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Gang Trial - Week 6

Note: To catch up on the first five weeks of this drug gang, murder trial of Sammy and Juan Duque, Marco Antonio Cordero, Daniel Villenas-Reyes, and Shane Rosser, go to “Archives”, and click on “Feature Stories”.

Friday Update:

Jury deliberations continue late Friday afternoon, in this case. However, Assistant United States Attorney Kim Dammers, was heralded for her work in an Atlanta case she prosecuted late last fall along with Assistant United States Attorney Paul Jones. See Breaking News for today’s sentencing in the Sur 13 Gang conviction Dammers and her team won in two separate trials, one ending September 6, 2007, and the related case ending on October 25, 2006.

Jury deliberations will continue in the local federal Mexican Mafia case on Monday, at 9:30 am, when Judge Harold Murphy will return to court.

Teresa Watson

Thursday Evening Update -

Tonight’s post will be scant, as today was spent waiting while the jury began deliberations. The court was reconvened twice, so that Federal Judge Harold Murphy could address specific questions which the jury had.

In the first instance, jurors had inquired as to how to handle a jury form about drug quantity, if the quantity in the indictment was not specified. It was agreed by both prosecution and defense that the amounts referred to were misdemeanor in this particular instance, and that the government had not necessarily intended to charge for the small amount.

In the second instance, jurors wanted to see evidence which was gathered at a particular time and place, the January 10, 2004 arrest of Villenas-Reyes in an hotel where some amounts of pot were seized, as well as a gun. Once again, both defense and prosecution agreed that no evidence was produced at trial, simply because it was not the primary focus of the arrest of Villenas-Reyes, who was a fugitive from justice.

In both questions, Judge Murphy hammered out appropriate and specific language to instruct the jury with regards to their particular questions.

The jury was called back in to the court room one final time near 5:00pm, so that Judge Murphy could explain what was to be done in his absence tomorrow. Murphy said that he would allow the jury to deliberate in his absence, but that if they had questions, those questions would have to wait until his return on Monday morning. Similarly, if the jury reaches a verdict tomorrow, the decision will be sealed in an envelope, to be held by the Clerk of Court, and opened on Monday when all return.

Judge Murphy also advised the defense team that the defendants would not be required tomorrow.

Jury Deliberations will resume tomorrow at 9:30am.

Teresa Watson

Wednesday Evening, February 20, 2008 -

*Warning: Much of this installment contains my opinion.

Today was packed with zingers in the closing arguments by the rest of the defense team, and I found much to admire, and much to take issue with. Joining Matt Dodge in clear, focused and reasoned closing arguments were defense attorneys Bob Citronberg and Barry Lombardo.

One federal official responding to my opinion that Dodge was one of the best of the team, told me that I would enjoy Citronberg’s closing as well. This public servant was not far off. I watched as Citronberg, just as my public servant friend had predicted, comfortably and expertly honed in on each salient point which could possibly be raised as approaching reasonable doubt. I was not convinced after his presentation, but I have heard all of the evidence, and I must say that Citronberg was facing insurmountable odds. But, his presentation was, none the less, almost flawless.

While not the next defense attorney up, and in fact, the very last defense attorney up, Gentleman Barry Lombardo, representing Juan Duque, fits in with Dodge and Citronberg in several areas. I say “Gentleman”, because throughout the entire trial, while cross examining witnesses, Lombardo has never once attacked a government witness, has never once raised his voice in feigned anger to intimidate and humiliate a witness, has never once played to the jury. He has quietly, in his own way, chipped away with questions which would single out his client from the rest of the pack.

His presentation was brief, when compared to the others, and yet every single point was so well defined, so salient and so simply expressed, that when he sat down, his client was the only one whose level of involvement in this conspiracy I questioned. And he did it all without yelling, flailing his arms, and painting mustaches on the prosecution.

Which leads me to the two remaining attorneys, which made closing arguments. (Local attorney Jason Lewis, part of Daniel Villenas-Reyes’s team, allowed Citronberg to close for them). Clay Whitaker for Sammy Duque, and Mike Trost for Shane Rosser, presented closing arguments after Citronberg, but their tones were nasty and hysterical.

As I told Mr. Whitaker in the lobby during the break, I was half expecting an invitation and alter call at the end of his spectacle. Whitaker yelled, slammed his hand down, shimmied across the floor of the court room and accused the prosecution of having black hearts, such that I thought I was in a Pentecostal tent revival. (Trust me, I have been to my share). But it was feigned theatrics, during which Whitaker made up facts, and revised history such that I became angry. I do not think that in this day and age of cable television, with access for decades, now, to various forms of law firm based drama and comedy, that the average jury person will be impressed with those false theatrics. I think today’s jury person is a little more savvy, a little more educated, a little more sophisticated to buy that sort of melodrama.

In fact, I think that that sort of display, especially when you start accusing the government of having black hearts, and making them out to be the villains, turns jurors off. Everyone, including the government, makes mistakes, so why not point out the mistakes and underscore the inconsistencies, as Dodge, Citronberg and Lombardo did, and allow those to speak for themselves.

But Whitaker even singled out Special Agent Bob Meadows as having been too far reaching, to greedy, for the apple high up in the tree. He accused Meadows of having desired that apple so much, that he climbed too far out on the limb, dragging the prosecutors with him, until the branch broke. The analogy would have been much better if the facts Whitaker was attempting to paint this picture with, had been based in reality. But in his revisionist history, he even put words in Special Agent J.P. Foster’s mouth, which I came home and compared, this evening, to my own notes to be sure. He said he was not accusing Foster of intentional falsehood, as he understood Foster had been ill during his testimony. (Foster has battled pneumonia during much of this trial).

But for Whitaker to accuse a man of falsehoods, when he himself is in the midst of creating fiction, is beyond the pale, to me.

Mike Trost was not much better, and early in his presentation, said that he was borrowing from a politician who would remain unnamed, but that he, Trost, would be revealing some “Inconvenient Truths”. I thought to myself that if as many of Trost’s “truths” were as unreliable as many of Al Gore’s “Truths”, then the prosecution would have a slam dunk. (Remember, even I came in to this trial believing that there was a possibility that his client was innocent).

I am guessing that using an Al Gore analogy in a southern state which has appeared red on the political maps for about a decade now, probably did not win his client any points, either.

But Trost even went on, at one point, and compared the government to the Great Oz. He actually told the court that he saw himself as the nippy little dog, Toto, pulling back the curtain, and revealing the Great Oz for his fraud. But Trost’s defense of Shane Rosser had too many whistles and bells, and making the government out to be a devil probably only turned jurors off.


I wrote yesterday about how mesmerizing Assistant United States Attorney, Kim Dammers’ closing arguments were. I never once looked at the clock during that close.

This afternoon, Assistant United States Attorney, William Traynor turned in an equally brilliant performance. I wonder if this jury appreciates the level of prosecution they have been treated to during this last six weeks.

Traynor picked up the gauntlet thrown down by the defense team, and with eloquence, addressed the Apple scenario specifically. But first, he began his rebuttal with humor. He joked that after the brutal attacks on Special Agents Meadows and Foster, they all wanted to know how Special Agent Tim Everhart had escaped unscathed. The jury obviously appreciated this bit of humor.

Traynor told the jury that he had gone to his bosses before, and had dismissed cases he did not feel were good cases, and that he had been with the 11th District Federal Court for awhile, and has had to admit mistakes at times. But he was not apologizing for this case. He was sure of this case, and it was evident in the tone of his voice.

Traynor stepped up to the apple analogy of Whitaker’s, and said that recently, he had undertaken an exhaustive study of the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible, also known as the Torah. Traynor related that the general consensus of historians is that this was written in approximately 600 BC, and that it had lived for over 2600 years. He said that regardless of how you perceive these first five books, historically or religiously, that most of us were familiar with these stories.

He told jurors that in Chapter 3:12, of Genesis, when God confronted Adam about eating the apple, that Adam blamed God and Eve for his sin. “And the man said, ‘The woman that thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree and I did eat”. Next he related to jurors that when Cain slew Abel, and God asked Cain “What hast thou done?”, that Cain lied, and said that he didn’t know where his brother was.

Traynor then told the court that throughout history, when man is confronted with his own sin, that denial and blame are the first two shields they raise. The points were pristine, and powerful, and while he could have rested after that, he did not, but instead presented point for point direct answers to most of the challenges raised. When the trial concluded, in this reporter’s opinion, there was a clear winner.

The jury will begin deliberations tomorrow morning at 9:30am

Teresa Watson

Tuesday Evening, February 19, 2008

Closing Arguments in this more than five week trial began this afternoon, as Assistant United States Attorney Kim Dammers began hurtling through time and space to recap a five year long case, which has been presented in five weeks.

Dammers held the court room spellbound as she time-lapsed drug deals and intimidation, murders and arson, in a clear and well organized Power Point presentation. I never once looked at the clock during the whirlwind, and when she thanked the jurors at the conclusion, and Judge Murphy recessed for s short break, I was breathless.

