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Meet Bo Loggins and Meet Bo Wood, LMJC

Part III: Bobby Lee Cook, et al’s Cottage Industry Of Bogus Litigation

Well boys and girls. Things are percolating well up in Cookville during the wee small hours, as I write this story. But while Law Enforcement takes care of business, we shall continue to explain exactly why law enforcement ever needed to get involved en masse, in Chattooga County in the first place.

If you are new to this website, you may want to start at the beginning, at the start of the Dixie Mafia series, which I began on November 4, 2007,towards the end of October. While I intended for it to run for only about eight weeks, the series, and Bobby Lee Cook’s response to it, took on a life of its own. So check out the Archives, go to “Feature Story”, and you can catch up. At the end of this segment, I will list the many stories which had evolved from what was supposed to be a relatively short series.

But for a few minutes, we need to concentrate on some more Bo Loggins outrages. We learned from Monday’s post, (Below), that Chattooga County Superior Court Judge, Bo Loggins, was the judge who signed the illegal arrest warrant and presided over the illegal and secret hearing of New York Stock broker William Abbate.

On Wednesday’s post, we learned that Bo Loggins has been tough on crime, EXCEPT when his brother-in-law was representing a client in front of him. This leniency for defendant Paul Leon Faulkner has led to years of drug trafficking in Chattooga County, by Falkner, and his two sons James Faulkner, and Michael Leon Smith, all arrested recently on Federal Drug Conspiracy indictments.

Tonight, as promised, we look at a civil case filed in State Court of Chattooga County, back in 1999, by Bobby Lee Cook, on behalf of Joseph E. “Bo” Loggins. It is a slip and fall case, one of the jokes of the legal community, which attorneys, who are not necessarily brilliant practitioners of the art, count on for steady, easy income. If someone slips and falls in a building, outside of a building or anywhere near an entity which carries liability insurance, they can generally sue, and expect to collect at least a few bucks for medical bills, and a little cash. This is because real injuries to the spine, the neck, and other vulnerable body parts, are very painful, but not necessarily easy to diagnose even with the best X-ray, CT Scan and MRI scans.

When real injuries are not easy to diagnose, faking an injury is even easier, and filing a suit for such a claimed injury will quickly be settled by most liability insurance companies. And Chattooga County had such liability insurance.

According the court documents filed by Bobby Lee Cook, Judge Bo Loggins slipped and fell in the hallway of the Chattooga County Courthouse Annex:

As plaintiff was traversing the hallway, he was caused to slip and fall by a slippery substance on the premises, resulting in severe and disabling injuries.”

The real story is that the floor had been mopped, and orange cones set out, which anyone of normal, stable mental condition knows, indicates a wet floor. Additionally, the custodian informed Judge Loggins that the floor was wet.

However, according to the law suit, paragraph 4:

As the sole and proximate result of the negligence of defendant aforesaid, plaintiff received severe and permanent disabling injuries, for which he has incurred medical, hospital, drug, rehabilitation, travel bills and expenses. He has suffered excruciating pain and agony and will continue to suffer same. He has further been permanently deprived of his ability to enjoy a normal life”.

Judge Bo Loggins’ Slip & Fall Law Suit Against Chattooga County

This is the judge which the voters of Chattooga County continue to elect to one of the Chattooga County Superior court seats on the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit- a man who would bilk the very county he works for, and which elected him to his position, of monies, FOR A SLIP and FALL.

How much money you ask? We do not know, because that item is missing from the file. The law suit demands $500,000.00. But they settled out of court with the insurance company, and the case was dismissed.

Sort of like the Janice Galloway case.

Mayor Chuck Jones of the City of Lyerly, made a comment about files being taken home, referring to the former Mayor Cook, Bobby Lee Cook‘s cousin, but in fact, because Janice Galloway, the bookkeeper for the City of Lyerly, had taken files home, she sued Mayor Jones for defamation of character, (what character?), despite the fact that she is a Public Person, whose public acts can be commented on without liability for defamation. But this is Chattooga County.

Who was Janice Galloway’s attorney? Bobby Lee Cook. He can smell a Liability Insurance Company a town away. What did that suit finally settle for? $10,000.00.

