April, 4, 2003 murder investigation, that Fortenberry had neglected to tell investigators about the stashed marijuana his deceased brother had told him about. Fortenberry did not tell anyone about the stashed pot until after he was jailed for non-payment of child support, three years later. Then, he told Detective Tommy Shiflett about the alleged phone conversation from three years earlier, when his brother, Chris, had told him about being in fear for his life from LuLu’s boyfriend over the marijuana stash.

Fortenberry never went to recover the marijuana, allegedly buried at the light pole in the front yard of the trailer where his brother Chris and T.J. Agan were murdered. “I couldn’t go back to that house”, Fortenberry said, shaking his head.

Testimony resumes tomorrow morning at 9:30am.

Teresa Watson

Tuesday Morning, January 29, 2008 - Unspeakable Grief and Pain

I do not even know where to begin. Today, the father of murder victim, T.J. Agan and the mother of murder victim Christopher Fortenberry, took the stand to tell the courts about their sons.

First, however, T.J Surrett, a house framer and former long time meth user, took the stand to talk about his friendship with, and drug dealing relationship to, T.J. Agan.

Surrett began using marijuana at the age of ten, and tried many other drugs through out his life, but when he tried methamphetamine in the late nineties, he became quickly addicted.

Surrett was arrested several times in the early 2000’s for meth charges, or for charges related to accepting stolen guns in payment of drugs. Surrett had become a small time dealer, and dealt to T.J. Agan. But Surrett also knew Shane Rosser and Josh Smith. While he purchased meth at least once from Smith, Surrett explained that Smith’s prices were too high, and so he usually got his drugs for use and sale from Shane Rosser. He then sold those to T.J. Agan.

Surrett also recounted how one time Agan had called him, and told him he should come by to see something at Agan’ home. When Surrett showed up, it was a setup, and a Mr. Olman held a gun to Surrett’s head, while robbing him, all while T.J. Agan kept apologizing to Surrett for having set him up.

Surrett also told talked in great detail about Shane Rosser’s tendency to go in to fits of rage, when he would threaten people with guns. According to Surrett, Rosser would be up for days with no sleep, while using the meth, and then take “Handfuls” of Xanax or Klonopin, (Clonazepam), and crash.

He recounted Rosser’s paranoia, and detailed a particular event when he had accompanied Shane Rosser to a convenience store. He said that Rosser kept falling asleep, then waking up, falling asleep, then waking up. At one point when Rosser woke up, another customer was looking at him. Surrett said that Rosser reached for his gun, at which point Surrett put the car into reverse, and backed out, leaving the convenience store.

He also told the court about how he drove to Rosser’s house in Alabama, in the fall of 2002, and found Shane Rosser holding what appeared to be a sawed off shotgun to the head of his friend, Josh Smith. According to Surrett, the two were arguing, and Smith was crying. Surrett broke up the fight, and learned later that Rosser thought Smith had stolen drugs from him.

After Surrett left the stand, Randy Agan, T.J. Eagan’s father attempted to tell the court about the day he found his son’s and Chris Fortenberry’s bodies in the family trailer next to his mother-in-laws’ home.

Mr. Agan told the court that T.J. lived just about mile from he and his wife, and that they had not seen or heard from T.J in about a week, which was very unusual. On his way to his evening shift with the United States Post Office, Agan stopped by the trailer where his son lived. His son’s little truck was there, but no one answered the front door, so Mr. Agan went around to the back door. When there was still no answer, he pried open the back door, and stepped inside to find a scene no parent should ever have to witness. His son was dead, along with another individual he did not immediately recognize.

Kathy Watters, Chris Fortenberry’s mother, took the stand after Mr. Agan, and spoke briefly about Chris.

After the emotional testimonies of these two victims’ parents, Special Agent Audey Murphy with the GBI took the stand. Murphy is a Crime Scene Specialist, and he began walking the court through his initial examination and analysis of the crime scene. He has identified his sketch and some photos for the court, and has explained how he determined where the shooter was standing relative to the position of Mr. Agan’s body, and the blood splatter on the kitchen cabinets.

Testimony will resume at 1:45pm.