During her close, Dammers contrasted what was necessary to prove conspiracy and establish a criminal enterprise, under RICO statues, and what was not. She ticked off the elements of an enterprise, and gave examples of each:

Continuity - When Marco Antonio Cordero went to jail, Timothy Stroup still got his drugs from another member of the enterprise. When Daniel Villenas-Reyes was deported, Juan Duque stepped in to fill the gap and supply drugs to Glen Glaze. (Note these are only a very few of five weeks of such examples).

Leadership - At one point, Marco Antonio Cordero was the undisputed head, but when he went to jail, Sammy Duque and Daniel Villenas-Reyes stepped in. When Cordero escaped from jail, and came back, it took some adjusting for Villenas-Reyes, who had been the alpha-dog, (as Dammers described it), and there was great tension, until Cordero was apprehended again.

Purpose - a) to distribute drugs, primarily methamphetamine b) to preserve and protect power, territory and profit, through violence and intimidation such as murder, arson, assault, kidnapping c) to harbor, encourage and transport illegal aliens, and d) obtain, trade and lend guns.

Dammers also made it clear that it was not necessary for everyone in the enterprise to know each other, of to be involved at the same level. An analogy she used was the United States Post Office. She said it does not matter who sorts your mail, or which carrier delivers your mail, when you get your mail, you know it came from the U.S. Postal Service. (Of course, comparing the Post Office to a drug enterprise certainly adds a new twist to the phrase, “going postal on them”).

Dammers also presented, for the jury’s consideration, a time line, which showed the level of continuity in the enterprise.

Once Dammers concluded, Matt Dodge was the first defense attorney off of the starting block, for the defense team’s closings, and while the individual attorneys have, at times, tag teamed throughout the five weeks, once Matt Dodge took center stage, it was obvious that it was every man for himself.

Dodge tried to distance his client from the rest of the co-conspirators, and as on the first day of opening arguments, attempted to paint Cordero as a loan wolf, the fellow at one end of the basketball court shooting hoops by himself, while a game of pickup takes place amongst friends at the other end of the court.

And, as he did in opening arguments, Dodge also presented a Power Point presentation.

He countered Dammers’, (and indeed the actual law’s requirements to establish a criminal enterprises), by telling the court that he always thought of an enterprise as having:


Membership rules




Business Plan

He told the court that Glen Glaze’ motorcycle gang, Southerners United, was an enterprise. He said that they had a name, they had membership rules, they had a patch, they had a clubhouse, (Ice House Bar), and they held meetings.

Dodge then went a baby step too far, and compared the Police Departments to enterprises, as they have a name, (Dodge used the Cedartown Police in his example), rules and regulations, uniforms, headquarters and special cars and a business plan.

Dodge then went on to point out some inconsistencies with various testimonies, which he insisted cleared his client of any involvement in RICO or Drug conspiracies.

The rest of the defense team will begin presenting their closing arguments at 9:30 tomorrow morning. At this time, it is anticipated that the jury will get their instructions after lunch tomorrow.

Teresa Watson

Tuesday Morning, February 19, 2008

The defense continued putting witnesses on the stand, most of which testified to knowing or being related to Shane Rosser, or his parents, and for the most part gave vague testimony about whether or not over the course of time they had seen certain vehicles or persons at either Shane Rosser’s or his parent’s houses. Chris Binkley, Linda McDaniel, Wayne Camp, and Sheldon Garrett each took the stand on behalf of Rosser.

Defense attorneys Whitaker and Lombardo also put witnesses on the stand on behalf of their clients, brothers Sammy Duque and Juan Duque. In addition to their sister Bertha Duque, of Cedartown, Ian Sifford of Farley and Associates, a South Carolina based construction company, testified about how both Duque’s worked for his company. Juan Duque worked for one month, from August through September of 2002. His brother, Sammy Duque worked for approximately six months, but under a false identity, as Fernando Martinez, from September of 2003 through March of 2004.

Shortly before lunch, Judge Harold Murphy dismissed the jury, and covered his rulings on charges to the jury with the prosecution and defense. Closing arguments will begin this afternoon at 1:30 pm.

Teresa Watson

The Elephants in the Court Room

Testimony will resume on Tuesday morning, in the sixth week of the 29 man indictment, here in Rome at the Federal Courthouse. The trial has centered around the last of the six men accused in the conspiracy, and for whom murder charges hang in the balance. The trial began originally five weeks ago with six defendants, Shane Rosser, Josh Smith, Marco Antonio Cordero, Daniel Villenas-Reyes, Sammy Duque and Juan Duque.

However, several weeks ago, defendant Josh Smith took a guilty plea, confessing about his part in the Cunning Road, Rome Georgia murders of Chris Fortenberry and T.J. Agan. According to Smith, Shane Rosser was the trigger man, killing Agan before Smith entered the trailer on that March 27, 2003 evening. But Smith admitted that he stood by, after refusing to murder Fortenberry, and did not prevent the execution of Fortenberry by Rosser.

Josh Smith will serve a minimum of thirty years in federal prison, for his part in the Criminal Conspiracy.

But this case has had much larger implications than even the other of the 29 persons named in this federal indictment. This case included more murders than the Cunningham Road murders in Rome, on March 27, 2003, and the three murders at the house of prostitution on 7th Street in Cedartown, Georgia, on September 16, 2003, where all three victims were shot in the head, and burned, one of them still alive.

This case crossed many state boundaries, most prominently the Georgia-Alabama line, and originally included almost fifty defendants. In an effort to organize and control the huge case, federal authorities split the case in to two groups, based roughly around more violence/less violence. All of the first 24 codefendants have plead guilty to their various charges, and most of the 29 in this present case have.

Five young men remain.

But there are other murders, other places, other names which are screaming from the partial testimony. Here are some of the elephants in the courtroom:

1. We know from early testimony in this case that one of the regular drug dealers was Glen Glaze, the founder of the motorcycle gang, Southerners United. He owned the Ice House Bar, in Cedartown, Georgia, where gang members hung out, and where drugs were bought and sold.

We know from corroborating testimony that Daniel Villenas-Reyes sold drugs in large, distribution amounts to Glenn Glaze, and that Glaze in turn sold to his customers.

We know from corroborating testimony that Daniel Villenas-Reyes sold drugs to the victims at the 7th Street Murder scene, AND that he was the shooter and arsonist in those murders on September 16, 2003.

We know from corroborating testimony that Glenn Glaze died, and from officials who have spoken off the record, that he was murdered, shot in the chest, on September 14, 2003.

We know from testimony by Maricella Martinez, the wife of Daniel Villenas-Reyes that she went collect money from Glen Glaze twice on the same day, hours before he was murdered.

2. Carl Smith, or Roy Carl Smith, is the primary name in the original as well as subsequent superseding indictments in the 24 name group split off from this present case.

We know from corroborating testimony that several witnesses were aware of/participated in drug trafficking in Borden Springs, Alabama, with Carl Smith.

We know from testimony by Amanda Sorrells, former girlfriend of Phil Smith, (Felipe Smith), that she and others specifically went to buy drugs from Carl Smith in Borden Springs, Alabama.

We know from corroborating testimony that Phil Smith died, and we learned that this occurred on January 24, 2003. learned from an official that Phil Smith died of a gunshot wound to the head, which they do not believe was a suicide, as local law enforcement in Polk County labeled it.

We know, from Amanda Sorrells’ testimony that after Phil Smith died, she became the girlfriend of Daniel Villenas-Reyes, and helped him run his drug business.

We know that Amanda Sorrells was present and witnessed in part, the murders/arson on 7th Street in Cedartown, Georgia.

We know from corroborating testimony, including Amanda Sorrells, that Billy Sims was involved in drug trafficking with the several of the defendants.

Searching archives in the Cleburne News, (Alabama), we find that Billy Sims was arrested for the murders of two other individuals, twins from Cedartown, Georgia, whose bodies were found in Borden Springs, Alabama. (Note: Thank you to the anonymous reader who clued me in).

3. According to the October 13, 2003 Cleburne News story, by Ben Cunningham:

The bodies of William Brent Clemons and Louie Derek Clemons were found buried in shallow graves in a wooded area near Borden Springs, Alabama, about a mile from where they had been shot.

Investigators from Georgia’s Polk County Police contacted Cleburne County authorities in September of 2003, to alert them that the two boys, who had been missing since July, were possibly buried there in Borden Springs.

Billy Don Sims,19, of Cedartown, Georgia, was arrested on homicide charges from Alabama warrants.

Officials close to the investigation believe that these murders, too, are connected to the Mexican Mafia Drug Gang, and drug debts owed to their member.

There are certainly many unanswered questions, and federal and local officials have many theories. They battle dotting i’s and crossing t’s, before they can bring indictments in the death of Phil Smith or Glen Glaze. This past week, during testimony by Juan Flores Calderon, the court was told that his cell mate, defendant Marco Antonio Calderon, bragged about being in the Mexican Mafia, (See Archives, Gang Trial, Week 5, Thursday).