But, unless it comes out in criminal trial of some sort, we may never know how much Chattooga County Superior Court Judge Joseph E. “Bo” Loggins and his attorney, Bobby Lee Cook, got out of the Chattooga County’s Insurance Company. We do not know if Judge Loggins was really hurt. If he was, perhaps it was Krama, for having signed that illegal arrest warrant for Bobby Lee Cook, two years earlier, after Cook had lured Bill Abbate to Georgia. Perhaps it is for the pain and suffering Bill Abbate endured during the illegal and secret hearing which Judge Joseph E. “BO” Loggins presided over for his friend, campaign contributor and mentor in slip and fall cases, Bobby Lee Cook.

If Judge Bo was not really hurt so badly, then he conspired with Bobby Lee Cook for some easy money, and that is criminal. It also might be the quid pro quo Bobby Lee Cook “cooked” up to pay Loggins to keep quiet when Special Agent “Sir Travis of the Wildwood” was poking around, investigating the Bill Abbate case. It would be about the right time. Abbate was arrested in the summer of 1997. The FBI was investigating during 1998 and into 1999. Loggins slipped and fell in 1999, allowing litigation which led to an out of court settlement.

That is one class act, that Joseph E. “Bo” Loggins. LOL

Teresa Watson

As Promised. A List of all articles related to Bobby Lee Cook, the Dixie Mafia, and Chattooga County corruption in general:

Feature Story Articles: Most of these are posted in three parts, M-W-F.

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Chattooga County Dixie Mafia, Chapter 2, Mike Davis, November 12, 2007

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Chattooga County Dixie Mafia, Chapter 5, How to Marginalize An Opponent in Three Easy Steps, December 2, 2007 (This took up several weeks)

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Meet Judge “Bo” Loggins and Judge “Bo” Wood, April 21, 2008 (Current)

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Part II: A Decade Before Cook-Connelly Gutted the M.L. Smith Case…

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On March 18, 2008, several drug trafficking indictments were unsealed, one for co-conspirators Michael Leon Smith and Geronimo Enrique Gastelum, as well as one each for other members of Michael Leon Smith’s family - Paul Leon Faulkner, Smith’s biological father, and James Faulkner, Smith’s half brother.

We have already covered in some detail the events surrounding Smith’s previous arrest from the early nineties, which was nolle prose’d after evidence critical to the case, originals of the wiretap warrant application and actual warrant, went missing from a locked safe under the supervision of Lann Cordle, the Clerk of Court. Although the presiding judge in the case, Chattooga County Superior Court Judge Kristina Cook Connelly, rumored to be a “client” of Smith’s, could have allowed the case to continue, using copies of the wiretap warrant applications along with testimony of the warrant signing judge and the court reporter present at the time of the signing, Cook gutted the case and would not allow any of the evidence seized from information gathered from the wiretap. (See Archives, Feature Story, “A New Twist on Chattooga County Indictments”, March 28, 2008).

BUT, even before Kristina Cook Connelly was protecting drug traffickers, Chattooga County Superior Court Judge Bo Loggins was protecting certain drug dealers, and in 1983, it was Michael Leon Smith’s biological father, Paul Leon Faulkner.

That’s right, folks. Judge Joseph E. “Bo” Loggins, who signed the illegal arrest warrant and then presided over the secret and illegal hearing of New York Stock Broker William Abbate, helped out Paul Leon Faulkner who was in a little drug trafficking problem back in 1983.

But this was not Judge Bo Loggin’s usual style. No, according to some newspaper clippings sent to me by a loyal reader, Judge Bo Loggins appeared to be a tough on crime sort of judge back in 1983, when he sentenced Wayne Hubbard to 30 years, and Warren Peacock and David Taylor to 40 years, each, all for trafficking drugs.

But during this same time period, Paul Leon Faulkner appeared before Judge Loggins, for a July 1982 drug bust during which four pounds of marijuana were found in Faulkner’s trunk. Dade County Sheriff Steel, and GBI Special Agent Brad Bonnell made the arrest, and the Dade County Grand Jury indicted Faulkner in Indictment # 6263.