Teresa Watson

Monday Evening, January 28, 2008

Terry Edward Folsom took the stand after lunch, and recounted his relationship with his drug dealer, the late Phil Smith, which changed after almost a year, when Marco Cordero started showing up with Smith to demand money from Folsom.

Folsom, a career criminal and former long time meth addict, would swap guns for drugs when he did not have cash. Folsom amused those in the court room from time to time, with his quaint speech and colloquialisms. At one point during cross examination by defense attorney Bruce Kirwan, Folsom tried to articulate what it was like tweeking and crashing on meth. “You feel like a dog chasing its tail”, Folsom told the court, “but you don’t never catch it”.

John Melvin Scott of the Rome Police Department was up next, testifying about how it was he came to arrest Marco Cordero at the Graham-Holmes Apartments on East 13th Street here in Rome, back on April 2, 2003.

Cordero was staying at the three bedroom apartment rented in the name of Stephanie Holtzclaw, who was actually living in Cedartown in a trailer with her boyfriend.

Stephanie Holtzclaw Hodge then took the stand for the remainder of the afternoon.

Back in 2003, Stephanie lived with her boyfriend, Sylvano Duque, cousin to defendants Juan and Sammy Duque, in a trailer in Cedartown. But she also fraudulently kept a three bedroom apartment at the Housing Authority apartments at Graham-Holmes, where she allowed various drug cohorts to hang out. It was to this apartment Marco Cordero fled after jumping from the window at the trailer of Ronnie Bradley, when Cordero had been hiding with Misty McCray.

It was indeed one of those Jerry Springer Casting Call afternoons.

Testimony will resume tomorrow morning at 9:30am.

Teresa Watson

Monday Morning, January 28, 2008

Testimony this morning was at its most subdued ebb, since the beginning of this Drug Gang Murder Trial of Sammy and Juan Duque, Marco Antonio Cordero, Daniel Villenas-Reyes, Josh Smith and Shane Rosser.

Deputy Barry Henderson of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, and Captain Kelly McClendon of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, as well as Carroll County Narcotics Officer Cory Allen, formerly of the Polk County Police Department, all testified about the details of the search of Ronnie Bradley’s trailer, on the night of March 23/24 2003.

Ronnie Bradley appeared as a witness as well, all, for the most part, under girding last Friday’s testimony by Misty McCray, about the events the evening Marco Cordero escaped out the back bedroom window of Bradley’s trailer, while he was a fugitive from the Polk County jail.

The highlight of the morning was listening to Cpt. McClendon talk about Sandor, his Canine Unit partner, a German Shepherd trained in Narcotics, Apprehension and Tracking. McClendon explained that when the weather is cold, especially below freezing, that the human body cells which continually slough off of our bodies, cannot decay, thus providing little to no scent for a dog tracker to follow.

Testimony will resume at 1:30 pm.

Teresa Watson

Comments (17)

Teresa…I’ve just got to know what happened this afternoon in court. I read about it on the paper website, but dying to read what you have to say!

January 29th, 2008 at 11:21 pm

My brother, Glenn Glaze, was murdered on Sun. Sept.14,2003.The following day the murder on 7th St. took place. I truly believe that Sammy DuQue and Marco Cordero were behind his murder also. Glenn had been involved with Misty McCray for quite some time and was observed at the Waffle House on Sept.12 or early morning of the 13th
with Sammy DuQue, Apparently Glenn and Sammy had some kind of altercation at that time as witnessed by others. No One has ever been charged with Glenns murder but my fervant prayer is that Erica or Misty will tell the FBI what really happened. My understanding is that Erica was present when Glenns murder was being planned.

Dear Sue,

If Erika was present during the planning, she did not testify to that. I had not heard a date about when your brother was murdered, and did not realize it was the day after the 7th Street. That is no coincidence. I must say that I did not find Erika Shelly’s testimony about the Cunningham Road murders credible, though. But I do know that there are many LE who believe your brother’s murder ties in to this Drug Ring Conspiracy, and I do believe they will ultimately learn, and prosecute your brother’s murderers. I know SA Bob Meadows, and he is passionate about what has been done to the victims, including the families left behind.



January 31st, 2008 at 1:31 pm

Would like to here more about Ronnie Bradley’s testimony,Do you have any more infor.on it?

