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Kevin Redstrom’s Federal Drug Conspiracy Trial

Monday Afternoon - May 12, 2008: HUNG JURY

Shortly before 2:30 pm, the jury gathered in the courtroom of Judge Robert L. Vining, to inform the parties that they could not reach a consensus. On Count 1, the jury was stalemated at 10-2 in favor of acquitting, and on Count 2, 8-4 in favor of acquitting.

According to Foreman Dennis Rhea, of Rossville, the jury felt that three of the government’s witnesses, Jimmy Collins, Mario Armas and Lonnie Merrin, were just not credible. They had expressed to Foreman Rhea that they also wanted to see more of FBI Special Agents Chuck Reed’s notes on his and DEA Special Agent Tim Spears’s first meeting with Redstrom in Texas.

According to Rhea, one of the two who held firm to “Guilty” on both charges, most of the jury felt that Redstrom was probably involved in the first transaction, ($15,000.00), without realizing that Jimmy Collin’s business was not the bail bonding business, but despite the fact that Redstrom was counting the massive amounts of cash in the third or fourth transaction, they did not feel he was part of the conspiracy.

Assistant United States Attorney Lisa Tarvin said that the prosecution team needed to have some discussions and think some things through, before deciding whether or not to proceed with another trial. Defense Attorney David Wolfe said that this was the best of the American Jury System at work, 12 men and women carefully weighing the evidence, and coming to their own conclusions.

Kevin Redstrom will remain under bond until the government decides to prosecute, not prosecute or negotiate a Plea Deal.

Teresa Watson

Monday, May 12, 2008 - Lunch Break

No verdict yet, and deliberation will continue after lunch. For developmenst outside of court, related to this case, see today’s Feature Story, “As the Jury Deliberates”.


(For a full perspective of this trial, please click on Archives, choose “October” and read the day by day accounts from the Mario Armas trial, from October 1st through October 10th. There are also lead up articles setting some other ground work for the big picture, including “Belize- The Money Laundering Capital of the World”, “Bob Saylors - RFPRA-Al Leonard Connection” and “Conclusion to 2005-Saylors-RFPRA Report” which we ran from September 25-30, 2007.

Friday Evening, May 9, 2008 Evening Post

I believe that locals folks sometimes underestimate the reach that our little new site has. Although one semi-retired newsman, who posts regularly to this site while defending Bobby Lee Cook, has called me everything form a paranoid schizophrenic to an amateur journalist, to and amateur BLOGGER, it cannot be denied that we have reached across this nation and around the world.

To be sure, bloggers posting comments to my new articles has told me they are form Texas, Virginia, Florida, Arizona, California, New York, New Jersey and more. No, I mean real bloggers, not porn lead-ins, which I always SPAM, but honest to goodness bloggers responding to real articles I post.

I have been receiving regular e-mails since last October, form folks all over the Rodeo World, about my Armas Coverage. The most loyal followers are from Texas, and today, one who has never contacted me before, called my number to fill me in on the “Rest of the Story”. Christie, the ex-girlfrined of Defendant Kevin Redstrom, called this afternoon and left a message while I was sitting in Federal Court listen to Closing arguments. Because we also had to wait for the jury to deliberate, (At a little past 5:00 pm, they asked to be recessed until Monday morning), Christie Ray, who now is married and has a different last name, called me.

As I made my way home, listening to phone messages, I came to hers. And immediately turned around to head back to the Federal Building to try to grab one of the prosecution. It was because I had learned what Christie had in the way of documents and statement to offer, that I felt I needed to talk to them, but alas, Elvis was not the only one who had left the building.

I had a nice long chat with Christie, and learned much about the “Real” Kevin Redstrom. What’s even better, I have some documents which she is scanning and will be sending, soon. It’s odd that the fed never got in touch with her, because she has some interesting stuff to share, but I am guessing that Kevin Redstrom probably told the feds that he had no idea where she was, now. Of course, what I am learning about Kevin is that he is a big blue eyed liar. Kevin and his wife have actually run in to Christie and her hsuband, who is also on the rodeo circuit, twice in the last two years, and he knows exactly where Christie could be found.

But this story will wait until Sunday evening.

For now, we will report on what transpired this after noon during closing arguments.

Friday, May 9, 2008, Lunch Break: If A Man Would Fudge On His Child Support Obligations…

The Kevin Redstrom Defense Team launched its attack this morning, in the fourth day of trial for Redstrom’s participation in a Federal Drug Conspiracy. Two witnesses, Mike and Larry Haney of Rockmart, Georgia, both with ties to the much talked about Carl Black GMC Dealership and Trailer Dealership in Hiram, Georgia, took the stand to detail their relationship with Redstrom.

I was impressed with both witnesses, for the very down to earth, easy mannerisms, and simple honesty and straight forwardness. It was obvious that both men liked defendant Kevin Redstrom, but more than that, they respected him, both for his work ethic and ability to draw and retain repeat customers to the Bloomer Trailer Sales Division of Carl Black.

It was also obvious that both men intensely disliked Jimmy Collins, one of the star witnesses in both the Mario Armas trial last October, as well as during this current Kevin Redstrom trial.

When describing Jimmy Collins, Mike Haney told the court, “Jimmy Collins was a pain in the ass”. He and Larry Haney both talked about how Collins was always complaining, and threatening to sue if Carl Black did not take care of problems with the various vehicles and trailers he had bought from the dealership. According to Mike Haney, with regard to one trailer, “Because he had complained and threatened so much, we decided to just back up the deal”, meaning they took back the trailer and refunded the purchase to Collins.

On another incident, Mike Haney, who services the trailers and accessories, was called by an angry Collins, who demanded that Carl Black replace the brake controller Haney had installed, because the brakes were not working. When Haney replaced the controller, the brakes still did not work, and after accessing the situation further, Haney discovered that the actual brake line had broken at the wheel, and learned from Collins that Collins had blown out the tire when he accidentally drove off the road. The blowout caused the rupture of the brake line.

Still, Carl Black replaced the brake controller and the broken trailer hitch Collins had, at no cost to Collins.

Both Haney’s also detailed the constant payment problems they had with Collins, and Mike Haney noted that at one time, when they were legally attempting to repossess one of the luxury, live in trailers they had sold Collins, that Collins showed up at the custom interior shop SVM, in Missouri. The owners of SVM had heard about the trouble with regard to repossession, they called Redstrom, who came out and picked the van up.

And, both Haney’s talked about what a braggart Jimmy Collins was. Mike Haney told the court that when he first met Collins, Collins told him that he had played football for the New England Patriots.

About their friend and colleague, Kevin Redstrom, both Haney’s used the term, “workaholic”. Both told the court how Redstrom rarely took a lunch break, and how he was always working, and that if he was not actively selling or doing paperwork, he was out on the lot washing down and detailing the inventory.

Mike Haney told the court, “Kevin had a good reputation with customers. Everybody liked him”.

When asked if Redstrom was an honest man, Mike Haney answered “Yes Sir”.

When asked if Redstrom was a truthful man, Mike Haney Answered “Yes Sir”.

When Larry Haney took the stand, he talked more about the reputation Kevin Redstrom had, both in Arizona and here in Georgia. Haney talked about how Carl Black had gotten in to the Bloomer Trailer line of trailers, but were not so successful in sales. He called Randy Bloomer, the owner, and asked for him to recommend someone to help kick start the business. Randy Bloomer recommended Kevin Redstrom as the best in the business.

Haney, part owner of Carl Black Trailer Dealership in Hiram, and others, contacted Redstrom out in Arizona, where he owned his own lot. They flew him to Georgia, and offered him a salary of $6,000.00 per month, Plus Bonuses, Plus a Part Ownership in the Dealership, after a certain point. Because Redstrom also employed his girlfriend, Christie Ray, who had accompanied him from Arizona, as a secretary, Larry Haney told the court that Redstrom split part of his own salary with Christie.

When Christie Ray left Redstrom, cleaning him out of his household furniture, taking his best horse, and stealing a golf cart from the Haney’s, she also left her portion of Redstrom’s $6,000.00 per month, PLUS Bonuses, behind.

Larry Haney told the court that Redstrom was making all of his bonuses, and was such a fine salesman, that by the time he left in 2003, Redstrom owned 20% of the Carl Black Trailer Dealership.

Larry Haney also told about how he trusted Kevin Redstrom, and even worked making really good money with Redstrom in the Roping part of Rodeo. Haney said that since Redstrom had left, he had not made nearly so much money in rodeo.

As the court took a short break, I left thinking that I was going to have to change my mind about this Kevin Redstrom.

But, that was before Assistant United States Attorney, Lisa Tarvin, cross examined Larry Haney.

Tarvin re-questioned Larry Haney about Carl Black’s contract with Redstrom. She then asked him to look at part of the Government’s Exhibit, #51, which had already been introduced in to evidence. There were several items she walked him through, including a letter, preceding a garnishment, from the New Mexico DFACS, asking Carl Black to verify that Redstrom’s gross monthly income was $5,000. per month, (not the $6,000 plus bonuses that Redstrom was actually receiving).

The second item was the response letter, from Carl Black, on Carl Black stationary, asserting that Kevin Redstrom’s gross salary was ONLY $1,250.00 semi-monthly, or, $2,500 per month.

Carl Black helped perpetuate Kevin Redstrom’s lie to the courts about his gross salary, in order to avoid paying the child support he should have been paying. I wonder if Carl Black also helped Kevin Redstrom defraud the IRS.

Carl Black helped Kevin Redstrom dodge child support obligations.

I re-assert my prior observation that this begs the question: “Has anyone bothered to look in to the books of Carl Black?”

Closing Arguments will begin at 1:00pm.