But here is the critical element. Faulkner hired Judge Bo Loggin’s brother-in-law, Thomas J. Espy, to represent him. It is a long standing practice in Chattooga County, and in the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit as well, to hire an attorney who is either related to the presiding judge in one’s criminal case, or, to hire an attorney who will then associate with another attorney who is related to the judge. It is practiced by clients of the Cook family, and apparently in Judge Bo Loggins’s family as well. It is Chattooga County, where all of the judges have skeletons in their closets, and owe favors to the controlling cartel.

As we said, Wayne Hubbard got 30 years, and Warren Peacock and David Taylor each received 40 years that year back in 1983. Paul Leon Faulkner got probation, and a $2,200.00 fine.

What a fine tradition and legacy for the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit, judge fixing cases for their own personal drug dealers, or for clients of their own relatives. What a Noble Judicial Circuit.

*Special Thanks to R.S., who provided these 25 year old newspaper clippings, which detailed this story.

Teresa Watson

Coming Friday and Beyond: Bobby Lee Cook and Bo Loggins team up to bilk the Chattooga County tax-payers in a Slip and Fall, and, one Judge “Bo” makes drunken phone calls to jury members. And everyone loves a good boundary dispute, but if your first two surveyors don’t draw the line where you’d like it to be, hire a third one for trial, and get the judge to dismiss the jury, if things are not going your way.

Part I: Back to the Drawing Board - Identifying the Cast of Characters

Monday, April 21, 2008

Various cases are currently being investigated relative to on-gong corruption in the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit, and specifically in Chattooga County. As most readers know, since I began the Dixie Mafia Series back in late October of 2007, the very organized conglomerate which I was writing about, began attacking to silence me.

But, my law enforcement and civilian sources were good, and continue to grow. They can be depended on, and as promised, there IS and election fraud investigation which was taken on by the GBI, and which has, by all accounts, become a federal case. There are second looks, officially being taken at certain “assisted suicides” right now, as we speak. There are drug cases which tie directly to “Papa Bear”, as one federal source of mine put it recently, and there is more on the horizon.

So, despite the fact that there are currently two pending civil law suits against me, BOTH of which are bogus, according to 47USC230, we feel that it is time for a little spring cleaning, a little airing of the dirty laundry, as it were, in Chattooga County.

We have not, heretofore, focused on any of the judges in the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit, other than those directly affiliated with Bobby Lee Cook, as in his daughter, Chattooga County Superior Court Judge Kristina Cook Connelly, who gutted the LMJC DTF’ case against her favorite weed dealer, Michael Leon Smith, causing it to be nolle prose’d. Then there is State Court Judge Carlton Vines, recently convicted of DUI, and directly linked to the on-going election fraud case. Alright, we have also spent some time on Chattooga County Magistrate Tracy Maddux, who signed a letter to the State Bar of Georgia, on behalf of Bobby Lee Cook, stating that he had “Found Cause” for Bobby Lee Cook to call me vulgar names during a deposition, (he had not), because of my “scurrilous” comments on my website - scurrilous being one of Bobby Lee Cook’s favorite words. And, perhaps we have said a thing or two about Juvenile Court Judge and State Court Judge Pro Temporare, Jerry Westbrook, (Did the GBI ever find the official documents appointing Westbrook to the State Court bench?). It was Westbrook, also a close BLC affiliate, who ordered me in to the grueling and illegal deposition on the Galloway v Jones case, on behalf of Bobby Lee Cook.

But we are looking a little further askance in this week’s series, because, call it what you will, the Dixie Mafia, (as my closest FBI, DEA, DTF and IRS sources call it), the Good Old Boy System or what have you, there is something amiss in the Lookout Mountain Judicial System, and “Lucy got some splaining to do”.

First of all, we shall introduce you to other LMJC Judges, Jon Bolling “Bo” Wood and Joseph E. “Bo” Loggins.

Now, let me explain that it has taken me some time to wrap my head around the judges of the LMJC Superior Court. There are five, and, two are named “Ralph” two are named “Bo” and one is Bobby Lee Cook’s daughter. So when someone would be talking about “Bo” this or “Ralph” that, I was often confused.

But let me say now, that while it took me awhile to catch up, I have learned that if I had a son who was going to run for a position as a Superior Court Judge in the LMJC, I would definitely prefer him to be named “Ralph” as opposed to “Bo”.