Testimony by Timothy Morrison, (aka Timothy Taylor), testified about how defendant Juan Duque approached him on New Years Eve of 2004, and told him that if he testified against him, or any other Mexican, he would kill Morrison.

From January 24, 2003, through September 16, 2003, the local Floyd County-Polk County branches of the Mexican Mafia was probably responsible for at least eight murders. We learned this week from Special Agent Tim Everhart, ICE, that defendants Marco Antonio Cordero and Daniel Villenas-Reyes had already been deported twice, and that Sammy Duque had been deported at least once. His brother, defendant Juan Duque, should not have been in this country, as his valid application for permanent residency had been denied after he was convicted in Cedartown on felony charges.

But they all found their way back to Polk County, Georgia to traffic in drugs, specifically methamphetamine, as part of the Mexican Mafia. However, let us not forget that Shane Rosser and Josh Smith as well as Billy Sims were part of the Mexican Mafia, as were more than forty other good old southern kids we know about. I already wrote this last week, but it bears repeating, so that we can know what is going on in our community and what price we are paying for illegal immigration in our communities.

The Mexican Mafia, has an American offshoot, Sur 13. “Sur” is short for “Surenos” or “Southsiders” or “Southerners”. The number “13” represents the 13th letter of the alphabet, “M”, which stands for the Mexican Mafia, aka “La Eme”. This gang originated in Los Angeles and Southern California, hence the name “Southerners”, which translates perfectly to the Deep South, both literally and figuratively.

One analogy would be that the Sur 13 is to the Mexican Mafia as the Masons are to the Shiner’s. Sur 13 is like a training ground for the Mexican Mafia. Members of Sur 13 may act as enforcers for the Mexican Mafia, and the hardest of members will eventually graduate in to the Mexican Mafia. (For more on gang activity, click on “Archives”, then “Breaking News” and find the September 13, 2007 reprint of a series I wrote for another news website back in June).

Testimony in the defense will resume Tuesday, at 9:30

Teresa Watson

Comments (43)

The American people need to wake up. We accept more Immigrants into this country, legally, every year than other countries combined. Legal Immigration isn’t the problem in most cases. We don’t need to import more poverty and violence into this country by turning our backs on the PROBLEMS at the Borders. The people here illegally have already turned their collective noses up at “The Laws of this Country”. We need our Public Officials and Corporations to be held accountable. Stop the hiring of anyone that can’t be verified in some way. No jobs, no Illegals. No Illegals, less Gang crime.

Dear Room4,

Amen. My husband is a LEGAL immigrant, and I have studied this problem from many angles. He is not from an Hispanic country in the Americas, and so the requirements to even be considered for a work visa are much tougher. BUt it is almost as easy as getting a drivers license to come LEGALLY from Mexico. There are even State Department locations all over the place in Mexico, and work visa categories for Mexicans are almost endless. You can even go on line and see which State Department locations are processing the fastest turn arounds.

For my husband, it was months of checks and rechecks, proof he had at least a Bachelors’ degree from a university, and in a dicipline needed here in the United States. (He has a Bachelors in Engineering). We had some friends in the greater Atlanta area, where the wife was also not from an Hispanic country in the Americas. Even with a valid university degree, she had to jump through hoops to come, AFTER she was married to an American.

We have spent thousands of dollars in this immigration process, much of which is not required for Hispanics from North, Central and South America, or at least not when my husband first came to this country in 2001. So there is no reason why Hispanics cannot go through the relatively easy process, (compared to immigrants from other countries).

And LEARN the Language already!


February 18th, 2008 at 1:01 pm


Amen to that!!!
I went back to the year,”2005″
where some of the officials met at the Forum in Rome. They were telling some of the citizens what to look for in reference to Gangs. They were also telling the local Renters not to rent to anyone without further investigating that person. Some of the renters at that time did not care as long as they were receiving money.
This definitely needs further looking into. A lot of people were afraid to do say or do anything. People!!! do not be afraid!! Stand up for our country!!
Especially, do not give benefits to anyone that is an illegal immigrant.
I also read where these Gangs use poor little country boys as slaves to do their bidding. They take the money they make off these boys and send it back to their own country. And, for what reason we ask?
Drugs are a major problem, let alone the gang involvement.
I read that Belize is the major place for drug cartels. Did you know they have reached our hometowns? This is something I also read about.
There needs to be more done about this immigration problem. Alot more!!
Teresa is a true asset to our community! Reading several articles that she has written… she has truly put her life on the line several times, to get to the truth. She is a real champ, a real go-getter!! Go Teresa!!
The communties need to band together and get more aware of what is going on around them. If you see things that are not kosher, do something. don’t just sit around complaining about it, do something.
I think there needs to be a very large gathering of officials and citizens of Floyd County. Some people in the surrounding areas are really not aware of the severity of these problems, and attention to these problems we are facing needs addressing.
We should be like our troops in Iraq, who are fighting for our rights and freedoms in our beloved country. While they are putting their lives on the line, let’s not let it be in vain. They know of the problems we are all facing here in our country. If we do not band together as one, we may all lose the battle and suffer more consequences ahead.

Dear Waiting,

In an article leading up to the Mario Armas case, I wrote about finding out he had significant property in Belize. Mario Armas is from Guatemala, where his brother still lives. The property MA owns in Belize, was fixing to be developed in to a resort, (With what moneys I wonder?). Belize is sandwiched in between Mexico and Guatemala. It is on the CIA’s watch list for money laundering-drug trafficking-weapons swapping for Latin American drug cartels and Middle Eastern terrorists.

Thank you, by the way, for your very generous praise. I know this has been hard on ya’ll.

February 18th, 2008 at 2:03 pm

How can someone be DEPORTED and be back in town in a couple of months? The answer is, What’s stopping them? Nothing! What’s keeping them coming back? Money! Drug Money! Lots of Drug Money! Who is paying the price for our OPEN BORDERS? NOT BUSINESSES! You, me and our FAMILIES! Lives are on the line! Our future as a Country of Laws is in jeopardy! Wake up!

February 18th, 2008 at 2:42 pm

O.K. I am going to try this again. I spent 15 mins. or more typing comments and it was kicked out.
R.O. is a rapist and child molestor. I know this to be a fact. Let alone, the scum of the earth. He has brought my mom and dad into the picture with his lies! He has said…he had lived with them for three months. What a lie!! LIAR.
My mom and dad would never let that scum live at their house! He attempted to come into my mom’s yard twice. Each time, he was told to leave. The second attempt he made, my mom told him she was going to call the cops to him, and he left.
Because he took someone’s virginity, he was never allowed around any of us. HE IS NO BLOOD RELATION TO ANY OF US!!
He not only took the virginity from someone, he also slept with another member of the family. His cousin walked in on him in the bed with his wife. Shane was present at this time, and tried to keep his cousin from taking R.O.’s life. I guess this scum of the earth doesn’t remember that does he? I know these to be true facts.
When R.O. brought my mom and dad into the picture, that is where I step in. He has went too far. R.O. has always been jealous of our family, and he is now going around bragging to everyone, that he has nothing to lose. He says, he is a dead man walking, and he can say anything he wants to. He has laughed and told some members of his family…it will cost S.R. and his family some money now. He made those comments when my mom and dad were taking money to Shane while he was in jail.
This is the kind of man that is testifying against my brother. Wow! what a good witness. LOL, what a joke. Just like all the other witnesses that have came forward, all a joke.
Who are they really covering up for?
I just want the truth about all of this. I need proof, not hearsay.
I cannot, and will not ever believe my brother could take the life of another human being.
What has been done about this R.H. theory? Has it been investigated fully? What is the truth about all of this?
I just want to know truths, not hearsays.

February 18th, 2008 at 3:12 pm

Waiting, You say you will never believe your brother killed anyone. What type of proof would satisfy you? With witnesses admitting they were there and saying he is the killer, not being enough? I don’t know that Smith didn’t pull the trigger on one of the victims, but he will pay the price of years because he didn’t prevent one of the deaths at the very least. I don’t know who RO is or what he has said, but if you know him, and you think so little of him, why was he ever at your parents home? Was he a friend of your brothers at some time? Apparently. I’m not trying to be hurtful or mean. I know you are suffering! But if your brother was so involved with these people, can’t you understand that he is not the person you think he is? He didn’t go from being a great person to someone accused of double murder without a LOT of BAD, BAD choices and actions in between. Maybe the brother you knew was murdered by the Drugs. Maybe you need to remember the person he was and accept that he is gone. I’ll continue to pray for you and your family. I don’t mean to inflict more pain, I am just trying to understand.