Teresa Watson

Thursday, May 8, 2008 - Lunch Break: Lonnie Merren Breaks Down on Stand

Lonnie Merren and Special Agent Charles Reed took the stand this morning, in Day 3 of the Federal Drug Conspiracy trial of Kevin Redstrom.

Reed, who took the stand last, sporting his Ryan Seacrest/Retro PeeWee Herman hairstyle, catalogued his investigation conducted along with DEA Special Agent Tim Spears. The testimony was, for the most part, perfunctory and clinical.

It was a much needed calming effect after the emotional testimony, earlier in the morning, by Lonnie Merren, also a co-conspirator, who plead guilty last December, and has been sentenced to just over five years for his part in the Mario Armas led Criminal Enterprise.

Merren’s testimony was, at first, not so much different from Jimmy Collins, or even Mario Armas’s testimony, yesterday. He detailed the events leading up to the million dollar loan by Armas to Collins, through he and Kevin Redstrom, the loss of the monies in Arizona through the alleged kidnapping of Collins’ long time supplier and friend, (a story Merren obviously did not buy), which led to the kidnapping of Kevin Redstrom, detailed in yesterday evening’s story, (Below).

Merren detailed how on the drive to the Carl Black trailer lot in Hiram, Armas became more and more upset, so Merren asked Armas to allow him to pull into a station to allow him to use the restroom. Anticipating that Merren might call to alert Redstrom, Armas ordered one of the “collectors” to follow Merren in to the restroom, at which point, he confiscated Merren’s cell phone.

But as Merren got to the part about dropping Kevin Redstrom off at Carl Blacks, after they had kidnapped him, Merren broke down. He testified about the others wanting Chinese food, and when Assistant United States Attorney asked him what was talked about at lunch, Merren became so overcome, that Judge Robert L Vining, Jr., recessed for ten minutes, to allow Merren to regain his composure.

When court was reconvened, Merren told the court that on their way to lunch, Armas said to Merren, “He’d better be glad he got hold of Jimmy, or else I would have blown his brains out all over your pretty hair. Then I would have cut off his fingers and pull out all his teeth”.

It is very clear why neither Merren not Redstrom went to the police after such an ordeal, and why they even helped Armas lie to police about the “bail bonding business” loan Armas had made to Collins, in order to get a warrant for Collins’ arrest.

Readers may remember in the December 21, 2007 article about Lonnie Merren’s Plea Deal, Special Agent Tim Spears testified on behalf of Lonnie Merren, and even Assistant United States Attorney, Lisa Tarvin, told the judge that in all of her years of prosecuting, Lonnie Merren was the first defendant who wanted to tell everything, and did so, without EVER asking what sort to deal he could get in return for his testimony.

Merren was terrified for his family.

The government rested their case at lunch, and the defense will begin tomorrow morning at 9:30 am. There will be a brief Motions hearing, shortly after 2:00 pm this afternoon, but the jury will not be required for that.

Teresa Watson

Wednesday Evening, May 7, 2008 - 300% APR Usury Fees, a Crooked Cop, and an Opportunistic Attorney Who Looked the Other Way

It was an interesting afternoon in Federal Court, in the Northern District of Georgia, here in Rome today, as Mario Armas took center stage regaling his antics in the marijuana trade to the jury, the judge and spectators.

Armas had no compunction about admitting that he charged 25% per month, or 300% APR, for monies he loaned customers at his Pawn Shop, Empire Pawn, formerly located on Glen Milner Blvd., here in Rome, Georgia. He was testifying in the trial of his con-conspirator, Kevin Redstrom, having already been tried himself last October, and having taken a Plea Deal, less than two weeks into the testimony.

Home Burglary of Parkey Tarvin’s Ex-wife:

When being cross examined by defense attorney, David Wolfe, Armas confessed that he had planned the armed robbery along with one of the owners of the home which was robbed. This came as quite a shock, unless Armas meant Buffy Tarvin, the daughter of one of the victims, who had been allegedly told Mario Armas and his wife, Julie, about a supposed 7-9 million dollars hidden at the house, in order to get back at her father for having cut her out of the family fortune.

But this afternoon, Armas said it was one of the home owners who helped stage the break in, which is why the two “Black Guys”, as Armas referred to the two men who actually carried out the armed robbery, were not supposed to hurt anyone. According to Armas, he and the home owner made up the story about there being a large amount of money hidden there, and that the “Black guys” were supposed to leave with televisions, and a small amount of cash, and not get caught, “But a neighbor called and ruined the whole plan”.

Wade Hoyt III, and Detective Michael Keys:

When Wolf was cross examining Armas about having filed a false police report about Jimmy Collins having stolen $1,144,000.00 from him, for the drug deal gone bad, Armas explained that he had simply wanted his money back, and that he wanted Jimmy Collins to know that no matter where he was in the world, Armas could find him.

Armas detailed how he went to his attorney, Wade Hoyt, III, and gave him a story about Collins having borrowed the money for his bail bonding business, which he operated all over the country for the rich and famous. “I talked first to my attorney, Wade Hoyt…I did not tell Wade about marijuana business…I tell Wade it is for burglary business and these guys stole it”.

This is not how bail bonding businesses work, of course, as each state’s jurisdictions have their own set of peculiar rules, and for an attorney to accept this story as valid, does not ring true.

Not buying his story, Wolfe challenged Armas about whether or not Hoyt knew anything, and Armas said, “Wade didn’t believe my story about the bonding business - he’s my attorney, to protect me. He didn‘t ask questions”.

Armas promised Wade Hoyt, III, a 10% cut of the money recovered, if Hoyt would help. Hoyt then wrote a letter to Detective Mike Keys, whom Armas said was with the City of Rome. He then went to see Detective Keys, paid him $300.00 “Not to ask questions” and to help him get the criminal warrant. Keys filled out the warrant, again with the bail bonding angle, charging Theft by Conversion.

When Wolfe challenged Armas about being a liar, Armas told the court that he “Bent the truth”.

In a sweet turn of poetic justice, it was this corruption and greed which ultimately caused the downfall of Mario Armas’ “Empire”. Collins was so angry that he turned on the whole lot of the other conspirators, and All the Kings Horses, and All the Kings Men….

Dinner and a Movie? (Kidnapping and Lunch?)

Perhaps the most unbelievable part of the afternoon’s testimony, was Armas’ cavalier recounting of the day he and some hired thugs kidnapped the defendant, Kevin Redstrom.

Monies had been borrowed by Jimmy Collins, through Kevin Redstrom, through Lonnie Merren, from Mario Armas, for this coast to coast bail bonding business. After the first couple of drug transactions, when both principal and interest were paid early, Armas noticed that his money, lent in $100 increments, was being returned in plastic-airtight sealed stacks of 10’a and 20’s. He knew that the story about the bonding business to the rich and famous could not be accurate, and so Merren and Redstrom came clean about Collins’ marijuana smuggling operation. “I don’t give SH_ T, as long as I don’t lose my money. (It would not be the last time we heard that expletive during the course of Armas’ testimony.

When the loan amounts had risen to over the million dollar mark, and interest-only payments had been made, but no principal, Armas started getting nervous.

His phone calls were not being returned, so he hired two “Black guys”, “Collectors who had offered their services to me before - Broken legs, sending people to intensive care”.

Armas told the court how the two “Collectors rode in the back seat of his Lincoln Navigator, he drove, and Lonnie Merren rode in the front with him. Before they drove to Carl Black dealership, where Kevin Redstrom sold horse trailers, in Hiram, Georgia, Armas instructed the men to lay down a tarp on the back seat.

When asked why, Armas answered, “In case he shit himself”…”I don’t want that all over my car”.

When asked why the two men carried guns, Armas explained it was for the “Fear Factor”.

He told the court that when they arrived at Carl Black, Lonnie Merren rolled down the window and called to Redstrom. As Redstrom approached the car, he was ordered in to the car, but refused. One of the “collectors” got out, and again told Redstrom to get in the car, but Redstrom explained he had to tell his secretary he was leaving. Redstrom actually did this, and then went back to the waiting Lincoln Navigator and got in.

By Armas’ account, they drove until they found “a quiet place to talk”, a deserted road. When they stopped, Armas turned around and told Redstrom he had five minutes to contact Jimmy Collins. When Redstrom made excuses, Armas then told him, “Now you have less than five minutes”. Redstrom got in touch with Collins, who was at a gas station out in Arizona, filling up with gas. He talked to Redstrom, then to Armas, and made some promises about re-payments, which satisfied Armas.

When asked what he did next, Armas replied, “When everything is clarified, I say, ‘Let’s go eat lunch”.

Oddly enough, Kevin Redstrom declined, saying he had to get back to work. After dropping their victim off, the others decided to go get Chinese. When Armas realized he did not have his wallet, the kidnapping posse drove back and borrowed money from their most honorable victim.

It was the most bizarre testimony I have ever heard. Thug hiring, loan sharking drug conspirator & kidnapper one minute, and just “one of the guys” looking for a good hot lunch the next.

Testimony resumes tomorrow at 9:30 am.

Teresa Watson

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 - Lunch Break - Mario Armas Takes the Stand

Most of this morning’s testimony was the conclusion of the defense teams’ cross examination of Jimmy Collins. Defense Attorney, Ricardo Perez, wrangled with Collins over minor discrepancies between Collins’ testimony last fall, during the Mario Armas trial, and his testimony yesterday and today.

Perez challenged Collins on elements of memory slippages, which the jury will have to determine are either critical and purposeful alterations in testimony, or simply the result of the normal course of memories, from four and five years ago, being a little fuzzy on exact dates and minor occurrences.

Shortly before noon, Mario Armas took the stand, and began describing his early days in Rome, events which led him to become engaged in the marijuana trafficking, and other details.