January 31st, 2008 at 2:31 pm

Teresa………..not a lot of comments, but it’s probably because folks don’t know what to say……..keep up the good work, I really appreciate that you are staying there in the courtroom during the entire trial and giving us your take………………I’d really love to see a play by play as you are giving alongside what you really think, such as “it was obvious she was lying”, “it was obvious that she could not have been lying” or “there is no way that anyone could decipher the truth from the fiction”……….we’re smart enough to make up our own minds…..give us your opinion.

Dear RGS,

It is Friday morning, and I just posted yesterday evening’s story. I have been fighting a cold for several days, and last night, I went to my CVS, bought Ny-Quill, and came home and crashed.

I think that you will find Sgt. Conway’s testimony, which I just posted, interesting. I have found most of the witnesses credible, so far, in varying degrees. I really liked Misty McCray from last Friday, as well as Thursday’s,(yesterday),witness, Candella Adams. However, personally, something about Erika Shelly’s testimony made me uncomfortable, and I just could not put my finger on it. I felt as if it was contrived, even with the tears and emotions, like she was playing to an audience. I also found problems with her testimony, as compared to the GBI SA Audey Murphy’s testimony, as well as GBI Medical Examiner Keith Lehman’s testimony. Then, when I heard Conway’s testimony Thursday, I realized that it was not just me, and my misinterpretation of facts.

In my opinion, there is no doubt that Shane Rosser was capable of this, but I gathered that from other testimony, not Shelly’s. I believe all of the defendants were heavily involved in the Conspiracy, including Rosser and Smith, except possibly for one. But we are no where near the end of the testimony, and I understand that the evidence and witnesses from here out get even more damning.

I just hope I am not arrested today. The hearng on my second Motion to Compel is at 10:00, and of course the Summerville News has been touting this as what will land me in jail, not having answered questions about my sources. BLC has been braggng that this is what is going to happen for more than a month. But even one of my FBI friends told me yesterday, that they cannot put me in jail over this. As I told him, it is Chattooga County, so who knows.

I understand that Ms. Brady’s Motion to Compel is at 9:00. She, like I, has no knowledge of this Lylerly case, but because she is an active Republican, who has been significant in getting the Election Fraud Case investigated, we feel it is Bobby Lee Cook’s attempt to harrass her. After all, look who the co-defendant with me in the Hammitt case is - Kenneth Busbin, who noticed that the majoriuty of Absentee Ballot envelopes had been metered at the same postage meter, which turned out to be Albert Palmour’s law office postage meter.

This harrassment is not conincidental.


February 1st, 2008 at 1:02 am

I am enthralled by your daily reports. I am a resident of Esom Hill, and I’m amazed at what these people were capable of doing. I’m a nosey neighbor - you have to be suspicious of most everyone when you live out there. So I think everyone knew something was going on, but we had no idea that it was this bad.

Keep up the good work!

February 1st, 2008 at 9:32 am

I have been checking your website daily, at least 4-5 times a day, looking for updates on this trial. You are doing an awesome job reporting from the trial! I hope you are feeling better and I also hope you don’t end up in jail!! But, if you do, maybe you could interview some of these drug gang people…just kidding! :-)
Take care & keep up the good work.
Btw…where & why was Candala Adams in jail in Florida? Also, does she go by another name, like Candy??

February 1st, 2008 at 10:51 am

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you are put forwarding in keeping people like ME informed in this very interesting to say the least trial. I do hope you feel better, and the stuff with BLC doesn’t stop your effort in seeing justice in all your cases. I go to your website 4-6 times a day to see if you have updates, thanks again.

February 1st, 2008 at 1:10 pm

Is the summerville news just “touting” that you will go to jail, or are they celebrating it? If it’s the latter then shame on them as a news organization. If it’s the latter, Hopefully they’ll be next.

February 1st, 2008 at 10:37 pm

TW, you really need a chat feature, so that we can talk about some of this real-time.

February 2nd, 2008 at 12:17 am

Drugs or no drugs, you’d think someone would remember seeing a body moved from a doorway in order for you to leave? Not knowing a persons’ real name after almost a year is a little hard to swallow also. Doesn,t sound like a very reliable witness to use on such a serious accusation as murder. I’m looking forward to the next installment.