February 18th, 2008 at 4:26 pm


I could believe witnesses that were not on drugs themselves and someone who I knew that could be trusted. I just want evidence provided, not hearsay. They have not provided any EVIDENCE so far, unless I missed something.
R.O. is my mom’s sister’s stepson. That is why I put in my comments, that he was not OUR BLOOD! Yes, I know that a lot of bad choices have been made. Very bad choices.
That is just my problem. Is he the person all these peope are saying he is? Could he actually murder? Could he actually be involved with these people? You have got to understand, from my families viewpoint….this is just blasted us all from a point, that we just can’t comprehend or begin to imagine.
I know you and everybody is trying to understand just like we are. You have to put yourself in our shoes to know how we feel.
No one can even begin to understand how I and the rest of my family feel.
I will always remember the way he was. I don’t know why these choices were made, I just wish I COULD UNDERSTAND. I appreciate your prayers, and everyone else that has sent prayers to the family.
Maybe, he was murdered by drugs, I don’t know.
Another thing that bothers me about all of this, is the fact that my brother has been incarcerated for 41/2 yrs now. I just don’t see where he had the time to do all of these things they say he has done.
I want to know the truth about a lot of things. If, he did do all of this, I want to know why he put his family and children through tremendous pain and suffering, I want to know why he would want to be involved with such people, I want to know why he felt he had to use drugs in the first place? He has a good family that loves him deeply, and there was no need for all of this. Was he in such a condition that he no longer needed us anymore? Did he find another kind of family he wanted to be a part of? You see, I have so many questions, and these are just a few. I have no answers yet. Maybe, just one one day, I will know the answers to the questions that crowd my head during the day and the night.

February 18th, 2008 at 5:22 pm

At night when I try to sleep….
I think of the people who have lost their loved ones. I think of the courtroom and what people are saying. I think constantly, with no end.
I think of the pain, and why people do what they do. I know some of the answers and some I don’t. I think of my neices and nephews, my mom and dad, my sisters and brother who are suffering. I think of what could have been and should have been. I think about drugs and what they have caused. Not only in our family, but other families in this great big world of ours. Yes, I think alot.
Please, people stay close to your family. Stay aware of everything that goes on around you, and your children. Keep them safe. Keep them near. Know where they are at all times.

February 18th, 2008 at 5:49 pm


Just to get the record straight, before any other conclusions are made about that incident. Because, some people would take this and go with it. Ad libs. Before you know it, it is blown way out of proportion.
Those two times that he showed up at my mom’s house, don’t know what he wanted. All I know for sure… that it had been over 20 yrs. since they had seen him. I was there the first time he had shown up. My mom was fit to be tied. She told him to hit the road, she didn’t care what he wanted, and he had no business being there. He left. This was back in 2003-2004? Before any of this stuff.
You would just have to be one of my mom and dads neighbors or friends to know what kind of people they are, and how they live. Quiet, and Simple, and they mind their own business.

February 18th, 2008 at 9:01 pm

Well I am assuming that the jury will start deliberating this afternoon or tomorrow. Since you have been the eyes and ears of the court room, what is your opinion of how things are going? I am still baffled by all the testimony, by so many users, most of in which gains from their testimony by having their sentence lessened. Was there even any creditable witness/testimony of anyone who hasn’t been consumed by this poison of DRUGS?

And then the illegals, OMG, they have been extradicted several times, and then just come back and start over, and there is always someone there to take their place when they leave. How will we ever get rid of this cycle? What can we do here locally to help out with the illegal’s, here to make their living destroying the lives of us AMERICANS.

I talk to my children constantly about drugs, and the people you hang around. I try to mentor their friends that seem to be lost, or just thrown out to figure things out for themselves. What is wrong with society today? People, talk to your children, voice your concerns, your own life experiences. Love your children, and make them aware of their surroundings. But listen to your children too. Let them talk to you, confide you.

p>So, TW, what do you think the jury thinks of all of this, other than OMG. What kind of out come are you expecting? I haven’t heard anything about the “Traci” and RH, was all that just BS? Was that even brought up in the defense part?

Thank you for all the time you put into keeping us informed. I really appreciate it.

Dear Curious,

I did not write a story at lunch, as we had only 1 hour. We ususally get 1.25 hours, and I still get in to court late after lunch almost every day. I have to drive home, write the story from my notes, and then hurry back. I do not have a host of writers waiting for me to call it in.

So, I am just sitting down to write.

Yes, jury instructions went past 5:00 pm, and I still had to ask a couple of nagging questions. It will take me a couple of hours to write and post, but it was a highly charged day, with some winners and losers, in my opinion, as far as defense attorneys, and their styles, go.

The government was an absolute winner, and William Traynor’s rebuttal was as good as Dammers’ closing. And, FUNNY!

So, give me some time, and I will post.

As for jury deliberation, I am thinking it will take at least an hour or so to get their bearings, and elect a Fore-person. Then, there are so many counts to consider, and they really have to slog away at it, count by count….more than sixty in total, plus scores of Overt Acts. They have to fill out forms for each Count a defendant is charged with, and there are five defendants.

I cannot see it taking less than one full day, and possibly in to two days, even if they all come to a concensus quickly on each charge, per defendant.

So, tomorrow I will take a book a book I started during breaks of this trial, and perhaps finsih it!


February 20th, 2008 at 4:42 pm

God, I pray for the families of all involved. Now that the jury has to deliberate…… For the families of loved ones that were killed, and for the families of the defendents, I pray for them to find some peace.

I do not know what to even expect as an out come to this horrific case, but I do hope some good comes from it, but making everyone realize how organized crime is HERE, not in the big cities, but HERE. We have to be more alert to our surroundings, our neighbors. We have to put a stop to this, it is killing our future, and sending a horrible message to our young people. We have to put a stop to it. Talk to your neighbor, put up a message that we are not going to let this happen again. If we stand united in this fight, WE can make a difference. We have to.

February 20th, 2008 at 11:06 pm

When surfing through news shows on TV, please make note of stories on Illegal Immigration,Drug Trade and their effects on this country and our everyday lives. A very informative show is Lou Dobbs, on CNN. He is sometimes very one sided, but the statistics and commentary are easy to understand. He doesn’t pretend to think his viewers are too stupid and lazy to make a difference in the fight. He gives information on contacting Senators and Congressmen to voice your opinions and show the will of the people. He is also very vocal about how BIG BUSINESS and Foreign Governments affect the policies of OUR country. But if you want to get a well rounded view on these topics you Have to watch ALL the news channels at least once a week. Become informed! Don’t wait until the reality of these issues hits your home and family. Then it may be too little, too late!

Dear Room,

Good advice.


February 21st, 2008 at 12:14 am

TW you have done such a good job on this
case. We couldn’t have gotten such detail
information without being there ourselves.

Thank you.

Dear CT Reader,

Thank you for your kind words.

I have met some amazing CT folks over these last weeks. Brave Law Enforcement, with great senses of humor. I hope to be featuring some of them in articles, soon, because people just do not get any better than these guys, (guys, BTW, refers to men and Women). What Is good to observe is how LE from one entity will brag on LE from another entity. Each of the contributing departments in this sprawling case, from FBI, GBI and ICE, down through Polk County PD, Cedartown PD and Polk Sheriff’s Office, and over to the Genesis of this case, Tommy Shiflett and the FCPD, are like a family. No one toots his/her own horn, but they are each quick to praise each other, out of ear shot of the one they are praising.

I have been so impressed. I want the public to be able to see what I have seen, so they know that MOST public servants in Law Enforcement are the finest, the brightest and the most honorable salt of the earth. We do not always get to see that majority side of LE.

Take care, and thank you for taking the time to write.


February 21st, 2008 at 1:14 am

good reporting TW. especially your last installment.

Dear RGS,

You know I consider yours, High Praise, indeed.


February 21st, 2008 at 11:39 am

Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us informed of what is going on at the trial. You have done a wonderful job reporting! I dont even bother to check the news, I just look here everyday to see what has happened. I wish you much success and I hope that your advertisers come back. Good luck and Thanks again for your hard work!

Dear HDR,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write. IT really is something I enjoy, something I feel passionate about, and consider an honor to be able to do.


February 21st, 2008 at 1:33 pm

TW, You are receiving well deserved praise for your reporting. The RNT website doesn’t have this type reporting on the case. I like your details and being able to get specific answers to my questions. The story on the Fraudulent Document Ring and Drug Smuggling case through the airlines and airport security are timely for this case also. LE have a full plate and Prosecutors have to carry the ball for the touch down. The public needs to be more informed and active in reporting suspicious activity. This is the only way we can hope to have a safe world for our children, without drugs and gangs. They are HERE and we need to CLEAN HOUSE! I am sure illegal activity can be reported without giving your name. Give LE a heads-up.

February 21st, 2008 at 2:31 pm


You absolutely CAN report illegal activity anonymously. Our neighbor had been running drugs and receiving stolen items for several years. We reported it through our county’s anonymous hotline. This was several years ago, and it was very frustrating that we didn’t see anything happen for some time. But FINALLY, he was indicted as a part of this conspiracy. He supposedly had over two million dollars worth of stolen items when he was busted.