As Assistant United States Attorney, Cassandra Schansman led him through his testimony, Armas spoke with a clear and commanding voice, which when combined with his lilting Italian accent, (remember that while his father was Guatemalan, his mother was Italian), it was easy to understand the charm with which he wooed so many Rome citizens. He told the court that he now resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in the federal prison there, because he has taken responsibility for the crimes he had committed. “I guess we all have to pay the price for our mistakes”.

He told the court that he loved this great country, and he would die defending it.

As Schansman took Armas through his Plea Agreement, and his Final Sentence, Schansman had Armas specifically identify the portion of his agreement which requires him to detail anything he knows about Public Corruption.

Readers may remember that during the first days of the Armas trial, last October, a check written by Jimmy Collins, to Mario Armas, for drug monies, and which had been laundered through local attorney Wade Hoyt. (See Archives, October 2, 2007 “Does Armas Evidence Implicate Former Floyd County Attorney Wade Hoyt?”), was revealed to the jury.

Additionally, throughout last October’s trial, tape recording were revealed of Armas bragging about how he owned the Sheriff at that time, Tommy Rickman, and that he could work deals with the District Attorney and at least one judge.

There is also one tape which catches a local police officer talking to Armas, and then Armas turns to Talmadge Green, an un-indicted co-conspirator in the robbery, and brags that he owns that particular cop.

Other names besides, attorney Wade Hoyt, III, former Sheriff Tommy Rickman, and unnamed District Attorney and judge, which have surfaced, include former Sheriff’s Office employee, Charles Ledbetter, and others.

This morning, Armas made it clear that before ever meeting Jimmy Collins, that he knew he was lending money to Lonnie Merren, to give to Kevin Redstrom, to hand over to Jimmy Collins for the marijuana business. Armas was emphatic, and very credible, leaving little wiggle room for the Defense’s theory that Kevin Redstrom did not know what the business loans from Armas to Collins was for, and that he assumed it was for the bail bonding business.

Tuesday Evening - May 6, 2008, A Glimpse at A Chattooga County Connection

Jimmy Collins again took the stand this afternoon, and repeated much of what he had testified to last October, during the Mario Armas trial phase of this drug conspiracy case. We learned a few new elements this morning, which I have iterated below, of particular note, how Jimmy Collins used to pay for the vehicles and trailers at Carl Black - with neatly wrapped increments of $10,000.00 of fifty and hundred denominations bills. (See Opening Statements, Lunch Break, below).

However, there were new things we learned about Jimmy Collins, himself, because of the excruciatingly, meticulously layered question of Redstrom’s co-council, Ricardo Perez, of McCallen, Texas. As the Rome News Tribune Reporter, John Bailey, and I learned during a break, McCallen is the largest, hottest quail hunting spot north of the Rio Grande, and so perhaps it is Perez’s careful habits at flushing out coveys of quail, which have led him to be such a minutia detail cross-examiner.

This is not a criticism at all, and loyal readers know I critique attorney styles with brutal candor.

There were moments in this afternoon’s cross, which for one who had sat through Jimmy Collins’ week long testimony last fall, and then his cross examination, and now through a morning of testimony, and a full afternoon of cross, when I thought I could stand up and answer Mr. Perez’ questions, myself.

HOWEVER, I learned much I did not know, about Jimmy Collins, and the days during his Floyd County incarceration, as well as details about those days and weeks after he was finally bonded out.

For instance, we did not hear, last October, about how Mario Armas kept slipping notes and instructions to Jimmy Collins at the Floyd County jail, via deputies loyal to Sheriff Rickman, who was still in charge. But, according to Collins, certain deputies close to Rickman slipped him many notes, and even allowed Armas access to the jail to come watch Collins.

This from the man who had Collins arrested on bogus charges of Theft by Conversion, for the one million dollars Armas had given to Collins to purchases drugs in Arizona. (IF bogus charges sound familiar, hop across to the Feature Story columns, and read about Bobby Lee Cook’s favorite game). The deal went bad, Collins lost the money in a kidnapping for ransom situation, and Armas meant he was going to exact his money from Collins. In testimony this afternoon, it became clear that the plot to rob the home of Parkey Tarvin’s ex-wife, here in Rome, to steal the 7-9 million dollars in cash which Parkey had hidden there, was hatched after Collins came back from Arizona, but before Armas had Collins arrested.

It was only after Collins initially refused to be part of the plot, that Armas took out the warrant for Collins’ arrest.

So, this same Mario Armas, who has had Jimmy Collins arrested on bogus charges, knowing he owns the Floyd County Sheriff at that time, (Tommy Rickman), suddenly becomes Collins’ best friend, and arranges bond for him, and arranges for him to get a new lawyer.

GUESS WHO the new lawyer, which Mario Armas wants Collins to get is? Rex Abernathy of Summerville, Georgia, law partner to Bobby Lee Cook, the “Bogus, trumped up charges KING”.

Now, Jimmy Collins already has an attorney, but Armas insists, and so Collins pays Rex Abernathy’s retainer when he gets out. But on the ride from his last bond hearing, back to the jail, another Sheriff’s Deputy, who is not Rickman’s puppet, suggests to Collins that he has some law enforcement friends from outside of the area, (Feds), who do not buy the whole Armas story, and might be interested in talking with Collins. Collins considers it, and when he is out, he talks it over with Rex Abernathy. But Rex Abernathy DOES NOT WANT Collins talking to the feds.

Collins decides he will talk, anyway, and does so without Abernathy present, and without having a deal in place. Of course, at this critical juncture, our local Floyd County District Attorney cooperates, and agrees to drop the charges against Collins, since they are bogus charges, anyway, as they meet with Patterson, several unidentified local detectives, and DEA Agent Tim Spears.

Soon, Collins is working as a CI, for Special Agent Tim Spears, DEA, and Special Agent Chuck Reed, FBI. The relationship is productive, and we saw the fruits of this union last fall when after two weeks of intense, irrefutable testimony, Mario Armas took a Plea Deal.

But the bonus, for me, came this afternoon when Collins, again while answering the excruciatingly detailed questions of Perez, was discussing his bail bonding business he ran prior to getting in to drug smuggling. He told Perez that the bail bonding business was good because he knew the right attorneys in Atlanta. Perez asked him to name the attorneys, and among others, he mentioned Bruce Harvey and Steven H. Sadow.

Now, for those who are familiar with the Dixie Mafia, or at least with organized crime in North West Georgia, those two names will jump out at you. They are closely affiliated with Bobby Lee Cook. In fact, Steven H. Sadow currently represents Bobby Lee Cook and Rex Abernathy in the federal forfeiture and seizure case, of property belonging to Mark Anthony (Dog) Perry, a good old redneck member of the Mexican Mafia in Polk County, (See Archives, “Feature Story” - Bobby Lee Cook, Rex Abernathy and the Mexican Mafia, March 17, 2008).

So, this is certainly a cozy little circle shaping up here, with a handful of attorneys representing a fist full of drug dealers in Northwest Georgia, who fear that one or more of them might talk to the feds.

Thank heavens, Jimmy Collins has. His reasoning? As in testimony last October, he told the court, toady, that Armas had threatened Redstrom and his family, Merren and his family, and promised to put Collins and his family in body bags, AND he had Collins arrested.

It looks like either a war or an alliance shaping up between the Mexican Mafia and the good old boy Dixie Mafia. I am just not sure which. But drugs, kidnapping, murder, extortion and money laundering are the components, and greed is at the very heart of it all.

Testimony resumes tomorrow at 9:30am.

Teresa Watson

Opening Statements

Tuesday, May 6, 2008 - Lunch Break

Opening Statements began this morning in the Drug Conspiracy trial of Kevin Redstrom, a hold over from the Mario Armas case from last fall.

Last December 21, 2007, when Mario Armas was sentenced, and when Lonnie Merren took a Plea Deal, Kevin Redstrom was also supposed to take a Plea Deal. However, Federal Judge Robert L. Vining told the court that day that something in the Redstrom’s Plea Deal did not ring true, and that he had looked at it carefully, several times. He told the court that December day, that that morning, he had gotten up in the wee small hours of the morning, and told his wife to put the coffee on. He read through statements by Kevin Redstrom relative to his Plea Deal, and found some inconsistencies, and so he was not accepting the Plea Deal that day.

Redstrom was in court again in late January, to learn that he would have to stand trial, which began yesterday, with the Voir Dire.

The tenor of this case is already different however, as displayed even during opening statements. Of course, Special Drug Prosecutor, Lisa Tarvin, is presenting the government’s case, much in the same way she did for the Mario Armas case.

But the lead attorney for Redstrom, L. David Wolfe of Atlanta, is much more amiable than Mario Armas’ attorney, much less bombastic, and more engaging, instead of accusing. In fact, as he rose for opening statements, he addressed the jury with “Howdy folks”, perhaps setting the tone for his cowboy client, a World Class rodeo roping champion.

There are also differences in the testimony of Jimmy Collins, who was the Government’s first witness today, as in the previous Armas trial. During his week long testimony last fall, un-indicted co-conspirator Jimmy Collins’ demeanor was born of a righteous indignation and anger towards Mario Armas, who had ratted out the entire game by filing Theft By Conversion charges against Collins here in Floyd County.

Readers may remember that Collins and Armas had become engaged in drug trafficking through Lonnie Merren and Kevin Redstrom. But when a drug deal went bad out in Arizona, resulting in the kidnapping of a long time source and another friend, Jimmy Collins, paid a million dollar ransom to secure the freedom of his friends. A good deal of that seed money belonged to Mario Armas.