February 2nd, 2008 at 1:57 pm

Well aint that crazy… I seen Rocky Causey at the mall today.

Bobby Hudgins
February 2nd, 2008 at 9:30 pm

Same as the other post

Lest I bore you again, please allow me to make things simple for all of US !!!
Rather that the millions spent for the corrupted answers lets try this…
Simply require all lawyers and judges in the LMJCC, at least once…be required just once, to take a controlled polygraph, administered by the FBI and answer only some basic questions concerning their knowledge of sever criminal activities, like anything requiring 10 years or more imprisonment. For this give them immunity from prison time, “let them” pay restitution where appropriate, but not to exceed half their net worth.

The innocent have nothing to fear and a lot of respect to gain. The guilty, well we will know a better way to administer justice at the expense of the few (?) “Bad Little” Crooks being allow to assist justice for once!!! That is the will be assisting justice for once!!!

Only the innocent will agree to this and you can come to the correct conclusion without any more help!!!

I suggest there will be silence, taking the place of the gnashing of teeth…

February 3rd, 2008 at 1:28 pm


I totally agree with your comments!! There needs to be something done about all of the crooked things that are going on this case. I am not saying all is innocent in this trial. But, the whole truth is not being told about all of this. Someone needs to own up to the fact who is the real murderer of these two boys…Agan & Fortenberry. The murderer or murderess has to feel some kind of remorse for the families that have lost their sons!! And also for all the family members that have to suffer daily because of all this. Whoever did this terrible and horrible crime will not get away from the wrath of,”GOD”. The system may not get whoever it is, but God will.
They are some radio stations that are broadcasting things about this trial and they are forgeting one important thing. They are innocent children that are having to hear these jokes that are being made about their fathers. These children have heard and been through enough without comments being made like the ones that they are broadcasting.
Stick with the facts and not the jokes! This is no laughing matter.
I have been so distraught over so many things concerning this trial. I have heard so many things about each of these LI. people. I am not one to judge anybody, and I will not do this in this case. I deal with only facts and not hear-say. If anyone is involved in a cover-up in this case, the truth will prevail. Good always overcomes evil. May God Bless Us All. I pray in such a strong way that the truth will come out, and God will seek out all Liars in this case and bring us all JUSTICE.

I would like to thank you Ms. Watson for all that you are doing, and will continue to do.

Where is the "Truth & Justice"
February 3rd, 2008 at 5:57 pm

Where are you TW?? Hope everything is ok, just patiently waiting for the updates!

February 4th, 2008 at 10:19 am

Just in on Rome News Tribune website, this really is getting deep…..

Josh Smith pleads guilty to murder in federal drug trial

From staff reports
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A defendant in a federal drug trial pleaded guilty to murder this morning in U.S. District Court in Rome.

The prosecution is expected to recommend a sentence of at least 30 years.

Josh Smith was among those implicated in the 2003 murders of T.J. Agan and Christopher Fortenberry in a mobile home in Floyd County.

Testimony last week focused on the murder, with witnesses naming Smith and another co-defendant, Shane Rosser, as the killers. Testimony was expected today about alleged confessions Smith made in which he described intimate details of the murders.

He is scheduled to testify Tuesday.

Defense attorneys asked for a mistrial due to the change in plea, but Judge Harold Murphy denied the request. The trial has been continued until 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Smith, Rosser, Marco Cordero, Daniel Villenas-Reyes, Juan Duque and Sammy Duque were charged with numerous crimes dating back to 2000, including five counts of murder, attempted murder, racketeering, drug trafficking, kidnapping and arson.

February 4th, 2008 at 2:22 pm


I do not see the need for the jail time in Florida an issue. Why would it be of concern to you?

carma carma
February 4th, 2008 at 6:31 pm

REFORM ! February 3rd, 2008 at 1:28 pm

reference the above

Do you understand that if we had a system similar to this for all suspected major criminals that it would reduce and near eliminate such crimes, knowing that they would surely be caught within hours rather than years, if ever, and millions of dollars saved.

Sure looks good to me. What about you???

February 4th, 2008 at 7:15 pm

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