Their drug activity directly affected us because they would steal from us to make money to buy their next hit. And although LE has been outstanding, one officer told us that if we didn’t want items to be stolen, then we needed to build a room onto the back of our house and put it all in there. Hard to house farm equipment in the back bedroom.

And when we took measures to prevent further theft, the crooks retaliated with vandalism.

Everyone needs to be vigilent! And if your life hasn’t been affected in some way by the massive meth problem, then you just have your eyes closed to it.

February 21st, 2008 at 3:05 pm

Waiting -

I agree that R.O. is a piece of work, as is his brother K.O. I can’t believe that he is an informant, and now I wonder if his brother is, also. They have both gotten away so far with too much.

Will they relocate him as they have done for other witnesses? Just seems that since he is outed, he’s wearing a big bullseye.

February 21st, 2008 at 3:09 pm

For someone who is learning disabled, it appears RO comes out pretty well in all this. Except for that bullseye. But there is a price to be paid for being involved in so much illegal activity. Karma! If you “fall in with the bad crowd”, you are part of the “bad crowd”, and the next family will tell their friends that their relative “fell in with the bad crowd”. That is an excuse that is always used by family members to excuse a loved ones bad behavior and subsequent arrest. Someone else is always to blame. But it is my opinion that we reap what we sow. There is never a free ride.

February 21st, 2008 at 4:47 pm

Well, with the jury still out, and the judge being absent tomorrow, even if they come up with a verdict, it will have to wait till Monday.

TW, so what do you think now, that all the evidence has been presented? What kind of out come are you expecting? I haven’t heard anything about the “Traci” and RH, or was all that just bull? Was that even brought up in the defense part? What about JS, I still have alot of questions on that one, why just all the sudden plead guility, I am not convinced of what he is saying now.

After reading all of your hard work, I am torn, how do you determine who is lieing, and how can they remember so good, when they are so messed up on the ICE? Not sleeping for days & weeks on end? I just don’t understand. How are they even creditable? And what about those who have been paid upwards of $20,000?

I am anxious to hear the verdict, but I am also, scared for everyone involved. Both sides. No matter what the verdict is, it will never bring back their loved ones, and never take away all the bad that the defendents have done. DRUGS make you do some really stupid things, and this new age of drugs, ICE, seems to be the worst. It grabs hold of you and takes your soul. GOD have mercy on all that have been taken hostage of this drug, help them find a way out, before it is too late, before anyone else looses their life, looses their son, daughter, mother, father, etc……. I have seen first hand the damage it causes, and you have to be stronger than the drug, get away from the people and atmosphere, you can not allow yourself to ever be around it again.

February 21st, 2008 at 8:56 pm


I just read your comments, I have a hard time reading all of this so I have tried to take a few days off. I am afraid of what is going to be the outcome here. I will always uphold S to Z. I have been afraid of what would happen if I allowed any of you to know where I was. TW has my contact info, I am giving here permission to release this to you. If you would like to meet Z again, I will allow you to see him. He is out of school this week, he has been sick. I will be home tomorow. Please, I beg you to not allow anything to happen. I just can’t go on like this, he is a Rosser, and i know this. You have a right to see and know him. I am sorry that I have prevented you, of all people, to see what a blessing he is.

carma carma
February 22nd, 2008 at 12:10 am

TW, What a wonderful job you have done reporting on this trial. Your description of the Attorneys and your take on the validity of the different witnesss’ is right on. As you know I have been there on more than one occasion and the patience and persistence you have shown is amazing. A couple of hours puts me into a zombie like state, but you somehow take down and report the facts as if you already had a transcript in front of you. We are so lucky in this area to have someone who reports the real news, I wouldn’t dream of reading the newspaper’s account when we have yours which has such a personal touch. Good for you TW.

Man in Black
February 22nd, 2008 at 2:39 am

You have brought out alot of good points. I have been questioning it also. But, no answers. R.H. was never brought up in the trial, even after bringing it to attention (several times) to the defense.
When J.S. stood up and plead guilty, I was just stunned. I still don’t believe he is telling the whole truth. One of the witnesses(RK) said, he (JS)came to him and said that he had done something bad. Also said, JS was crying the entire time. O.K., J.S. said in the courtroom, he only went with SR to collect a debt, so if he only went there to collect a debt, then why was he crying to his cousin admitting he did something bad? Sounds fishy to me!
Another good point you made about all of the witnesses. Those people would have done anything to get out of their own crap. Too many inconsistencies in their testimonies. They all left SR holding the bag. I feel they were rewarded for their illegal drug use and whatever else they were guilty of.

Oh yeah, it seems to be the case of R.O.. But, he will not escape what he has done. God knows what all he has done in his life, and there is no escaping that. Furthermore, no one in our family is blaming anyone for anything. It is true, you reap what you sew. The only thing that we all have a problem with is, the ones that are used for witnesses. We all could deal with this trial if more credible witnesses were used. Like I said before, we are there in that courtroom, and we have seen firsthand what all has been said. It is true, if you hang out with a bad crowd, you are part of that crowd. But, we know better than anyone else, SR DID NOT MURDER ANYONE! Even if the jury finds him guilty, we will never believe it. So, there are no excuses being made here or blame, it is the way WE feel.

February 22nd, 2008 at 10:07 am

I and members of the Glaze family am appalled about the slashes made and innuendoes made regarding Glenn Glaze and his involvement in all this garbage of a trial. If anyone in law enforcement has any information concerning Glenn’s murder, why haven’t we as his family been informed? The lawyer’s can outright lie to the jury and judge about the Southerner’s United lodge being a motorcycle gang meeting at the ICE HOUSE BAR, and distributing drugs for the Mexican Mafia! They do not have a “patch”, and didn’t meet at the IceHouse. They had a lodge which they built on Potash Rd. Community service and homeage to the Southern tradition were their only agenda. I Cannot accept these trashy witnesses testimonies as truths. I know them all for the most part and no one would believe them except this court. If Glenn was murdered because of the Mexican Mafia, how come no other member of the Southerner’s United was murdered? The only reason any of these defendents were at the Ice House was because they were customers of the bar. Very limited on the places to go in Cedartown, so many people wound up in the local bars. Doesn’t mean they were part of any organization, they were just bar customers. Glenn was sociable to all customers (which, by the way, included several Polk County law enforcement members). I may file a cival lawsuit to protect Glenn’s good name.

Dear Ms. Glaze,

If you are so sure of what you state here, why is it that you never came and sit in to listent o the trial? I have heard the evidence. I have heard the testimony.

For you to make these statements is like the relative of some sports figure, who professes to also know the opponents of their relative, but who refuses to actually attend and observe any games or competition, and then rails against the outcome of the sporting event. Or, as I have often encountered in uneducated peoples, the criticism of a book, movie, or candidate, which they have never read, seen or researched.

Loyalty is one thing, but ignorance and denial is what is displayed in your refusal to accept reality. True love and loyalty accepts what a person is/was, does not condone or excuse the bad behavior, but loves in spite of it. Your ranting here belies a narcissistic need to protect YOUR reputation, not that of your late husband’s.

I am sorry for your and your family’s loss, but your absolute denial leads me to believe that your co-dependant enabling must have contributed, in part, to your husband’s involvement in organized crime. You do your family and community a great disservice to continue to live in your delusion.

Teresa Watson

Barbara Glaze
February 23rd, 2008 at 2:27 am

BG, Wake up and smell the coffee!

February 23rd, 2008 at 3:00 pm

As the youngest daughter of Glenn Glaze, we DID come to the courthouse during this trial. What’s appaling is that the list of accusations against my dad, who is the VICTIM here, comes from people who are #1, incarcerated and getting a lighter sentence for testimony, and #2, I know personally and would not believe them if they told me the time of day. The fact that these testimonies are going to be used to initiate a new trial in the murder of my father is, as my family has accepted, a good thing. The part that bothers me is that the slanderous way it must come about. Glenn Glaze was a man of loyalty, a man of friendship, and a man of family. He is NOT this scandalous person that they have painted in order to convict those guilty as hell. While a conviction is the ultimate prize, I think all should know that it isn’t fair to convict the VICTIM who isn’t even here to defend himself. For this, I feel it is my job and that this is wrong on so many levels. I have children, my sister has children, and I have a younger brother who is only ten years old and they adore and miss their Papa deeply. What do we tell them? Or is this unimportant, as long as a guilty verdict is heard?

Dear Wrayanne,

As I have told your mother, if you were really interested in the TRUTH, you would have been at the trial. I mean the bulk of the trial, not just a couple of hours here and a couple of hours there. I watched every single person who came to this trial. I was very aware, and your family was not there more than eight hours or so, maybe 12. You attended a few hours out of about 160 hours.

These men were not charged in your father’s death, but as I have opined, were probably involved with your father’s murder. BUt these men ONLY killed people involved in the drug business.