Testimony revealed that Mario Armas and his wife, Julie, met with Jimmy Collins and others to plot how to get the money back, by robbing the ex-wife of gambler Parkey Tarvin. However, prior to those meetings, Armas had actually filed charges against Collins, which resulted in his being arrested in New Mexico, and being extradited back to Floyd County. Armas told local authorities here in Rome, Georgia, that Collins had borrowed one million dollars, and had refused to pay it back. But Collins laid the whole story out, thus bringing Mario Armas, described today by attorneys, as the Don Corliogne of Rome, Georgia.

As Assistant U.S Attorney Lisa Tarvin told the jury today, this case was “about drugs, guns, kidnapping and other crimes all done for the love of money, for greed…At one point, in his greed, Mario Armas went to the police to get Jimmy Collins arrested…But Collins cooperated”.

As Collins said today, speaking of Armas, “He had broke the rules and gone to the cops”.

The tone of Jimmy Collins’ October testimony during the Mario Armas trial, was therefore focused and clear. But today, Collins testimony was of that of a friend, and so far, seems to make Redstrom out to be a passing element to the conspiracy, saying this morning that “Kevin’s roll was not so hands-on, but was for making some extra money, fro desires”.

However, Lisa Tarvin described Redstrom as the “Key in the ignition” of this conspiracy, saying that “But for Kevin Redstrom, these people, (Merren and Armas), would never have come together”.

Perhaps the most salient point I took home, this afternoon, was a point Jimmy Collins was very adamant about, driving home quite emphatically, when talking about his many purchases through Carl Black vehicles and trailers. “Anything I did with Carl Black was cash”. Collins described how he would pay for the luxury, live in horse trailers, (Bloomers), and other vehicles from Carl Black dealerships with stacks of cash. “Fifties, and hundreds”, according to Collins, neatly wrapped in stacks of $10,000.00.

Which begs the question, “Has anyone bothered to look in to the books of Carl Black?”.

Testimony resumes at 1:45pm.

Teresa Watson

Comments (84)

Do we know if Aramas and Merren are testifying or if Redstrom is going to take the stand?

Dear Lynn,

Armas will take the stand tomorrow afternoon. I believe that Merrin will come after him. I overheard the Marshals, the Prosecution and the Defense lining up plans, since there is much transporting of prisoners involved. Actually. Armas was at the courthouse today, in anticipation that he might be called late in the day. But cross examination of Jimmy Collins took all afternoon, and will consume most of tomorrow morning.


May 6th, 2008 at 3:06 pm

Is Collins saying the cash was his or Carl Black’s (which is were Kevin worked.) hmmm very interesting….put your boots on y’all $#*% is getting deep!

May 6th, 2008 at 3:40 pm

Lynn, please identify yourself more clearly. You are not the Lynn at Circle T and others should not be led to think so.

Dear CircleT,

It is not up to you to require that my posters identify themselves more clearly, or at all.


Circle T
May 6th, 2008 at 3:43 pm

Stacks of cash? No questions asked, I suppose?

May 6th, 2008 at 4:21 pm

I left a lengthy bit of insight earlier today regarding these folks. I cannot find it now…I hope it didn’t get deleted. All was true?

It almost sounds like Rodeo and I know some of the same people in this mess…

This is my first day at this site. How do I navigate to find my earlier post?

Thanks,I’ll be reading daily now…

Ms. Watson: Was Kevin’s wife, Nicole, present today at court?


Welcome. When you are a first time poster, the post is held in a caches until I have a chance to read it, and approve. I have been at court all day, except for the lunch article, and did not have time to check posts. You are now approved.

I do not know if she was there. It appeared that the only spectators were myself and another news person. Everyone else was either Prosecution, Defense or U.S. Marshall Service.

Thank you for taking the time to post, and I have the evening story up, now.


May 6th, 2008 at 5:05 pm

does anyone here know why the ford place was closed down
up here in Summerville?

John Hovanec
May 6th, 2008 at 9:08 pm

Ms. Watson-
Great reporting as always. In my book, you win the grand prize of journalism awards. In didn’t surprise me in the least to see all the Cooksville Crooks with their hands in another cookie jar. This group is going down hard. By the way, congratulations on a record number of posts on the Bobby Lee Cook expose…God knows, the more people that see it and hear about it…the more that Justice will be demanded.

Dear Bill,


The only problem is the e-mails are so numerous that I am drowning, most of which are related to your story. People across the financial world are outraged. I sort of wish this had come on a slower news week, but, when it rains it pours, and I am not complaining about the contacts. I just may not get back to a lot of folks for several weeks. I am responding late into the night, but I am pleased that people are taking the time to e-mail. They may not be in positions to post, but they can write and tell me with whom they are connected.



May 6th, 2008 at 9:23 pm

Circle T
Who cares who the hell Lynn is….it is a blog! Why don’t you identify yourself? Surely, your given name is not CIRCLE T- or is it?

May 7th, 2008 at 9:15 am

iknowmore; Yep, I reckon we know some of the same…since Rodeo horse wagons usually circle around the same campfire from time to time. Nicole, I heard was still in TX. I quess waiting for her man to come home!

May 7th, 2008 at 10:52 am

I hope you don’t leave out any details about Armas’ testimony, if he gets on the stand today. I read the archives stories on these cases but this is all I know. The story is very interesting with all the local players thrown in . I am one of those that love to hear your take on the performances of the legal counsels. Waiting for the morning update. Thanks

May 7th, 2008 at 12:27 pm

Straighten out the timeline if you would please.

When was the plot to rob Parky Tarvin hatched? Who suggested to whom that $millions in cash could be had by robbing Tarvin? I thought I read earlier that investigators were aware of this plot. Is that true or not? Was Collins cooperating with investigators at the time the robbery attempt was made?

Is there any reason why Mr. Collins is to be considered more or less believable than Redstrom or Armas?

Dear DB,

Check out my evening story. Mario Armas is now pretty much confirming ALL of Jimmy Collin’s testimony form both last fall and yesterday. But with a few surprises.

BTW, the RNT reporter, John Bailey, is a great guy, and is writing some good stuff about the trial. We have found much to shake our heads at, and laugh about in this testimony. Ya’ll be sure to check out their website, too, for a different perspective. A Shorter Journalism and PR grad, he is really sharp. And a highly tuned sense of humor.


David Brown
May 7th, 2008 at 12:58 pm

Rodeo…Just to clarify, I didn’t run with that group, just on the “periphery” due to the ex’s actions and being a Rockmartian.

I have had a dinner/beer or two with Kevin and his family at El Nopal (several years ago) before I found out some things…

This is getting interesting again, but I hope they dig in a little more on the scams (Ponzi/Pyramids) that the Haney’s have ran for years.

May 7th, 2008 at 1:08 pm

Well, Is this the same Haney’s who have a feed store & an Arena?
Glad you got away from the Redstrom group, if I am understanding you correctly, that you did not respect or admire them. Tell us more about the Ponzi/Pyramids. Like I said get you boots on $@%& getting deep!

Dear Rodeo,

Larry Haney owns the Arena, and all. His brother, the late Don Haney, according to Armas, is Armas’ late brother in law, who first recommended Lonnie Merrin to him, so that Mario Armas could lend him money at 300% APR.


May 7th, 2008 at 1:16 pm

Rodeo and Iknowmore, Friendly advice. Watch the names you mention because this site is known to have a lawyer or two waiting to pounce on any lawsuit they can muster up.

May 7th, 2008 at 1:29 pm

Iknowmore, I read your blog on the Local story of Armas, Merren & Redstrom… understand now the pyramid thing.. you don’t have to elaborate..also it is the Feed & Ranch / Arena I was asking about. You lost me somewhat on the working late/ kids/ & screwing around. I am sorry you do not see your kids… hope things change on that soon.

May 7th, 2008 at 1:36 pm

OMG—thanks, Room4OneMore, just trying to get the full picture.

May 7th, 2008 at 1:56 pm

Rodeo, If you want the full picture read some of the feature story on the home page. There are people with the intent to put this site away!!!! You may even connect a few more dots by reading everything on here. Connections everywhere, you may not be aware of yet. If anything strikes a note? feel free to share? carefully!

May 7th, 2008 at 2:04 pm

Sorry Ms. Moderator, I MEANT to add the word ALLEDGED activities r/e the Feed/Seed/Arena bunch…

May 7th, 2008 at 2:06 pm

Sorry again…”Ms. Moderator” = Ms. Watson!
Thanks Rodeo and Room4onemore.

May 7th, 2008 at 2:07 pm

I’m not a moderator. I’m just another poster that got wind of this website from a friend. But I know enough about the enemy to tread carefully! People have also fallen into the deep s#@% without any rhyme or reason. The devils mean business!

May 7th, 2008 at 2:16 pm

Whew, with all the corrupt Lawyers, Judges, & prominent business men & women involved in this “Dixie Mafia” as TW has reported, anyone involved better watch their backs! I have read most not all of the previous stories. (very interesting & well reported by TW). I just don’t know all the individuals personally, (don’t care to either). Maybe Northern GA will be a better place to live & breath when this is over…maybe years from now…but eventually.

May 7th, 2008 at 3:37 pm

Where there is smoke…you can bet there is fire…and this story smells like a towering inferno. Expect plenty of fallout as the birds start singing. It should get very interesting.

May 7th, 2008 at 4:11 pm

Reading all the past stories/blogs & breaking news has inspired me to write a note. Nicole is not in Georgia, she & her family were having dinner at a local restrurant yesterday.
I wonder if Kevin is going to take the stand? Cause around here he whistles to a tune of “Innocent”.
The Circle T Arena where he works is a very nice place, they along with Nicole are standing behind Kevin. Although, I don’t talk to any of them much. They believe everything Kevin has told them… I don’t read “Innocent” in all the stuff I have read today… just my opinion..