William Ralph Hill, Jr., Superior Court Judge of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit, announced this past week that he will not be seeking re-election. He is 65, and feels a second calling for things of a more ministerial nature. We congratulate him, and wish him well.

Ralph Van Pelt, Jr., is still hanging around, and we hope he will continue to do so, for awhile.

Then there are the two “Bo” Judges, as I have said, Judge Bo Wood and Judge Bo Loggins.

Today we will deal with Bo Loggins, who is from Chattooga County, therefore, besides Cook’s own Daughter, Kristina, is the LMJC Superior Court Judge closest in proximity to Bobby Lee Cook. Readers may remember the series we ran from December 31, 2007, through January 6, 2008, under the Feature Story Column, entitled, “Dixie Mafia - Chapter VI: A Fairy Tale?”, and Judge Bo Loggins plays a significant role in that story.

It was a precarious time for me, with Bobby Lee Cook having called me names in a deposition he had no legal right to depose me in, then threatening to help put me in jail for asserting my Press Privilege in not revealing sources. Then, he sent threatening letters to my advertisers causing the more prudent ones to pull their ads, and causing me to pull the rest for fear of causing problems for others.

It was a tough winter.

Then, in late January and early February, things began to change. Judge Robert Walther of Floyd County was appointed to hear Carlton Vines’ DUI case, for which Vines plead guilty two weeks ago. The GBI raided the Chattooga County Elections office, TWICE, as well as the private law firm office of Albert Palmour, whose postage meter was used to meter multiple, absentee ballots, (metered in some cases, sequentially), which swung the 2006 State Court Judge election from Sam Finster to Bobby Lee Cook’s puppet, Carlton Vines.

Then, a few weeks ago, a Federal Drug Indictment, handed down last August, 2007, was unsealed, for Michael Leon Smith, long time drug trafficker in Chattooga County, along with his biological father, Paul Leon Faulkner, (Peyton Place got nothing on Chattooga County), and Smith’s half brother, James Faulkner.

Smith was almost nailed more than ten years ago by the GBI and LMJC DTF Agents, until Chattooga County Superior Court Judge Kristina Cook Connelly, rumored to be one of Smith’s customers, gutted the prosecution’s case when critical wire tap evidence disappeared from the vault guarded by Clerk of Court Lann Cordle. (See Archives, March 27, 2008, Feature Story column - “New Twist on Chattooga County Indictments?”).

I am telling you, I could not make this stuff up.

Nor was I making up the events I wrote about in placed in a Fairy Tale setting in January, but it is as close to fiction as you will get on this website. Today, we learn the real names behind the Fairy Tale, but in order to understand what is really going on, you will HAVE to go read the Fairy Tale first, if you have not done so already. Today I identify the character names in the January Fairy Tale. All except the FBI Agent whose case this has been, Sir Travis of the Wildwood. Until certain indictments come down or are unsealed, we will protect his identity. Come on, every fairy tale needs a cliff hanger!

Chattooga County folks already know that Corpsewood, the setting of this fairy tale, is a very real place in Chattooga County, where a very real and horrific murder took place years ago. We simply adapted the familiar names, and the atmosphere of horror and intrigue. The victims, Dr. Charles L. Scudder of Loyola University, and his life partner, Joseph Odom, were admitted Satan Worshipers, albeit friendly enough fellows, according to some I have interviewed who had met them, and even supped with them, or shared a glass of beer or wine in their home. These men had built their dream home down here in the South, and they loved to entertain. Okay, so they liked to entertain with wine and LSD, and practice fetish sex, sometimes.

One evening, they entertained the wrong psychopaths, back in late December, 1982, and the woods still have a haunting effect on visitors today, so the background of the Fairy Tale was already set for me. I just had to substitute another real life Chattooga County nightmare in to the oppressive atmosphere of the Corpsewood legend, that of New York stock broker, William M. Abbate. I reveal the identities now, logically, in case there was any question, because LMJC voters need to know just how willing Bo Loggins is to pervert justice for the Master of Chattooga County, Bobby Lee Cook.