The family of other victims were at the trial EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EVERY SINGLE DAY. They have come to accept that their loved ones were involved in drugs, but that does not diminish there love for their family, nor their desire for justice. They realize that acceptance is part of the healing process, and as I sat with them on the first day of Jury Deliberation, and listened to their stories of the victims, they have been able to come to remember and appreciate the wonderful people the victims were. Because they accepted that their loved ones were drug dealers, they have been able to move on and remember them for the better parts of their lives.

They want justice for their loved ones, and they want to make a difference so that other families do not have to suffer what they have suffered. But all your family seems to care about is what other people might think about your family if they believe that your father was a drug dealer.

If you truly loved your father more than your own reputations, you would have found a way to attend as much of that trial as you could have, and then you would not be able to deny the truth….and therein lies the problem. You rather not be confronted with the real facts, the real evidence, the real truth. You rather sit back and stick to your fantasy, and pretend that you wre the model family.

Your father may have been some of the wonderful things you have said he was. But he was a DRUG DEALER. And yes, this team is trying to discover who murdered your father, because JUSTICE is the ultimate goal, not a Guilty Verdict. If you had sat in that court room for the 160 odd hours that the other victims’ families, the jury, the prosecution, the defense, the judge and various court administrators have, along with a Rome News Tribune Reporter and myself, then you would not be saying these things. Your family will never heal, will never be whole, until you come to accept the truth about who your father was, in total. If you could do that, then you would realize, in time, that he was also deserving of your love and loyalty, regardless of his mistakes.

Do not blame the investigators and prosecutors for this. Take a long hard look at all of the signs which you and your family chose to ignore. I am not speaking from a loft place of never having been there. I know about denial. I know about being naive. I know about ignoring the little cluse which are screaming to everyone else. I once lived in denial as well, with a husband who was a successful attorney by day, and a Bible Study teacher on Friday nights.

But the days he was missing, the women whose names were whispered around Savannah, in circles of other attorney’s wives - whole weekends he would not turn up anywhere, the missed family gatherings and holidays. He was cocaine addicted, and it took me finding cocaine and needles in my home before I could face the truth. My ex-husband’s whole family had to accept it, and even then, until I left him and took the children away, and turned my back and walked away from the comfortable lifestyle he provided us, he could not get clean and stay clean.

Now, ask yourself if your father does not deserve better. Does his memory not deserve to have the good and the bad revealed, and then, the good remembered and celebrated?

Teresa Watson

Wrayanne Glaze
February 23rd, 2008 at 4:36 pm

Does anyone know if they are asking for the death penaltly of these murders? Someone told me they heard through the grapevine, that they were asking for it. So, if someone could please find out, I would appreciate it.

Dear Scared,

The Death Penalty is NOT being sought. I talked to Assistant United States Prosecutor about this on Thursday. IN Federal Cases, many, many criteria are used to determine this, literally pages of mitigating and aggrevating circumstances to consider. IN the end, the U.S. Attorney him/herself make the final descision. Roberto Gonzales said “NO” to the Death Penalty being sought in these men’s cases.


February 24th, 2008 at 1:25 am

Excuse me but our family was never informed by anyone that this trial was going to be about Glenn or that the people standing trial were responsible for his death.
As Glenns sister and residing in Texas I would have most assuredly been there had I but known what was going to be taking place.
There is not a doubt in my mind that those on trial were involved in my brothers murder but as I had been told countless times by Agent Meadows, no one has been charged with Glenns murder at this time.
When someone is indicted and faces trial for my brothers murder everyone may rest assured that his family will be there in full force.
What really angers me is the way Glenn was portrayed in this trial and the way you so very quickly decided what an upstanding citizen Misty McCray is. Obviously you don`t know her either. She got on the stand and I would assume swore to tell the truth and yet I do know her and I do know it was all lies!! She was very involved in meth and many other drugs long before meeting Glenn yet according to her Glenn was the one that introduced her to this seamy side of life. BS!!

As Glenns older sister I have naturally been around him all his life and I know what kind of person he was.No one would ever be able to convince me, without absolute proof other than the testimony that was given by this bunch of scum.
Another thing that sickens me is that people like Erica Shelley and Amanda Sorrells are able to go on with their lives (at taxpayers expense) and yet they are every bit as guilty as the ones that pulled the trigger on all these victims. Scum pure and simple.
Also, you could have responded to my sister-in-law and niece without being so condescending, arrogant, and accusatory.
I would certainly think they would deserve as much kindness as you reserved for Misty McCray since after all they did lose someone they loved dearly.

Dear Sue,

There your family goes again thinking everything is about ya’ll. It is the classic definition of Narcissism. Out of over 160 hours of testimony and presentation of evidence, your Brother only came up in a total of less than an hour of testimomy, I would say. It simply happened to be CRITICAL testimony, to the Conspiracy, and tied many of the operators in common association.

Take off your Rose Colored Glasses, and stop thinking the world revolves around you and your family.


Sue Butler
February 24th, 2008 at 3:36 pm

I and my family find your self righteousness as the one who knows all very disgusting. Your attack on my sisterinlaw and my niece shows complete lack of professionalism. You claim to know all because you sat and listened in court but you didn’t live in Cedartown nor never have. At the time of my brothers death he did own the Ice House Bar but he had a partner and yet you never mention him. Does this mean he was also part of the Mexican Mafia, I think not. Cedartown only had three places to drink at the time and the Ice House was the most popular so most people between 21 and 60 that did go out for a drink went there. If a motorcycle gang hung out there why wasn’t everyone afraid to go there. The answer was the so called motorcycle gang didn’t exist. As far as why my family didn’t attend court the people were not on trial for my brothers death. I believe you have stated guilt in their trial even though at this time they haven’t been convicted. You have the right to your opinion as we all do but don’t state anything as fact as it hasn’t been declared as fact yet. I was a member of the Southerners United Lodge and it was not a motorcycle gang. only 5 out of all it’s membership even rode motorcycles. We worked for the community sometimes with other organizations from the area. My family realizes that my brother wasn’t a Saint so don’t you tell us to face reality. Reality is our family has suffered a great loss like you have not. so in closing be careful of throwing stones while living in glass houses.

Dear Del,

Frankly, My Dear, I don’t give a damn - what you and your family think.

I have attacked no one. They came in to my house and ranted and raved. I merely set the record straight, and did so out of a knowledge of, sometimes personal, of the people whom they are attacking. I have known some of these LE for eight years. They have always been absolutley honest, frank and to the point with me, even when the messages they carried were very tough to hear.

But I have watched in a number of cases, over the years, these LE, Federal and Local, how these men and women show compassion and mercy to even families like yours who have railed against them. It is because they are honest, they are sure and they possess great integrity. For you and your family to insist over and over that they are the bad guys, and that their witnesses are lying, and that they have allowed it simply for the “get” of a guilty verdict” is unconscionable. AS I told the others, you refuse to see the truth, and you are all living in denial.

Do not come in to my house, and accuse me of attacking. I have only answered the attacks your family has made against good men and women of law enforcement. BY the way, I have gotten many specific pornographic SPAM attached before and after to your family’s posts. I get this sort of SPAM from time to time, but I have gotten almost ten pieces, before and after to your family’s posts in the last four days. If you are doing this on purpose, please stop.


del glaze
February 24th, 2008 at 4:02 pm

Also I must add that I have never been in denial about the kind of person my brother was. He was a wonderful loving son, brother, husband, father and PaPa. Glenn was loved very much by many people as the 500 that attended his funeral would attest.Hearts and lives are forever shattered by his death and for what? Glenns connection with the Mexican Mafia was his connection to Misty McCray and her connection to Marco Cordero which incidently began before Glenns murder.

Sue Butler
February 24th, 2008 at 5:08 pm

I got the chance to visit my brother today at the FCJ. If there was ever a time in my life that I felt truly convicted of anything, it was today. I know with everything in me that my BROTHER IS INNOCENT!!!!!
He was in tears, as we were, he said, with everything that is in me, and with all the love I have for my family and my kids, I DID NOT KILL THOSE 2 BOYS. He said, I don’t know who did it, I just know I didn’t do it.
Someone out there knows the truth! I pray to GOD, that whoever it is, that they shall not sleep, they will not eat, they will not be able to do anything…til’ they are so convicted, so eaten up with guilt, that they finally break, and come forward with the truth.
My brother’s life is in the hands of the jury. A man that faces the possibilty of life in prison for something he did not do!!! IF they are other people out there that may know the truth, I pray that they will get the courage to come forth with the truth.
He does not know these other defendents, and those defendents have made several comments to my brother…they say,”man we know you are a innocent man, but if we tried to tell the court, they would not believe us.” People, something is wrong here, very wrong. I hope they are other people out there, that can see through all of this. My brother said, with his arms outstretched, they got me, that is what they’ve wanted all along, and now they are happy. They had to have someone to put all of this on, and, I am the one they have wanted all of this time.
He told my mother and dad to take care of themselves, and have a good life, and to take care of his kids, that he would be alright. He said he had been in jail for almost 5 years now, and he would adjust. He said for us not to pity him, just take care of ourselves.
If they find him guilty, WE WILL APPEAL IT. We will fight it as long as we have to, no matter how long it takes. The TRUTH WILL COME OUT!! And, I hope I live to see that day.
His daughter is suffering terribly over all of this. She just can’t take it, or deal with it.
We have so many churches, so many people out there that are praying. We are so appreciative of all the people that are supporting us and praying for us. Continue to pray for us. Especially, for his children!!