May 7th, 2008 at 4:16 pm

Had to chuckle when I read that Armas said he’s “taken responsibility for the crimes he committed”. Everyone claims to be reformed and to find Jesus when they spend a little time in prison…LOL

But if he’s truly done so, then good for him!

May 7th, 2008 at 4:58 pm

babbate: your story is very interesting too! Wow… glad you survived & can live to tell the story & hope to see the fires burning!

May 7th, 2008 at 5:23 pm

Thanks Rodeo-
For those who have not seen my expose…THE CONTINUING CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE THAT IS BOBBY LEE COOK…check it out. Ms. Watson did a fantastic job, accurately depicting the events that occured and the criminals that kidnapped and extorted me. Thanks for sharing your support and for trying to make your area a better place for children to grow up. It’s time to expose these criminals for who they are and all that they have done !!!!

May 7th, 2008 at 6:23 pm

TW, The Wed. Eve Update of the trial? No way! You have got to be joking! Is this the same world we walk in or a bizarre TV show? Were the jurors laughing or what?

Dear Room4,

Yes, quite a few were either laughing or shaking their heads in disbelief. I even blurted out in inappropriate, laughter, in disbelief, when he said “Let’s get lunch”.



May 8th, 2008 at 9:06 am

I can’t help but picture Tony Soprano! Always amazes me to hear what goes on in our little town!

May 8th, 2008 at 10:02 am

Is this the same Armas so many in Rome thought was such a pillar of the community? TW, Have you received apologies from any of those that attacked you for sticking to your guns? I can’t believe how blind some are when it comes to criminal behavior.

Dear Room4,

NO, they have not apologized. Some still believe he is a victim, and others have resorted to marginalizing me for other things not yet fully flushed out yet. But, that says so much more about them, than about me…like David Brown. There are quite a few folks who have figured out who DB is. He called me crazy four years ago about Saylors and Leonard, and then about Armas, and now…


May 8th, 2008 at 2:36 pm

If you want to know who I am, email me. I have tried to email you but get no response.

Dear David Brown,

You have not e-mailed me. I read every e-mail, albeit on busy weeks like this, it may take another week to catch up. Many of the posters on this website will attest to the fact that I even respond to all e-mails I get which include an e-mail address. But I cannot respond if you do not provide contact information.

Now, I have your e-mail address here, from the post, but you have never sent an e-mail, at least as far as having identified yourself by your e-mail address, or any other contact information. If you have sent anonymous e-mails, I cannot respond to them because I do not know who or what you are, and do not know how/where to respond.


David Brown
May 8th, 2008 at 4:15 pm


Good afternoon. I have been following all this real life drama reading your articles. Just to keep the real life record straight, from what I know, Loan Shark Armas parents, both where born in Guatemala. I can assure you that her mother was born in Guatemala. I had the chance to meet them years ago and they where really nice hard working people. Both died in a car accident years ago when a drunk driver (an illegal Mexican allien) hit them up front.
If Loan Shark Armas have an Italian accent it is because he fakes it. All of the involved should get the same time in jail (15 years minimum).

May 8th, 2008 at 4:50 pm

WOW !!!! This is all very SCARY !!! I have known the Redstrom part of this for years before they moved to Georgia and then Texas.I am not surprised about the stuff Kevin has gotten into but for Nicole to stick around that blows me away !!! I hope she knows what shes doing and the money and prestige of being where she is worth it !!!! I know his reputation is pretty bad with all this,Iam surprised the Circle T has stuck by him !! anyway I hope she is prepared for the outcome !!!!

Dear SBK,

This is what I do not understand. So many folks from Hamilton, Texas, have contacted me to tell me that Kevin and his wife have a VERY EXPENSIVE home out there. But he could not even get a GMAC loan back in 2003. He was broke, and had many late payments on his credit report, and was floundering.

There are things not being said in this case, gaps, which lead me to believe that Kevin was siphoning off money from the whole transfer of funds between Armas, Merrin, Redstrom and Collins.

So, I wonder how in just a few short years, he gets back on his feet, while going through a federal indictment, and can afford to build a dream home. Everyone but Julie Brown Armas and Redstrom are in jail, AND BROKE.


Sad but know !!
May 8th, 2008 at 6:33 pm

Don’t know if my last message got there. I’ve tried to use the address but it doesn’t sem to work. Is there another? You can email me privately.


Dear David,

Perhaps it is because you misspelled “Rome”? You have typed “Roem” in the address above.


David Brown
May 8th, 2008 at 7:03 pm



May 8th, 2008 at 7:18 pm



Dear Sico2-

You are right to chastise me. I have not checked that out. I was just saying that many people from Hamilton Texas have gotten in touch with me, to tell me this. So many, in fact, that I actually went and Googled Hamilton, Texas.

Now, I do know that in testimony by FBI Special Agent Chuck Reed, today, that they met Redstrom in Stevenville, (Stephenville?) Texas. Does Redstrom perhaps have a nice spread there, but stays in a trailer when he is working at the Circle T in Hamilton?

I also heard from some of the employees at the Circle T that “Big Boss”,(whoever that is), was warning employees to stay off of my site, and threatening them if they posted. Of course, that is illegal to tell people they cannot read something they choose, and certainly a violation of both State and Federal Civil Rights to tell people in the United States that they cannot express themselves in Free Speech. Someone from Texas, of all states in the Union, should value Free Speech.


May 8th, 2008 at 7:19 pm

Circle T and the people that run that arena are crooks and lairs. They treat their employees like trash except Kevin. And in turn Kevin never stood up for his employees there. The owner is an alcoholic (came close to lossing his liquor license for drinking at the bar), who is inappropriate with the women employees, and Kevin roped,went, and did as he pleased. Circle T has money and the old man is the ONLY one that has ever worked for a dime, google Tex Beshears. His wife is the Lynn that “Circle T” is refering to. They even fired a man working there whose wife had terminal cancer….then put on a roping last weekend for Breast Cancer. So when employees say that someone threatened them….you better believe it!
You are correct that Kevin lives in a double wide……. on 100 acres, has a big truck, large living quarter trailer, and 10 or so head of horses, and enters lots of ropings. As for the debt problems I can’t say.
Doesn’t anyone wonder why Kevin moved from GA all the way to Hamilton TX to work in an upstart arena after he was in the Bloomer Trailer Million Dollar Club? ( Those salesman that sold a million dollars worth of trailers.)

Dear Little Bird,

Wait until you see the REAL STORY Sunday night/Monday. Dodging child support, having his employer file fraudulent salary claims, and lying about his old girlfriend, WHO WAS SMART ENOUGH to document, document, document!

We will post those late Sunday/early Monday unless the feds want those.



Little Bird
May 8th, 2008 at 9:29 pm

Dear Teresa,
While I do feel sorry for Lonnie Merren,(kinda, but not really. I think he got what he deserved) I cant help but think of the pyramid he and another person brought to the little town of Rockmart Ga. So many hardworking people were bilked out of their hard earned cash for his pie in the sky scheme.Of course Lonnie and his partner received their $10,000.00 while the rest of the people in the pyramid didnt . The fallout was so bad that family members turned on each other , friends never spoke again, and some were even arrested. My first and last impression of Lonnie Merren can be summed up in one word- SHADY.
I have thought about it and NO I dont feel sorry for him either.

May 8th, 2008 at 10:49 pm

The nerve of some people. I responded a few days ago to the blog remark that a person using the name “Circle T” posted towards one of the two “Lynn’s” that post to this page & other articles pertaining to this story, asking them to clear up the suspicition that it was one of their own. It appears the “Big Boss” there doesn’t’ like the negative attention Mr. Redstrom is receiving…bad for business, I assume. Rather than threaten some of the (whom I assume) to be good employees over their jobs, why in the hell would you keep a so called “criminal” as a manager of such a prestiagous arena. What does Redstrom have on you? or why are you so dependant on him. Are you crazy? Has he coned you too? My Gosh man a GOOD cowboy is not hard to find in Texas, you just have to look somewhere else other than the bar ditches!

What does Mr. Redstrom hold over your head?

May 9th, 2008 at 12:12 am

Kevin & Nicole do live in a doublewide on 45 or so acreas, with a half built barn. Their house in Georgia was really nice, (saw it cause we helped them move to the house in TX) it is nice, nothing fancy just a old farm place with lots of potential. I hear it is up for sale though. My hsband & I did not know them before they came to Texas . My husband worked with Kevin at Circle T, at first he liked him but saw traits that he did not care for… so they did not stay friends. For me, knowing that we helped them move & was most likely being watched by the FBI, DEA & whoever else (due to this indictment) not to mention endangering our lifes just plain pisses me off! Guilty or Not Guilty what kind of person put innocent people in harms way?

May 9th, 2008 at 12:34 am

I know several that got caught up in that stuff…and a young cousin was one of those arrested…That guy that came into it with LM was a smoooth snake oil salesman…my ex “donated” $500.00 to one of those things—which meant that I actually did since I had to pay all bills…

They have used the “pyramid” sales technique for everything from “nothing” to bogus products like a “Gold Coin” to health care products and most recently a nutritional drink type of product. IT is only a pyramid sham. If nor mistaken, the current buy in is $1200.00…

LM’s old “landlord” (if you live in/around Rockmart, then you know who…) seems to be a big proponent of these things. I understand his inlaw(s) made a tidy little profit also…

May 9th, 2008 at 8:22 am

TW, Can anyone explain why and how the Tarvin’s are not in jail? The money came from them. Does that not matter? Nobody seems to think anything about it. I can assure you there is no doubt they are all Still living in fine homes. And driving new cars. And carrying designer handbags.