So, without further adieu, the characters are:

The Dark Sorcerer, Beelzebub Lucifer Corpsewood: Bobby Lee Cook

Scott Broker: NYSE Stock Broker, William M. Abbate

Swiss Cheese Flying Carpet Service: Swiss Air

Land of the Algonquins: New York City

Kingdom of George the Dragon Slayer: Georgia

Sheriff of Corpsewood: Chattooga County Sheriff Ralph Kellet

Corpsewood Deputy Constable: Charles Elsberry

United Sovereign Alliance: United States of America

Sovereign Exchange of Commerce: Securities & Exchange Commission

Grand Sorcerer: Ralph Van Pelt

Travis of the Wildwood: Special Agent, ?, FBI

King William: President Bill Clinton

Queen Rodhamina: First Lady, Hillary Clinton

Renotto the Mighty: Attorney General Janet Reno

Land of the Dolphins: Miami

Lesser Seer, JEB of the Logging Wood: Judge Joseph E. “Bo” Loggins

You see, Bo Loggins, who was, even in April of 1997, the Senior Judge of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit, signed the arrest warrant in this case. Now normally, if a criminal matter is small enough, a county Magistrate will sign the arrest warrant. If the case is too serious for that, then a Grand Jury is seated, and the District Attorney presents the evidence, and if an indictment is handed down, then the Superior Court Judge would sign the arrest warrant.

But no Grand Jury was ever convened. LMJC District Attorney, (at that time), Ralph Van Pelt was not even notified that this secret court was being convened. And to add injury to insult, a cash only bond, of one million dollars was ordered. No property was allowed to be pledged!

Criminal Complaint, Warrant and Final Order

Well, as you can see, Bobby Lee Cook has been using the judicial system for his own personal gain and execution of vengeance for a very long time, and with the help and support of those who are charged with ensuring justice for all, like LMJC Superior Court Judge Bo Loggins.

But guess which local attorney was asked to help Bill Abbate’s attorneys from New York, when they wanted to get file copies to take to the feds in New York, inorder to iniate a federal investigation? Yes, that’s right. Ben Ballenger. Is it any wonder that the Bobby Lee Cook cartel has made it their aim to harass and ruin this Chattooga County attorney?

Ben has had this knowledge for ten years, and helped get it for the attorneys who eventually got the feds involved ten years ago.

But, Never Fear good folk. Sir Travis of the Wildwood and his Mighty Sword FEDRICO are still on the job!

Teresa Watson

Comments (23)

I believe you omitted Magistrate “Judge” Tracy Maddux…..a real piece of………..”work”

Dear Reform,

A Dear Friend who is a little quicker on the uptake than I, called to make just that very point, so I corrected it. I also called Westbrook the Probate Judge, and yet I know I meant Juvenile Court Judge, so, I corrected that as well.

I fear some of my mom’s blue-eyed, blonde-haired ADPi roots are showing. Luckily, the genes are only in recessive perportions! No such luck for my son.


April 21st, 2008 at 9:06 am

Fumigate the HALLS OF JUSTICE with facts and truth. Watch the rats run!

April 21st, 2008 at 9:11 am

Im glad you cleared up the “Fairy Tale”, Ive been reading regulary, but I have to lost me on that one.

But you do need to take note of what happens to those who mess with BLC…thats ONE of the reasons Ive watched but not responed in a while..

Dear OW,

Noted, and thanks. Most folks in Chattooga knew who was whom, and quite a few down here in Floyd knew, which surprized me. But elsewhere, folks were not as sure.


April 23rd, 2008 at 1:44 pm

Didn’t I read way back when Bo was running that blc was his campaign
manger and contributor?

Dear JH,

As you know, until late October, I was blissfully unaware of most Chattooga County affairs. But this would not surprize me at all. In fact, if BLC were NOT a his Campaign manager, and major supporter. There would be some quid pro quo right there.


John Hovanec
April 23rd, 2008 at 5:07 pm


You are an idiot. Stick with writing “fairy tales”, because that is clearly the world you live in.

BTW, your “storytelling” skills could use an editor. Perhaps Laura would oblige.

Dear CK,

Funny, but friends at the Federal Building Loved the Fairy Tale, especially the name of the Magical Sword.


April 24th, 2008 at 2:17 am

Don’t take everything so personal Chris. You act like TW is writing about you.

April 24th, 2008 at 11:55 am

Hey Chris,…take the gold spoon you were born with out of your mouth and maybe we could understsnd you !!