February 24th, 2008 at 10:14 pm

In my comment I never attacked any law Enforcement Officer. I have respect for all the officers who worked hard long hours to solve this horrible violence. I met with Agent Meadows and Agent Foster at my home during their investigation and found them trained and professional. I do not , nor does my family ever forget that we were not the only family that lost loved ones thru the violence of this group. The problem I have is your blatant disregard for the feelings of my family, are you just as disrespectful to the other families that have suffered loss from these tragic events. We remaining family members cannot change anything that might have been brought about by our other members whether victoms or guilty parties. Yet you accuse us of being narcisstic and concerned with our reputation. This tragedy has ruined lifes from children to grandparents so do not lecture people about their feelings. My family has not nor would stoop to sending you porn spam now or ever and I resent you making the accusation. If you were truly a kind human being who has suffered her own tragedies you would think some compassion for all the families would be shown. Once again our family accepts the fact that Glenn was no saint but we will try to correct any untruths said and acknowledge the faults that he did have. I personally knew my brothers faults and have some of my own but I do believe that as a professional you should try to understand the hurt suffered by everyone involved even as you say that we the Glaze Family only care about ourselves, you could be no more wrong as our sympathies go out to everyone involved including the families of the ones guilty of these crimes. In closing please temper your rebuttals as it does you great shame.

Dear Del,

First of all, thank you for your comments about Meadaows and Everhart.

Again, there is a communication link missing somewhere. Shane Rosser’s sister has come to me, even last week, thanking me for my coverage, even though so much was not what she wanted to hear. But she and her parents were there almost every day, watching and listening, and they know I reported accurately and in great detail. Now, if she challenges my opinions, I have no problem with that, as she has put the time in to the trial. She posts here regularly.

I have met family members of witnesses who are serving time, and they have thanked me for the way I have covered the evidence and testimony. In some cases, a witness might have been called one day, but did not testify for a day or two, and so family would be there listening for that length of time, and could compare what I have written to what they heard.

I have met or have had witnesses contact me, repeatedly, who have thanked me for the coverage, despite the fact that people they love are, or will be, in jail.

Finally, I have spoken often with/to Chirs Fortenberry’s mother, and T/J. Agan’s mother and father. We have become friends throughout this ordeal, and they appreciate what I had to write and how I wrote it. They even came to the same conclusions I did, about a few things, after the jury went in to deliberations, and we had all heard almost every single minute of the trial.

So I do not know what families you are referring to, and my disregard of their feelings. A news reporter is not supposed to worry about someone’s feelings. We do worry, sometimes, but our highest calling is to report the facts, to report on the evidence, to report who said what and how they said it. I also occasionally give opinion, but generally reserve that only for the blog section of my site, not the news articles, except for the “Whine & Opine”, which is an opinion/editorial column.

However, I have not allowed some of the comments which members of your family have tried to post. I have only allowed the tame ones, like from this weekend. Some of them have degraded both myself and law enforcement and their efforts, and with language I would not allow on my site.

You have not, and so your posts are up.

But when comments are made by persons like yourself, who have not attended the trial regularly, comments which are contrary to the 160 hours of testimony, and over 100 witnesses, all of whom could not be lying, then I will respond, and respond strongly.

Thank you, again, however, for your acknowledgement that Meadows and Everhart were professional. I can assure that that the rest of the team has been so, as well.


del glaze
February 25th, 2008 at 12:07 pm

Well, I just read on RNT website, all 5 men have found guility. It did not give too many details, of all the counts, but this has to be devastating for the families involved. I am standing strong on SR being innocent. I am begging for anyone with any information to come forward, this is not right.

February 25th, 2008 at 1:11 pm

In my opinion, anyone who deals in drugs, murders in another way.

Dear CTR,

You are right.


February 25th, 2008 at 2:39 pm

I think what the Glaze family is referring to, is that they loved their father-brother, Papa and husband. From what I have read, I think the biggest problem they have is with the ones who are doing the testifying as they are admitted drug dealers-users themselves. I can understand where they are coming from. I would hardly believe the words of someone who has an admitted user- dealer. It would probably sicken me to know what a deal most of these people walked away with. Now having said that, you know that I am one of your biggest fans and I love you and your website. All I ask is that you go back and re-read the posts the families have made. I dont think they have a problem with the law enforcement, just the word of admitted druggies. I think they are hurting and are wanting answers and justice for Mr. Glaze.
Now, just so you know, I have no idea who Mr. Glaze or any members of his family are.
PS Im still your biggest fan, even if you take me to task :) lol

Dear HDR,

Point well taken. But, no one has seen the several posts from the Galze family members which I did NOT allow to post. There are several unposted items from that family which could be compared to a former poster from a few months ago, whom I finally had to block. I also have some e-mails from the Glaze family, which were not posts, which were very critical of Law Enforcement, and called some folks names I would not allow on this site.

Now, I do understand, about some of the witnesses and their deals. But again, if ya’ll had been sitting in the court room for SIX SOLID WEEKS, and saw and heard all of the testimony, by some folks who did not even know each other, but would tell similar stories, you would understand more clearly. Also, now that most of these people have been clean for several years, drug counseled, and have gained weight to normal standards, you would realize how credible most of them were. I made it clear in several of my posts, whom I found credible, and those whom I did not.

But, point well taken.


February 25th, 2008 at 4:25 pm

HDR, Thank you so much for your articulation. I sometimes have a hard time expressing myself and most times end up not even being very coherrant in what I`m trying to say.
Your reporting has been appreciated immensely as this trial was not about Glenn but did involve people closely related to him and his eventual murder. As my brother Del stated the family here in Texas has cooperated with LE as much as we possibly could. I personally have spent untold hours on the phone with Bob Meadows and even had an hour long interview with the FBI here. I have said time and again that if I ever knew for a fact someone was involved in any illegal activity I would turn them in in a heartbeat. Be it Mother, Father, Brother, Sisters, or yes even my own children.
I know firsthand the amount of time and effort put forth to bring these people to justice and I am forever grateful to them. Bob Meadows has always had my greatest respect and I am so thankful he was as persistant as he has been.

Dear Sue,

Thank you for clarifying. I am defensive of the men and women I have known for so long, and the ones whom they have trusted as well, and whom I have only just met.

I have not meant disrespect for your family. Thank you for your kind words. I also thank HDR, whoever he/she is for blowing the time-out whistle.

By the way, there are other segments and tangents being pursued, and I really do believe that one day, sooner than later, Glen Glaze’s murderers/conspirators to murder, will be charged. These folks like Meadows, Everhart, Foster, Shifflet and so many more, cannot let unanswered questions linger.

I will keep pestering them, too, and only they know what a Pain in the Ass I am, so, if for no other reason, they will have to. IN the mean time, I plan to begin writing a book. Perhaps, when ya’ll can reacha point where you are comfortable, I will drive out to Texas, and interview you all.

This story is still unfolding. I really do hope for the best for your family. I have heard that there is never any such thing as closure.


Sue Butler
February 25th, 2008 at 6:38 pm

Speaking for myself (although I`m sure the rest of my family agree) any time that we can be of any help to either you or any of the above mentioned LE and prosecutors we would be more than happy to do so.
This has been a truly horrendous time for so many people and my heart breaks for all the other families that have lost loved ones by either murder or incarceration. I know all too well the all consuming anger and sadness that won`t go away. I am sorry to say that so many times the anger gets misplaced and I end up feeling much worse than I already felt.
I had posted my phone number and e-mail online shortly after Glenns murder begging for any information I could get. I was so angered when reading the daily trial posts because several of the witnesses at the trial had called me shortly after Glenns murder and had given me information that was a little truth and a lot of fiction. I realize now that the calls were probably made to find out what I had heard rather than actually trying to help find Glenns murderer.
Anyway in closing I am definitely in hopes that there will soon be indictments handed down in Glenns case.
Thank you so much and please accept my apology.
Sue Butler

Dear Sue,

You have nothing to apologize for. In the very first news article I wrote about this whole story, I posted after midnight on the first day of trial, January 14th. Someone at the Federal Building whom I absolutely trust, and respect, called me in and chewed my but out. I was only trying to set out an alternative story which had been told to me, and then checked out with a couple of sources in LE.