Dear Penny,

I cannot answer that. I know that Parkey Tarvin is both a legal and an illegal gambler. I even hear he is still organizing, so to speak, and is fond of Ford.


penny c
May 9th, 2008 at 8:27 am

I CAN ASSURE EVERYONE That the Redstroms do not have a luxury home in Hamilton Tx. It is a very modest Double wide but certainly nothing to be ashamed of. It is their one and only home. Again the gossip and hearsay with absolutly no facts to go on simply Amazes me! Get a life folks or at least get it straight before running you mouths!

Dear JD,

I got a lot of new evidence which paints the real story on Kevin Redstrom, from his former girlfriend who kept documents. Funny he could not direct the feds to her, to verify his story, even though he has seen her a number of times in the last couple of years.

Additionally, Any man who would convince his employer to fraudulently lie to the New Mexico government, just so he would not have to pay more child support, is worse than lame and pathetic. Cowboy my butt…in my opinion, Kevin Redstrom is a weasel. No Real Man, OR Cowboy would cheat his own children out of basic needs.

At least Mario Armas took the bullet for his wife and family, making a deal to keep his wife out of prison. Kevin hid behind a lie about being cheated by a woman, and lied to keep from supporting his children. No wonder Armas thought Redstrom would soil himself…Armas could at least tell the difference between Lonnie Merrin, a real man, and a Kevin Redstrom.


JD Sharp
May 9th, 2008 at 11:31 am

TW wrote:
“I was impressed with both witnesses, for the very down to earth, easy mannerisms, and simple honesty and straight forwardness.”

TW, I can tell you from FIRST hand experience about LH…The “aw shucks” is a ruse. He was like that with me and to my face until he was in the wife’s pants…and yes, I blame her moreso because as it turned out, he was just one of several…but still, the truth is there.

I have talked with several locals that have had similar experiences. Not just hearsay.

Dear IKNow,

I am afraid I learned that for myself, this afternoon, after getting a call form “Christie Ray” this afternoon, and learning the real story, and getting the documents to back up her story!

Wait until Sunday!


May 9th, 2008 at 1:26 pm


Good afternoon. I just have one question. In Mario Armas sentence they mention “posention and intend of selling” I have been reading and haven’t found where the marijuana was found. Was in Mario Armas home or office or else? Sorry, I know it doesn’t have any thing to do with the Redstorm trial. Or if you can refer where to look for that answer. Have a nice weekend.

Dear A,

As the Judge explained in his jury charges this afternoon, the actual drugs do not have to be present, just evidnece of the conspiracy, or agreement to buy/sell/distribute drugs. There were no drugs found at the Armas residence, but the conspiracy to was all to eveidnet iwth direct testimony and records.

You do not have to actually carry out a conspiracy to commit murder, but simply have to plan it, or conspire to do it with another, and it is an illegal act. If the several folks you conspire with to carry this out, confess, and then documents outlining the details are discovered, the this is enough to prove the conspiracy in the law’s eyes.


May 9th, 2008 at 1:31 pm

I can’t believe it.. the nevrve of some people…Circle T telling the Lynn’s to clarify themselves & now reading that they are threatening their employees not to read the blog or go to your web site. Redstrom’s indictment must be bad for business! Wonder what Redstrom is hanging over their heads? I believe our country has “Freedom of Speech” & other rights within the law to inquiry & investigate if we so desire.

Dear Rodeo,

I know, can you believe it? In the United states of America. It might as well be in our neck of the woods, up the road from Schroeders - NO?


May 9th, 2008 at 2:01 pm

I know more-
I didnt get involved in the pyramid scheme (Thank God). At the time I went to the meeting at El Nopal, the price of a “box” was $1000.00. Like I said, Lonnie got his and so did his sidekick, but no one esle got anything.
I do live close to Rockmart, however Im not sure about Lonnie’s landlord. Would the initials be LH?

May 9th, 2008 at 4:20 pm

TW you are aware the ford place up here use to be Carl Black Ford?

Dear JH,

OMG - I was NOT aware of that!

Little wonder Special Agent John Schmarkey, IRS Criminal Investigation Division, is working both this case AND the Michael Leon Smith/Geronimo Enrique Gastelum & Faulkner cases….same MO - Smuggling Marijuana, laundering money through legal gambling and real estate buys.


John Hovanec
May 9th, 2008 at 4:24 pm

HDR: He lived in that cabin in LH’s pasture…the one on the hill…more later…

May 9th, 2008 at 4:33 pm

WOW! That is awful about the child support. Could it be possible that since he shared his income with Christie, that those documents are right? I mean you would think that he would make more - but is there anyway that he himself was only taking home the $2500 and the rest going to her. Even if it was for purposes of avoiding child support?

Dear Friend,

That does not excuse Carl Black form doing the fraudulent deed. However, shortly after 5:00 pm this afternoon, I left the Federal Building, where I am not allowed to keep my phone on. I checked voice mail, and actually had a call from Christie Ray. What she told me, and the documents she is scanning and sending to me, will tell us all about what slime ball, weasel, lying all his life sort of Used Car Salesman Kevin Redstrom is.

I will post that story Sunday night, along with the scanned documents, unless the Feds want me to turn those over to him.

I am curious to learn if the feds wanted to talk to her, and if Kevin intentionally mislead them, because according to Christie, she and her husband have run in to Kevin and his wife at least twice in the last two years. KEVIN DID NOT WANT ANY LE contacting Christie.


May 9th, 2008 at 4:44 pm

I dont know who that is, but if I ask around Im sure I will find out.

May 9th, 2008 at 5:30 pm

Same cat you were asking about. He has a little cabin next to his house . It used to have a pool table and dart boards etc…Lonnie was living there while “down on his luck”…for a long time. Merren’s employees’ payroll checks were bouncing like flubber at times…
They even once brought in a pyramid partner to claim that a hit country song was based on Lonnie’s tale of woe with an ex and kids…

It really isn’t a hard trail to follow…and sometimes the pyramid meetings were held at The Steakhouse…other than El Nopal…

May 9th, 2008 at 6:35 pm

The song seems to have been “Don’t Laugh at Me”?
I’m sure one of the crew will recall…

May 9th, 2008 at 6:37 pm

oh ok.. I gotcha now……
I felt so sorry for the elderly people that got beat out of their hard earned money. It takes a sick person to mistreat a kid or the old folks. They will get what is coming to them in the long run.
Lol.. I remember someone telling me that about the song too. That was probably another lie :)~
Who knows?

May 9th, 2008 at 7:04 pm

first of all…you people who dont know what your talking about needs to keep your mouth shut. and to iknowmore obviously you dont know very much at all….cause if you did you would know that your wife has slept with half of rockmart plus more and like you are a saint yourself. all of you people who have nothing better to do than look at this site and be in everbodys business you need to get a life. larry haney is a very well respected man. yes he has made mistakes but who hasnt. and as far as the pyramid thing goes….was anybody forced to get on it. no last time i checked people make their own decisions. so if you do not know lonnie or larry then you have no right to talk about them.


First of all, you do not come on to my website with that language. Because you attempted to hide your foul mouth behind a pseudonym, I am revealing your real name.

I got a call from Christie Ray this afternoon, (She is married now, and has a differnt name). She told me the REAL STORY, and is sending the documents to back up her side.

For instance:

1. There was a SIGNED Propert Division AGREEMENT between she and Kevin, and she took only what she agreed to take.

2. Mike Haney walked through the home after she moved her things out, despite his testimony to the contrary today, and saw all that she left.

3. EVERYTHING, including their vehicles and home in Arizona were originally in HER Name, before she even met Kevin. He did not have a thing when they first met, and ONLY after they moved to Rockmart, did she and HER MONEY, allow him to be included in ownership of the new house, vehicles, etc…

4. Their Bloomer Trailer sales company in Arizona was started with HER money, and they both worked their but off to make it what it was.

You see, Kevin never expected anyone, like the feds, to be able to track her down. But she heard about my website, and has been keeping up, and contacted me this afternoon. I bet Kevin did not tell the feds that he knew where she was, and had seen her a couple of times in the last two years. I bet he did not volunteer that he and his wife have run in to she and her husband at variou srodeo events, and in Reno as well….

Now, I suggest you wash out your mouth with soap, and take a step back to figure out if any of the Haney’s lied on the stand or to the feds during the course of an official, federal investigation.

BTW, in answer to your question, I imagine that the GBI gives a Sh _ _ about a pyramid scheme operated by Larry Haney, since pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL in the State of Georgia. My fight was not against Larry or Mike, and I actualy told Redstrom’s atty this afternoon, that they were both good witnesses. My complaint was with Redstrom, and Carl Black, who did not mind fudging the paperwork. That HURT CHILDREN. Kevin Redstrom’s children.

So, are you admitting that Larry Haney and Lonnie Merrin were involved in a pyramid scheme? It is funny that when corruption is exposed, the first thing the bullies in town do is start posting and telling people to “Shut up”. How interesting. How classy. I am sure Larry Haney will be thrilled with your bright idea to out him in regards to the pyramid scheme.


May 9th, 2008 at 7:48 pm

No, no one was forced to buy into the pyramid scheme, but its darned funny how the leaders got their money, but no one else did..I never said anyone was forced did I? No I did not. What I said was it is a crying shame that OLD people were bilked out of their savings. Now you can make excuses all you like, but that is the truth. I was at the meeting at El Nopal when Lonnie tried to scam everyone out of their money. As you can see from my earlier post, I was smart enough not to buy into it.
So dont tell me to keep my mouth shut because I DO know what I am talking about.

Dear HDR,

Pyramid Schemes are VERY Illegal. Were the Haney’s involved, or just Merrin?