Dear 2F,

I wonder if CK is part of the family which tried to suppress the two POlice Incidents someone just sent to my office, anonymously. Incidents from back in 1995, a traffic accident in the middle of the night, on the wrong side of town, and then a shooting incident between the driver who caused the accident, and her husband. Guess which family they belong to????? Giess which paper NEVER ran the Police Incidents Reports along with the rest of the police reports?

Yes, I will be looking in to this. It was about the same time, however, when Sister was gutting the Drug Case in the wire-tapping incident for Michael Smith.


too funny
April 24th, 2008 at 12:07 pm

Oops. Sorry CK. My mistake. Maybe she is writing about you?

April 24th, 2008 at 3:22 pm

This is funny. Magical swords, campaign contributors (when was that illegal, inappropriate or immoral?), supressed police reports made known anonymously (as always) wire tapping and those in question posting here??? (I don’t think so). Yeah, this is good stuff!

TW, I know you are opposed to censorship, as am I, but you might consider cleaning up these boards when it gets to the point of ridiculousness. Many internet boards and blogs contain a “report this post” feature for inappropriate/offensive/and downright stupid unintelligible posts. It may have saved you some time and money in court last winter.

Dear Laura,

When I post the actual public records, how can you argue? The fairy tale was done to hold of for the feds until ceratin things wer ein place. What I posted on MOnday is true, and part of public record, and VERY ILLEGAL. You can file a request fo rthe same information under the FREDOM of INFORMATION Act.

No, campaign contributions are not illegal, EXCEPT when they are for political favors or to hide illegal activity. PLENTY of people go to jail for that sort of thing.

Now, Why would I have wanted to be omitted from the legal problems last fall? These only bolstered certain cases the fed’s were already persuing. You see, to encourage a bogus piece of litigation is illegal and it is abusive litigation. When two or more conspire or plot or plan or scheme, or whatever you want to call it, it is a Conspiracy. A Pattern of such behavior becomes actionable under RICO, FEDeral RICO. It only takes two similar attempts in a ten year period. Bobby Lee Cook, Rex Abernathy, and Jon Dennis brought four, is it, in less than a month?

Let’s see….

One against Kenneth Busbin up in Chattooga County, which was then dismissed. (Hammits v Busbin)
One against me and my website, in Floyd County, which was then dismissed. (Hammitts v Watson & RNBW)
One against me in Floyd County, (Stephanie Dennis v Watson &
One Against Kenneth Busbin, Me, & in Chattooga County, (Hammits v Bisbin, Watson &

Add that to the case against the Mayor of Lyerly, filed sometime last year, for Free Speech Issues as well, (Galloway v Jones)


the Bill Abbate case, (Fairy Tale) which was an illegal and secret arrest and hearing - (I challnege you to reqest the file and you will see);

and the case I am writing about later this evening… Wow, this is SEVEN that I know of off the top of my head, and there are more, so many more. Now there’s a pattern of conspiracy to stifle the free press, free speech, to intimidate and to profiteer from abusive litigation - it is a classic, text book thing of beauty, from a legal perspective.

Then when you ad in defrauding insurance companies, and kidnapping, wow, they really have hung themsleves.

No, all things considered, I am glad things have unfolded as they have. Bobby Lee Cook and his minions have destroyed themselves while trying to build their corrupt little empire, and I got to be one of the knots in the noose.


April 24th, 2008 at 9:50 pm

I just heard some very in the click “outside the click/flying under radar/in it up to their neck” people are spilling the beans!!
Some of the old time participants have been cornered by the upper GBI and possibly the FBI (FBI is not confirmed).
These are people that have been flying under the radar for decades. Some are close relations to to some of the very wealthy in CC.
They are cooperating and spitting out names!!

Ancient Age
April 24th, 2008 at 11:08 pm

FORGET the magical sword for now…this is true reality. Button down the hatches ChrisK

Dear AA,

The knights began gathering this afternoon when I was up in Chattooga County.

They began swarming this evening. I think it may be a dry run, but then again….LOL

I wonder if the crafty old goat and his kids can hear the war drums reverberating across the hills. It must be terrifying to have counted on uncontrolled power and brute force for so long, and to have no where to hide, now. My husband says that he wants simply to be there when they remove the portrait from the Georgia Supreme Court.