The story was not going to impact the truth that would eventually unfold, at least as I saw it. HOWEVER, for an agent who had spent the last four years putting this case together, to be confronted with this on the VERY FIRST day of trial, sent him in to an uncharacteristic response. (Imagine being stressed out on the first day of trial, four years in the making…)

I was bull headed, and printed what I thought should have been printed to tell the WHOLE story, (and still would again), and he got very angry.

But, he did not need to apologize, and neither do you. Ya’ll both have so much invested in this whole story, and while it was not my intention to provoke either of you, my words brought you both to a natural reaction. SO, NO APOLOGY NEEDED!

He still owes me a beer, though, and, if I make it out to Texas, I will buy you one. Deal?


Sue Butler
February 25th, 2008 at 7:46 pm

I am still your biggest fan :) and you are welcome for the time out. I feel like I know you, and I know that all you really care about at the end of the day is justice, fairness and above all, the truth. To Mrs. Butler and the Glaze family- I think The Glaze family and Teresa are really on the same side- . I think all of you want the same thing.
Mrs. Butler- you too are welcome. I think you will find that Teresa is a very brave, fair and caring person. I sincerely hope that you find peace and closure for your family.
PS - I cant wait for the book :)

Dear HDR -

It really seems as though you do know me. Either you are REALLY GOOD, or I am REALLY Transparent. Either way, it is good to have friend who will call each others’ hands, and with such care.


February 26th, 2008 at 2:13 am

I agree with my lovely aunt, (The eloquent Mrs. Butler), but it is still a long way down the road. This trial was not about Daddy, so why would it need our attention. However, now that I can see why the dots were put out there to be connected, my attention has been grabbed. As for the law enforcement, both local and federal, we are still in communication. The problem is that there wasn’t much result. So, I too offer my apologies and hope that everyone sees that this has opened up a whole new can of heartache and anger. I hope to see justie one day, I hope to feel some closure, and Mrs. Watson, I hope you cover this new trial as well so that we can one day meet.

Dear WrayAnne,

I am sorry for the pain and anger your family has had to endure, and most likely will endure for a for a long time to come. I cannot relate. But I do believe that your father’s murderer(s) will be brought to justice. I know those guys are working on it, and want it to be so. They would not be so long lived in their professions if their first concern were not about JUSTICE, above all else. It even still eats at them that no one ever came forward to identify the Jane Doe victim from the 7th Street murders. It hurts them for her. But at least they brought justice to her memory on Monday.

I will be there in court when justice comes for your family, too.


Wrayanne Glaze
February 26th, 2008 at 5:14 pm

I always wondered why it seemed as though the murder of Mr. Glaze was more or less forgotten. BUT, after reading the daily postings on this website of this trial, it seems obvious that that murder was not forgotten. I, too, believe that the dots will be connected if possible.

And, sometimes we wonder why it takes so long, but just look at what has been accomplished. But, it all came together in the end with a seemingly well prepared prosecution team.

I am now more appreciative of all agencies involved.

Dear CTR,

I am in awe of these folks. By the way, ya’ll have the most awesome Chief of Detectives in the Polk County PD, Kiki Campbell. Talk about Girl Power! All of the LE I met, in the last six weeks, are people I would trust my life with, WITHOUT hesitation. Cedertown LE, Polk County Sheriff’s Office…(especially in a crashed and burning helicopter). I already knew that about most Floyd County/Rome LE, but it is good to see such dedication from agency to agency, and department to department, across the counties and states).


February 26th, 2008 at 10:55 pm

You have a deal!! I`ll even buy you dinner to go along with that beer.

Dear Sue,

Then I’m not counting carbs or fat grams!

I look forward to it.


Sue Butler
February 26th, 2008 at 11:21 pm

When and if the law enforcement officers working on this case makes an arrest in my brothers murder I will assure you our family will be present at this trial. I am inteligent enough to know the le have to sift alot of lies to find the truth and i’m glad agent Meadows is still on the case. Also having met fed prosecutor Kim Dammers I feel her quite capable of handling this case. If you cover all this story I’m sure the public would love to know what everyone listed in the original indictment has recieved as punishment and who were cut deals to escape or repent. I am curious as to why journalist [not you in particular] seem to feel they have recieved a higher calling [your words]. Keep up your work as it is needed whether appreciated by all. I hope to meet you at my brothers murder trial.
Del Glaze

Dear Del,

I suppose I get a little high and mighty, sometimes. But journalists are supposed to tell the whole story, as it unfolds. In doing so, we piss off LE, victims, victims’ families, attorneys and defendants. And still get sued for telling the story based on public records, and court documents, (Bobby Lee Cook - Chattooga County).

At least in this case, with the caliber of LE and victims’ families, each allowed me the leeway to tell the story, (after the initial reaction on the first morning), because they knew the truth would unfold.

Looking forward to meeting you,


del glaze
February 27th, 2008 at 3:04 pm

I would like to state that I believe that the LE’s involved in this case did do a great job of bringing the indictments to convictions. I hold the utmost respect for District Attorney Kim Dammers. She is, in my opinion, the most capable and impressive person to handle this case that there could be. I would also like to say that SA Bob Meadows did follow through on this case to the end. He is a very determined and capable player as well. So, when I was accused of slandering and bashing the local and federal law enforcement, that is just not true. I did hold reservations regarding the county law enforcement. This was partly due to the fact that my family has been kept completely in the dark about my father’s murder. I think that I have formed this opinion because of the attention that was given to the other murders committed verses the attention that was given to my father’s murder. His just seemed to disappear. I have strong beliefs that the people involved in this group on trial have knowledge and a hand in my father’s murder. The reason is different from what is being presented during the trial and on this blog. My father’s relation to the “conspirators” and “reliable witnesses” was simple. He knew all of them and what they did, but he did not agree with them or what they did. He allowed himself to associate with this level of society because of the occupation he chose. He was not the same kind of person that his customers were. He was a business owner. For most of the existance of the IceHouse, his relationships with his customers were strictly business. It was a surprise to my entire family when he associated with the likes of Jimmy Garner, Misty McCray, Sammy Duque, etc… My father was not made of the same substance as these people When I hear accusations that my father was a drug dealer or associated with drugs, it makes my stomach turn. As the other members of my family have stated, my father was not a saint. I knew that and he knew and admitted that. I will endure a small amount of character bashing on my father’s behalf if it will lead to a trial. I understand that the prosecuting team used my father as a link to for the “organized crime conspiracy” that led to the convictions of the murderer(s) of the unfortunate victims of this trial. I am glad that he could be of assistance. There is no argument that he had relations with the witness Misty McCray. This I feel was the beginning of my father’s end. I feel that his unexplainable admiration and devotion to this Misty was the ultimate cause of his death. If people would look at the big picture, they would see that Marco Codero wanted Misty to himself. My father had this unusual possessive thing for this girl and was an interference for Marco Codero. I knew my dad very well. I knew the same people that he knew. I knew everything that he was involved in. We had a very open and close relationship. I have extreme difficulty listening to these accusations regarding his character and behavior. He does not belong in the same category as these people. He never did. We tried to tell him time after time that he gave these people too much credit and let them get too close to him and his life. This quality in him was what led him to this end. I will continue to defend him until the day I die because I know what he was made of, capable of and involved in. The LE’s are wrong. Glenn Glaze was not a drug dealer. Glenn Glaze only knew the drug dealers. That does not make him one. His former girlfriend, Misty McCray, did not get introduced to this life from my father, she was already well introduced to this life. He was drawn into the corruption because of who she knew. So, TW, please don’t judge my family. We are hurt on so many different levels you can’t imagine. We slash out because we loved him and knew how he was. You didn’t know him. The LE’s didn’t know him. Most of the defendants didn’t know him. But the witnesses did. They were his customers. He was just a meal ticket to them. They didn’t care about him as you can see by their testimonies. He was better than that. He does deserve better than that. I hope that the LE’s do bring his murder to trial. You can definitely bank on a standing room only courtroom. Closure will never happen for us. Maybe at least the person(s) responsible will be brought to justice. I will stand up for my family and the other victims families by saying that whatever our loved ones did or had done to them, they are our loved ones and respect should be given when it is due. I understand if you don’t post this-I was really directing it to you.

Kristina Holder

Kristina Glaze
February 27th, 2008 at 11:48 pm

I think you just said it all- ” you didnt know him”. No, Teresa didnt know your Daddy. She was only reporting what was said at the trial. Its kinda like shooting the mailman for bringing the bills. The people who say your Dad was a drug dealer were drug dealers themselves. I dont know your Daddy either, but I pray that whoever murdered him will someday be brought to justice and they will pay dearly for what they did to him and your family. It seems like He was caught up with some horrible people. That is sad.
All Im saying is this- I think you shouldnt lay the blame on Teresa. I think you will want to have her on your side when your Daddy’s murderer is brought to justice. She will tell it like it is, and she will be there every step of the way for you and your family. Think about that . PS I dont blame you for defending your Daddy at all, I would too.
I will be praying for you all.

February 29th, 2008 at 3:09 am

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