PS - When was this going on? What time period? I wonder if it could still be investigated.

May 9th, 2008 at 11:17 pm

Dear Teresa,
Hmmm I wonder that same question.
Lonnie is the one that I saw with my own eyes trying to get people to buy into the pyramid scheme.
Im not really sure of the date, it was so long ago. I am wanting to say maybe back in 1997 or 1998? I cant really remember. I do know that some of the players were arrested and featured on FOX5 on the evening news.
You might want to ask Iknowmore about Larry being involved. I did not see him at the meeting. I will try to find out the exact date. I have many friends and family members who did buy into it, so they will remember when it was.

Dear HDR,

Good deal, but if it has already been researched and prosecuted, that is good enough. Was Lonnie prosecuted?

So, do you know Potty Mouth A Haney, who posted tonight?


May 10th, 2008 at 12:05 am

Dear Teresa,
No, Lonnie was not prosecuted to my knowledge. I am researching to try to give you a link to who all was arrested.
Im assuming the case is closed, maybe not, who knows, but my whole point was that elderly people had invested money that they didnt have, and they lost it. ( I know they should have known better, but I have such a huge heart for old people and kids).
Actually, there are 2 A Haneys. One is the sister in law ( Mario’s sister and the late Don Haneys wife) and Larry has a daughter who is also an ahaney.
I actually know the sister in law, but I only know of the daughter.

Dear HDR,

Thanks. Which ever one it is, they are a real class act, with that gutter mouth. Wow. I am always amazed at how fast people with power can get down in the muck, when their power base is threatened.


May 10th, 2008 at 1:07 am

I personally know that Kevin has never and would never short change his children. He is a very good father and his children love him very much. There is nothing Kevin and Nichole would’nt do for their children. You people need to keep in mind how the things you say here effect and hurt the children. Just think about how hard JR high was without having to go through an ordeal like this, not to mention how cruel other kids can be who can read this stuff. Do you even care how this makes them feel?? So give it a rest and let the jury and the judge figure it out. So so much that you all write here is just hearsay and unsubstantiated GOSSIP!
Mr IKNOWMORE, tell me, Hmmm, why was you wife so unsatisfied at home that she needed to look elsewhere for what she needed. You are just pissed off about your own SHORT comings and IT SOUNDS LIKE SHE WAS TOO! You are just whining hear with anyone who will join you. LIKE SHEEP! Get a LIFE AND MOVE ON FOR GOD’S SAKE.

Dear JD,

You are a classic example of someone sticking their head in the sand, taking a stand despite all of the evidence to the contrary. Kevin Redstrom has DUPED all of you. The PUBLIC DOCUMENTS were offered in to evidence as PROOF in the trial yesterday. There is no refuting it. Period…end of discussion. He lied, and got Carl Black to lie for him as well.


JD Sharp
May 10th, 2008 at 1:55 am

Why do all of you use Fake user names? Why don’t you put your real name up for all to know who you are?? ChickenS__t Cowards. What are you afraid of ?? Could it be because what most of you say is just CRAP!

Dear JD,

Are you using your real identity?

Get you head out of the sand. Are you on steroids, by the way? You seem awfully wound up.


JD Sharp
May 10th, 2008 at 2:29 am

JD Sharp, This is the first way to get more people reading and posting. Tell them to mind their own business and stop posting. These websites are for reading and posting feedback. These sites are for information on criminal activity and its aftermath. Of course, there are those that would like to keep everything on the hush, hush list. Those that are involved, perhaps?

May 10th, 2008 at 10:47 am

Just a side note. Kevin’s girlfriend that he left Nicole for, took to GA, and then left her for Nicole….she is married now to Nicole’s ex husband. The husband that she married after Kevin left her in AZ. They live in Texas……very small world.

And to JD who ever you are…. with crooks like Circle T and Kevin Redstrom no one wants to use their real name. Hanging around these type of people is dangerous. And secondly if Kevin is so stand up why did he run off on his wife and young children? They had a baby at the house when he was cheating on Nicole.

Little Bird
May 10th, 2008 at 11:37 am

*JD Sharp and AHaney.

You are right. She would do ANYTHING with ANYONE who could provide her what she wanted or wants. She was, as you say, sleeping with half of Rockmart and others. Is that a “shortcoming at home” or a character flaw?
No, Ms. Haney, I am not a saint. Never was. But I went REALLY off the edge when my kids disappeared for 6 months with the ex with NO CLUE where they were. Just a rare phone call saying “we are ok” and a hangup. Must have been kidnapped by the goon squad?…not that I’m blaming any of these players for her moving in with the boy from Acworth…who she married for 4 months before running off from him with a millionaire. She just picked the kids up at school and had only their bookbags and moved them to Alpharetta and left #2 high and dry—and out of over $120,000 in debt etc.. She just left him a note on the bed for BW when he came in one afternoon. He told me. Again, thats not all the fault of these players…just an FYI on her.

***BUT…the>>> $10,000


OKAY, ya’ll have totally lost me.


May 10th, 2008 at 2:17 pm

BUT the $10,000 check to the ex for an ILLEGAL real estate commission that LH paid her for the house on the RR tracks in Rockmart (you know, the one that was sold after Don’s passing by his estate) was nothing more than a “PAY TO PLAY” (PUN) by Lawrence. Of course, the first time she told me about the check it was for $5000.00. Later on she admitted that it was for $10,000. That was an ILLEGAL commission. She is NOT a certified real estate agetn, and Larry knows that, yet it arranged for her to get that check which she picked up at another local “business”.
The check DID NOT go through Title1 Mortgage, who brokered the deal. It was a seperate check, meant to “impress”, I guess…
As stated, she picked it up at another Haney owned business. Don’t sweat it, the IRS doesn’t know.
It gave her the oppertunity to have finacial freedom and slip out into the night with the kids and not be seen again for six months.

AHANEY and JDSHARP…My shortcomings were that you can’t satisfy a GOLD DIGGER on a working man’s salary.

I just think that an astute businessman would be smarter than to pay $5000.00-$10000.00 for a piece that everyone is hitting? Then TALKING about it around The Rock?

Should we discuss a Hotel, PI$$ED OFF wives/daughters and HPD Cops next?


Still lost, but man, it must be interesting to live in Rockmart and/or Hiram. It sounds better than a Peyton Place Meets Nip Tuck, and slams headlomg Into the Heat of the Night.

BTW, does anyone know the photo-shop doc?


May 10th, 2008 at 2:45 pm

Room I just got an email with the subject saying
eleventh hour flowers for your Mama. When I looked
to see who sent it there were a ton of places it went
before it came to me. What do you think?

John Hovanec
May 10th, 2008 at 7:12 pm

John, Not a clue. Don’t sweat it. You’re fine. It is the eleventh hour for someone, but not you, I’m thinking.

May 10th, 2008 at 10:27 pm

It is the eleventh hour before Mother’s Day. It was probably just a florist trying to get some last minute business.

Ancient Age
May 10th, 2008 at 11:53 pm

To add…One person was the primary connection/link to the arrival of Merrin and Redstrom (and Collins through KR) to the Rockmart area. Throw in Mr. Armas and look at the trouble for these folks.

This probably never takes place without those fellows being courted to Polk County by that one connection…

Dear IKNow,

Have you read today’s Feature Story? Go over to the right, “As the Jury Deliberates”.


May 12th, 2008 at 9:05 am

To Little Bird & TW
You are correct they did fire Possum & his son in a very stressful & sad time of their life. They were the (one of three different) saddle makers at the Circle T who have left or were fired. Circle T is only concerned with themselves & do not consider the financial burden they put on Possum & his family or anyone else. The family had NO INSURANCE & were forced to pick up & leave to start all over. They, as my husband, myself & our teenage son, we all sold our property to move to Hamilton with promises of employment at Circle T only to be lied to & mislead most of the time we were there. I worked there as a second job & I have to say they treated me fine. I had no problems & they were very understanding with me on all issues except for firing my husband. I blame that on the lies that the managers Kevin & ( another one I will not name) being one of them told the Beshears in order to climb the “cowboy corporate ladder”. There are so many people who have worked there but got tired of all the crap & have moved on. I see now it was God’s plan & we are so much better off. We were blessed the moment we left the ranch & are continuing to be blessed everyday.

Dear Sandy,

I am glad ya’ll got out. What I am hearing now, about threats, is scary.

Did you check out today’s Feature Story, about connections within the Redstrom story? Look at “As the Jury Deliberates”.


May 12th, 2008 at 10:20 am

Yes, I did & I commented there also. What is the talk there as to how long they may delibrate? Evidently, Kevin can be found quilty or not guility on more than one count, is that right?

May 12th, 2008 at 1:35 pm

He plays the awe-shucks real good and I guess the jurors bought some of it. But too much has gone on and too much info is out there to just cover it back up.

Little Bird
May 12th, 2008 at 3:20 pm

Yeah and I think they’re going to find out a lot more information about him as time goes by.

Free Bird
May 12th, 2008 at 3:29 pm

He maybe breathing a sigh of relief for now, but it ain’t over till the fat lady sings! And I would bet a few others will start singing now too!

Dear Rodeo,

Judging from the e-mails, I think you may be right.