Ancient Age
April 24th, 2008 at 11:11 pm

There was so much traffic on my scanner I had to turn it off.

But from what I know this is a plan to get the right ones in there to confirm what they (GBI/FBI) already know.

I heard several names across the scanner that, were being taken in to the County jail, it sounded like, that I know will talk for for their freedom.

Ancient Age
April 24th, 2008 at 11:25 pm

But is there an honest person there to talk to?

Dear AA,

YES, The Feds are supervising this, and there are many wonderful, dedicated local LE from the LMJC, who have waiting for so long for this to happen.


Ancient Age
April 24th, 2008 at 11:32 pm

The fast fading liberties once the hallmark of our country, and the pure and simple freedoms guaranteed within our civil Constitution, are worth defending in the face of all that is evil; we have a duty to defend them either by standing on the front lines or by supporting those who do. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and at the expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should fall asleep while at the guard post, and allow the enemy to walk right in without a struggle or to be cheated out of them by a system which is funded by issuing licensed status to steal. When did “revolution” become a four letter word?


April 25th, 2008 at 3:30 am

Oh MY Goodness, Haven’t things picked up around CC! What in the WORLD is going on? Seems you just can’t keep a secret anymore. I’m sure TW will keep us up to date. I’ll have to work on my lack of patience. Some things are worth waiting for. ANTICIPATION!!!! Anyone else with inside info, feel free to share. Or possibly some of the NAY-SAYERS can provide a little entertainment for the rest of us? Darn, my lack of patience rears its ugly head.

April 25th, 2008 at 7:09 am

To Whom it May Concern, Sing little birdies, SING!

April 25th, 2008 at 7:16 am

TW, I am glad you have been one of the “brave” to put a knot in the nooses of the corrupt….now slap that horse on the ass & let “em hang!
Keep it up girl!

Dear Rodeo,

Thank you! The LE, local, state and federal, are the cowboys, though, and they have much to be proud of. Soon, I can tell their story.

Giddy up!


April 25th, 2008 at 6:02 pm

I understand BLC defended F Lee Baily years ago over something or another… I wonder who BLC would enlist for his defense?


Dear tP,

Steven H. Sadow, of Atlanta, is representing him in the federal forfeiture in the Marc Anthony Perry case, where BLC & Rex took property as a security on defending Perry, where the feds had ALREADT confiscated drugs - DUHHHH - and now they are surprised that the feds are trying to take it as part of the Criminal forfeiture?

One of my posters believes that another poster, “the Shadow” is Sadow, with his middle initial added. Sadow specializes in ILLEGAL wiretapping defense and Cyber espionage defense cases. Interesting tidbit a reader clued me in on.


April 26th, 2008 at 12:23 am

With his huge ego, I wouldn’t be surprised to find he has a “fool for a client”.

April 26th, 2008 at 9:42 am

Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm.

April 27th, 2008 at 3:47 pm

I’ve been reprised and updated this weekend, and it ain’t looking good for the cartel!!
Have you noticed the names of the new used car industries in town this month?
It seems like they’re taunting the FBI/GBI!!
Are they powerful enough to change the course of their fate?
I can’t imagine the upper level law enforcement letting this go unnoticed!!
I hope they’re not paying someone off.
I’ve been told someone got caught toteing Billy Joe Dooley’s dope. How long will it take FBI/GBI to connect the dots?
AP, HM, and Pedro better watch out!!

Dear AA:

I believe the dots are connected, and they are filling in the space with color to add definition to the picture which is ALREADY drawn. Juries love colored pictures.

I wouldn’t go fishing anytime soon, though, if I were any of them.


Ancient Age
April 27th, 2008 at 9:43 pm

I used to live in this Little Peyton Place for those who remember… It wasn’t who ya knew but who ya s&^*%$d and he and a beauty shop owner has a not totally guilty man still in prison just in case anyone wanted to know…..

nd hall
December 1st, 2009 at 2:42 pm

i believe that walker county detective, with initials, c.c., is as corrupt as the rest of the lookout mtn judicial system. please investigate this if u can.

lives depend on it

alice kempt
March 17th, 2010 at 5:45 pm

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