May 12th, 2008 at 4:58 pm

I worked at circle t for a while, and I want to let everyone know that those people are not crooks or liars…they would not threaten their employees nor would they fire someone who didn’t deserve it. I really want to know who is doing the threating around there. Is it the “old man” or the “alcoholic womanizer” that you spoke of? Get real people. Kevin Redstrom had nothing to do with the fact that the man whose wife got cancer lost his job, so I don’t even know why that is being discussed. Very sad, but very true. It was simply business, and it all came out at a bad time. Sounds like to me that the guy that had to work inside was a little jealous of Kevin and had a hudge chip on his shoulder! Circle T takes care of those employees that take care of them by working hard because that makes them money. Why should Circle T keep people around that constantly bad mouth them and ride the clock just to draw a paycheck? Why would they go out of their way to help when they know that their “loyal employees” are trashing them to everyone in their own facility? If you were paying someone out of your pocket would you want to pay someone that worked or complained about EVERYTHING?! There are some grown men there that need to get the chip off of their shoulder and grow up. I also have been around the Redstroms enough to know that they are good people. Everyone has problems and each of you need to think about that before you go bad mouthing people….would you like for everything that you have ever done wrong to be posted on some web site for your children to read? Think about that. I can also promise you all that Kevin Redstrom is not holding something over Circle T’s head! I think some people are just trying to make this some tall tale because they are bored. Please watch what you say, and if you don’t know what you are talking about first hand then simply stay out of it.

Dear AF,

Thank you for your comments.

I do not know the Circle T folks, only have had many complaints, and I am a tiny website, four states away. But, I DO KNOW what I saw and heard as evidence at Kevin Redstrom’s TRIAL and can say the man is a liar. HE is a liar and a shrewd manipulator, and he tried to shirk his responsibility to his own child, by attempting to defraud the Government of New Mexico.

If you have not been able to figure out that is KR shrewd a con-artists, then I have doubts about your ability to judge the character of others, as well.


May 13th, 2008 at 11:31 am

Anyone who spends any time at Circle T knows what goes on, if you didn’t then you must have your head in the sand. And if they didn’t treat you bad you must have not stayed long enough.
We all have problems for sure but they DON’T include Federal charges or being connected to Mario Armas. And I don’t know anyone who would be jealous of that.
And one more point, the arena doesn’t make them any money,they are always trying to sell it and complaining to no end about their “problems”. They have money…money they didn’t have to work for, so don’t feel to bad for them.

Little Bird
May 13th, 2008 at 4:47 pm

Do any of you not have anything to do but worry about other people? Get real people!!! There is a quote by Bob Marley that all of you should read over and over again. “Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect-and I don’t live to be. But before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.” I have known and love The Redstroms for years. They are the first people you could call to help you in a time of need. All of you need to live your own life and stop worrying about others. I’m thankful that Kevin has another chance

Dear AP,

You did not just chastise us about what we should be thinking about Kevin Redstrom, by quoting Ganga King Bob Marley, did you?

You realize, of course, that Redstrom was not on trial for being a loser…he was on trial for conspiring to smuggle WEED, and sell WEED, and distribute WEED, and Launder Money, earned from smuggling, selling and distributing WEED.

Of course, during the trial, the fact that he is also a liar and the evidence that he defrauded the government of the State of New Mexico, in order to STEEL MONEY from his own child support obligation - just happened to come out.

You can fool ALL of the people SOME of the time, and Some of the people, ALL of the time, but you cannot fool All of the people, All of the time. Thank heavens, most of my readers are ones who have figured out when the wool is being pulled over their eyes.

Bob Marley, I am LMAO.

Your post begs the question, “What are your smoking?”. I am surprised you did not sign on with a user name, “Mary Jane”.

Bob Marley…my husband and I are still laughing.


May 13th, 2008 at 8:30 pm

What are you smoking…because it is actually “STEAL MONEY”. If you are going to try to make someone feel stupid you should try to spell things correctly. I think it is so funny that you are getting so angry at the people that have actually known Kevin and his family and who are taking up for him when all you know are these so called “facts”. If these alligations were true, then he would be sitting in a jail cell. We all have one judge, and I am sorry TW but you are not it.
Matthew 7:1-5
“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

Dear AF,

Apparently you cannot catch a PUN - STEEL - Supposedly it is the STEEL Business gone bad which prompted Lonnie Merren to borrow money from Mario Armas, on the advice of Don Haney, the debt for which Lonnie Merren turned to the Marijuana business with Kevin Redstrom and Jimmy Collins.

Keep up.

Now, if we ALWAYS followed the scripture, in all circumstances, we would not have courts of law, we would not use our “Judgment” to decide if our kids should play with pedophiles, we would never convict anyone….What do you think a Jury and a judge does?

Common sense is called Judgment.

Get you head out of your rear end, so that you can smell the coffee.


May 13th, 2008 at 9:57 pm

You write your own column? It is steal not steel. Mary Jane. Great Idea!!! How do I change my name on this? I am ecstatic that you are laughing your ass off, that means your head isn’t up it and you’re focusing on something else rather than Kevin’s life.

Dear AP,

Like I told AF:

Apparently you cannot catch a PUN - STEEL - Supposedly it is the STEEL Business gone bad which prompted Lonnie Merren to borrow money from Mario Armas, on the advice of Don Haney, the debt for which Lonnie Merren turned to the Marijuana business with Kevin Redstrom and Jimmy Collins.

Keep up.

Now, if we ALWAYS followed the scripture, in all circumstances, we would not have courts of law, we would not use our “Judgment” to decide if our kids should play with pedophiles, we would never convict anyone….What do you think a Jury and a judge does?

Common sense is called Judgment.

Get you head out of your rear end, so that you can smell the coffee.


Another Person
May 13th, 2008 at 10:18 pm

Has the DA decided whether another trial will be on the docket, a plea deal or freedom.

Dear Rodeo,

I have not heard yet. I have been gone from home all day long, until about 10:00 tonight, still had to run, then shower, then write a story on the Sentencing hearings today.

BUT, I will check tomorrow, when I get to the courthouse.


May 22nd, 2008 at 1:36 pm

I debated about whether or not to comment on this site…….I have read many of the posts and of course feel like I should respond and take up for my friend….Nicki and her family. However, it is not really my place to share her personal information on a public site. But….I have to say this. Many of these supposed facts are NOT accurate. I am not certain about what happened in Georgia….so I can not comment about them. However, I have known Nicki since we were children and I have watched her struggle through many of her trials and shared some of her triumphs. And A LOT of the information given about their lives are half-truths and/or straight out lies. I hope that people realize this when commenting. Information without facts is just vicious Gossip. But…unfortunately our society thrives on Gossip. Its kind of sad because Gossip hurts others and distorts the truth.

Anyway, TW, from your writings you seem to be very emotional about this case. It seems that you have tried and judged Kevin already. Also, it seems that you are sympathetic with those that post that are against Kevin and somewhat rude with those that are defending him. Your own personal bias sets the tone for this site. Example of this is putting so much emphasize on Christie’s comments and/or documents. I am pretty sure that the FBI could find her if they needed to. Hell, I am sure I could find her if I needed to. Also, Christie must hate Kevin….she is the spurned woman.

Now, I am ending my post with a statement…. The ultimate reason that I chose to comment on this site, is in case my friend reads some of these posts….I wanted this to be publicly written. I want her to know, that there are many of us back home that care about her and her family. We are always here for you and we recognize that a lot of the nasty things being said are cruel and vicious as well as inaccurate. Such is the nature of some people. But you always have friends that would be there for you in a heartbeat as have you been for me.

May 24th, 2008 at 1:47 am

Any news on a trial or plea?

June 3rd, 2008 at 1:14 pm

TW , this is for the bloggers who are wondering about Redstrom new trial…on the Pacer’s website as you stated in a related story, Mr. Redstrom has a new trial date. It is scheduled for July 21st unless a plea deal is offered & accepted. I would hate to be in his boots, since he almost was found not guilty (which he is saying he got off to all who confront him now) I wonder if Kevin’s thinking….”hmmmm…how much more evidence do they have against me— & should I take a deal?”
We shall see, huh?

July 15th, 2008 at 3:09 pm

Any updates on Kevin’s trial or plea deal?

Dear Rodeo,

Sorry, I see you have posted twice today, but I have been out a good deal today. Yes, BOTH the Plea Hearing and the Sentencing Hearing are Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 10:30.


September 22nd, 2008 at 2:50 pm

I have been reading, just not posting.. I want to pat you & all the enforcement people on the back for journalism at it’s best & the die hard investgators for working so hard to bring down the crime in our state,as well as adjoining states.
Will you be covering Mr. Redstrom’s trial?

Dear Rodeo,

According to the PACER system, it is another Plea Deal Hearing, but they must be sure they have what they want, as they are combining it with a sentencing hearing as well. 10:00 to morrow, and yes, I will be there, as long as family is okay.

My little nephew is having heart surgery this morning. He is so young, and has a serious disorder. I am sure he will be fine, and anticipate being in court tomorrow morning.

But I would appreciate prayer.



September 24th, 2008 at 9:23 am

Of course, Father GOD, in the precious name of Jesus Christ I ask that you place you guiding hand on the doctor’s preforming heart surgery on Teresa’s nephew. I also ask in the name of Jesus that your healing hand would touch him and bless him with a quick recovery. I pray in the name of Jesus that you would give the family strength to endure the tireless days as well as the sleepless nights, give them FAITH & COURAGE to TRUST in you for all their needs. Father GOD, you sent your son to die on the cross for all our sins, our sickness and diseases & it is in the name of Jesus Christ we claim good health! AMEN!

Dear Rodeo,

This prayer is so precious to me and my family, even though they have not seen it, yet.

Thank you, and in Jesus’ Name, I agree and accept this prayer.


Rodeo, Betty Brady began calling prayer warriors after we found out this morning, too. The doctors were hoping they could wait a little while longer, until he was a little older, but they had to do it now.

Thanks to all of you! My brother and sister-in-law are very encouraged, and this surgical intervention, may actually be a good thing, and he may be able to come off of many of his meds, to lead a more normal and active life. He is a little trooper, that young man!


September 24th, 2008 at 1:41 pm

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